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  1. Archwing wasn't necessary, Operators weren't necessary. Railjack isn't necessary. Companions aren't necessary. Using Warframes and weapons is the soul of Warframe. Why so much trouble during the last years to take the gameplay away from that? Is it so hard to balance the enemies, that you need to create new gameplay mechanics different from the core game?
  2. So how much is a spaceship worth for you? Because I can tell you 6M credits is a very LOW amount, also the resources needed aren't even a resource sink. Very easy to build the ship. The only thing I hate is the time gate, would love to finish making it right now. Why can't I use platinum to rush it?
  3. Why always compare Warframe to Destiny 2? Destiny has a more like Borderlands/Titanfall 2 gameplay, but with very childish music and graphics. Warframe has a totally different gamestyle, concept and ambience. Just go play Destinycrap 2 and stop trying to ruin Warframe for the rest of us.
  4. Fun weapons is a subjective concept. So weapons should end up having balanced stats and killing power regardless of MR required and farming deepness, so everyone can feel happy and safe using any weapon they want from the 300+ arsenal? That kills progression.
  5. So normal variants will have better rivens. People will start to use them more if stats end up being better, so they will then get their disposition lowered because people will be using more the normal ones than the other variants (except some cases that specific mechanics make it better). At the end it will be the same to just use a normal weapon that's easy to get vs a weapon that's hard to farm. Just feels pointless. Will have to wait how the numbers end up being. Why don't you just remove Rivens and make weapons have 10 mod slots instead of 8?
  6. A week of grind to get some pile of manure, and then repeat? No thanks. This update literally killed Warframe for me. Mostly because of this clunky melee nonsense. And now another "mechanic" that only works for Lichs? They break the things that work good and that are mostly universal in the game, and they implement lots of isolated mechanics that works for specific things, just to be forgotten once that "content" is done. Warframe was about fluidity, speed, and killing infinite hordes of enemies. If they just went deeper polishing, and expanding all that, instead of wasting time adding a lot of worthless mechanics, Warframe would be even better that it has been.
  7. So, now Naramon's Power Spike is worthless because heavy attacks drain all combo points. Life strike is worthless because I have to stop and do a slow heavy attack to heal myself, breaking the fluidity of going full melee for survival without the need of a "tank" frame for it. Also, going for a build for combo multiplier + life strike is just worthless because against high level enemies I have to heal myself with life strike a lot... Thank you DE, thanks a lot for completely destroying my survival melee gamestyle. After 5 years of playing, this is the worst thing you could've done.
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