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  1. You may have seen my other posts on this thread about how I actually enjoy interception so I won't get into that here. I've actually had quite a good time on Conclave, but only with friends on a voice call. This makes the gamemode more fun, so I'd suggest giving it a go with a group of friends where you can all freely communicate (avoid Lunaro at all costs, though). Otherwise I understand the dislike for it. Conclave never really worked well even in the early days of Conclave, where your gear had the same stats as normal and wasn't altered/nerfed. This resulted in lots of one shot ki
  2. Completely agree. I actually forgot about this happening (Capture becoming Exterminate) until people mentioned it in this thread. I believe it's because people can speed through Captures, thus forcing players to stay longer. But, in that case, there should be a higher reward or another objective. I think there used to be TWO Capture targets (I could be wrong but I do remember this happening on higher levels?) This actually made the mission not so easy to rinse and repeat and more enjoyable in a solo and non-solo experience. Changing to an Exterminate is just annoying and it makes l
  3. The idea of the Space Roombas roaming around looking after your pets is honestly the most endearing thing I've heard today, lmao.
  4. I don't want to win. I just want to be a part of history. Anyone else feel bad for the caged birds in their Orbiter?
  5. This is one of the problems I often have with my Mag, but I still like to push through quests despite the squish (I have to admit I used Nidus for Deimos since poison/toxin DMG decimates my Mag lmao). Nezha Prime is a fantastic looking frame for Quest cinematics! Thanks for your contribution. :)
  6. I actually worked really hard to get Limbo when he first came out (I didn't have the best weapons and gear back then), and could never really work out how to play him properly when I finally made him. I'm glad you could succeed where I failed, lol. His prime version is one of my favourite frames in terms of design, though, and he's got some really neat tennogen skins.
  7. Nice! Good to be prepared, can always rely on some Iron Skin when you're in a dicey spot. It's cool that the frame you've chosen for quests closely resembles your preferred playstyle for games (the heavy, brute type).
  8. Do you have more of a connection with Valkyr or Umbra, or are these selections based on how well they'll handle for the quests? (I'm guessing this is the case since Umbra vs Sentients).
  9. Oh, cool. Vauban and Helios really fit well together haha. Do you mainly do this for scanning the new enemy types and researching etc? Seems like a really interesting approach to quests!
  10. Definitely. I actually prefer her original look compared to her prime for this reason. Got such a cool style to it - You can definitely picture her in a sandy wasteland going after marks.
  11. This is a really thoughtful view on your selection of Umbra. I really like how you've rather let your old Excal rest while Umbra can continue on with his own personal healing through your influence... Really cool interpretation for your personal journey. Thanks for sharing!
  12. One of my clanmates did this too - Stuck with Excal for quests then switched to Umbra after Sacrifice. Do you like Umbra or your OG Excal more? Do you see yourself reflected more in Umbra or your OG Excal?
  13. So your selection is moreso for her reliability in most mission types. Mesa is also pretty nice looking in cutscenes, very photogenic imo!
  14. Agreed. The continuity is definitely apart of the reason I do it. And when you've played that frame from the beginning, it helps to have a connection to it during the quests where they're in danger. More emotional weight!
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