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  1. Didn't realize it resets entirely and wow I gotta say all my interest vanished as such. Making it decay by one would be okay, or yeah more duration.
  2. I suppose probably the same as sigma & octantis. Which is.. I guess, slamming requires being fairly far down pointed? Gotta be honest, even if it couldn't slam at all any more would that really be such a bad sacrifice? Anyone who loves slamming a bunch, and wants to double jump before slamming could just... not use this arcane. The same way someone that wants lots of slams might not use sigma & octantis. It definitely did not used to have the aim glide requirement. I guarantee you this. Like I said, I've had it since the first plague star as well. Just double jump, no aim glide. Also what do you mean? You can still do that process without it actively out, 80% sure, the act of meleeing brings it out of course, but. I think the first of such still sends the projectile out just fine? I did not ask for double/bullet removed, please read. Just the aim glide part of it, exactly how it used to be. Still have to perform those actions, but only do any melee in the air to launch, not aim glade. It wasn't too good back then when that's exactly how it worked, well it was but only because of covert lethality doing 100% health damage on the projectiles, not because it was a 'cannon'. I'm not asking for that part back. And frankly, even though removing the aim glide requirement won't increase it's output at all, and you're operating on a misconception: yes, I'd be willing to sacrifice some of the weapon's damage for it being less carpal tunnel inducing (there's no reason or need to nerf it though). I used to like it when it was brand new but shelved it because it was suicidal (and less OP after they nerfed it a few times), now I brought it back out for this event, I like it, but I'm gonna shelve it because it kills my hand to use.
  3. Desperate for killcode fixes, lots just vanishing into the ether in chat while no one seems to be getting them in space. Additionally probably bad distribution when it's genuinely limited, often all going to one or two squads only. Had literally 30 minutes in one room during a murex raid earlier, while other teams were progressing more decently.
  4. Specifically the part of Exodia Contagion that requires "while aim gliding" to launch projectiles. This zaw arcane didn't used to have that requirement, I'm not sure when they added 'aim gliding' as part of it's formula, but I do understand why: Back when this arcane was new I used it quite a bit with my dagger zaw, and I'd not infrequently end up dying to it, having recently bullet jumped, and then trying to melee something. The addition previously made sense as a safety mechanism, but it's also a bigger hassle to perform especially if you use the attack with any frequency.. Now that self damage is just staggers, this arcane feels like an unnecessary recipe for hand pain: jump, jump, right click, melee, repeat. Removing the aim glide step from it would take so much away from that, and the reason that safety was added is already gone anyways. I get it, it's a fairly minor thing in the grand scheme of things, just a reasonably niche branch of melee weapons, but something like this event where spamming it works pretty well really highlights how that extra step is a relic of before the self damage changes.
  5. RIP redeemer range. W/e still gonna be my #1 melee regardless. Confused about the status comment since I'm 90% sure the status was already updated before now, increased even further? I guess I wouldn't say no to a give and take instead of just take.
  6. Sniper frame. I know some frames like Ivara sort of encroach on that, but you could say the same about things like titania/zephyr, and I think there's a lot of potential. Barring that, a more generalized gun frame could be a good time, I remember before Mesa was added being really excited for her, her actual kit ended up being really strong but not at all what I hoped for. Peacemaker isn't even any actual gunplay. Anyways, I know it says one submission so disregard the second I suppose.
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