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  1. But... what about the self damage it's also doing on the ground? Unless I missed a patch in the last like 3 days addressing ground side specifically, it self damages on the ground too, any time you move into it after it arms. It's very painful.
  2. Pretty sure that recent Railjack patch is what brought this back. I've been slowly leveling the gun for months, and I'm like 80% sure they successfully removed it before... but now it's back. I imagine it's related to the changes of atmospheric and space being linked now or something somehow hecking it.
  3. It already clarified it didn't include those. Like I agree it shouldn't be so limited because those probably still wouldn't become top usage, but it's just that they adjusted what was shown and that already was.
  4. Desperate for killcode fixes, lots just vanishing into the ether in chat while no one seems to be getting them in space. Additionally probably bad distribution when it's genuinely limited, often all going to one or two squads only. Had literally 30 minutes in one room during a murex raid earlier, while other teams were progressing more decently.
  5. RIP redeemer range. W/e still gonna be my #1 melee regardless. Confused about the status comment since I'm 90% sure the status was already updated before now, increased even further? I guess I wouldn't say no to a give and take instead of just take.
  6. Sniper frame. I know some frames like Ivara sort of encroach on that, but you could say the same about things like titania/zephyr, and I think there's a lot of potential. Barring that, a more generalized gun frame could be a good time, I remember before Mesa was added being really excited for her, her actual kit ended up being really strong but not at all what I hoped for. Peacemaker isn't even any actual gunplay. Anyways, I know it says one submission so disregard the second I suppose.
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