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  1. "Vectis: 0.8->0.85" Why is that one in red? That's a green increase.
  2. Agreed. The normal one is already sufficient for the pet and only the pet, arguably you didn't even need to max it for it to be good enough, primed one isn't really worth anything. It being two way seems unlikely but I'd actually rank it up then.
  3. In my experience FISHING absolutely does remain after a melee, the others do not however and could be greatly benefited by that fix.
  4. Gotta be honest the cost of the new stuff is kind of ridiculous considering you only get 1 every 10+ minutes still. 25 for a riven is effectively over 4 hours straight of actual game time. I think either the cost should be lowered, or they should stop being such slow rotations (make it even harder if need be, I'd rather it's harder than that it's this slow) arbitrations don't feel hard as much as they feel tedious. There's lots of arch guns, but these are priced like you'd only want one or two ever honestly.
  5. Don't agree on all points (such as all riven types being there) but EXTREMELY in favor of getting rid of that "rewards take twice as long to get" junk, just way too much of a time investment as is, and also kuva being in the rotations would be extremely welcomed. Arbitrations are just way too slow, more than they are hard, and now with this new scaling getting a couple Cs really does sound extra tedious.
  6. Y'know I can't speak for them, but I'd take either. If they wanna make the enemies extra hard, sure, but frankly even with the already planned faster scaling, the actual current gameplay loop isn't changed that much by whether you need to go twice as long to get loot or not, IMO, wouldn't say it being even more harder is strictly necessary. If anything maybe "first reward takes twice as long (like presently) and all subsequent ones take normal mission time"? That way there's still a higher barrier to entry like presently, which for many is as far as anyone bothers going at all, but it'd legitimately get better afterwards.
  7. F. Never thought I'd regret not getting the games tier... Moderate regret, but honestly probably still wouldn't have been worth it to me since I'd only use it for this. But boy I sure yearn for palettes.
  8. For wolf specifically that doesn't really change anything, though, since his mark doesn't get consumed. For other assassins where they would, I guess this fix is positive though.
  9. Please consider making this heard by all. That's like... really lackluster? Basically not improved from being totally silent. If I wanna howl I wanna howl to be heard by other people. There's already tons of loud abilities and guns and such. It's not like this somehow 'sound abuses' randoms more than anything else even if it's for the whole squad within range. Zenith for example makes lots of loud bangs changing to auto... so just let us be heard?
  10. Magnum and Physique buffs seem nifty, even though magnum still seems hard to justify on a build it's at least not a horrible use of the slot even disregarding space now. Unsure whether physique is worthwhile or not now, but likewise improved at least. Makes me sad for various other corrupted mods that are equally bad though. Hope more of those 6 year old mods get a look over soon too?
  11. Always gonna be a fan of energy giving abilities/augments. Gonna test out how easily an enemy is counted as 'within spectrorage' to decide if I like it or not.
  12. I mean, you could say the same about how Primed Chamber was gonna be available after the event at a later date, in DE's words. And that wasn't 'potentially', it was just "gonna be that way" til it wasn't. I reserve a moderate amount of hope for it happening but not as much as you seem to have.
  13. Very nice, most of these were improvements to guns I liked.
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