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  1. You made the vaults even slower? They're already so insanely tedious. Granted bait wasn't the worst step, waiting in the cave is an EXTREME snore. Making it slightly less passive doesn't make it more fun. Please cut the time you have to sit around in that boring room. I don't mind something taking a while, but WAITING on timers repeatedly with no way to speed it up is not fun at all, and that's what 90% of the vault process is.
  2. Interesting idea I hadn't considered. In hindsight, I'd agree that I feel like often when I've died to it I was in the air and didn't see an explosion around me, it'd check out in that regard.
  3. Dang, really decided that was the one that has issues, huh? Anyways, iffy on some of these in general, but it depends by how much you're nerfing various things. Like are you talking halving these? worse? hardly affected? etc
  4. YOO, I figured it'd be 1-3 at best, but I'm extremely replacing Protea's 4 in that case, thanks DE, appreciated. Also lol at people complaining about dispensary as if (a energy pads don't exist, and (b there's better energy generation abilities listed here.
  5. Some of the things you guys are throwing up are very nice, but I'm really praying you put up some of the stuff tied to simaris, too. All the high rep things are the most brutal to get IMO, as someone that already has farmed every frame's dupe except for things tied to simaris rep for a 2nd. Even after it gets halved with the update, it'll still be fairly brutal. Either way, thanks for doing this for everyone.
  6. If anything it's probably more just an indication of "hey helminth is hungry".
  7. Protea still sounds quite lackluster but any improvements are a welcome start.Honestly the most excited about the shield gens being slightly easier to pick up if anything.Trying to get a sentinel to ever pick up the dang things with lower range is awful, though.
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