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  1. I would only want the portal gun from Portal games, and the Zero Point Field Manipulator from HL2
  2. I started playing in mid/late 2014. What got me hooked was the personalization of builds, and the fast paced combat with so many ramifications regarding decisions. Also the gloomy sci-fi atmoshpere. I love the Warhammer 40k universe, and this game had a similar feel.
  3. I'm happy with the game. I'm satisfied. I can play infinetly Warframe because I found my playstyle years ago, and I enjoy killing stuff. Just that, I enjoy killing stuff. I don't need some rewards, or more lore. I appreciate it when they release new things, but I don't need it to enjoy the game. They always eventually release new stuff, and always eventually fix some things. Also, it is a F2P. How much money did you give to DE so they can do all you are wanting them to do? I already gave them more than 1000 dollars, and playing since late 2014, and I don't feel the same as you do in any way. I even feel that I should give them more money to thank them for their hard work and the love they give to Warframe. And, regarding the personal comments you made: I never expect to see anything positive. I think the world is hell, so you are just bringin some biased thoughts towards a stranger. That shows that you are biased towards everything. By the way you started this post, it seems like you just want MORE MORE MOAARRR now. Just like a spoiled brat with no patience.
  4. And again... a post like this. Most people just play the game and don't post in the forums. I think that says everything. It's doomsday every single day in the forums.
  5. I don't care about youtubers and such. In fact I think they are cancerous tumours in the internet that shouls be erradicated. Only people who don't want to think for themselves follow those kinds of bags of feces. DE knows how much people plays and how they play. And Warframe is thriving. Let those "streamers", "youtubers", whatever, burn themselves. And let all the people who are bored or who say there's no content, leave. DE can live without a couple hundred of pestilent whiners.
  6. The difference is that DE isn't a company that gives basic quality of life services needed in the modern world by 99.99% of the citizens who live in urban areas. DE is a company that makes videogames. They create ART, they also give a service. But it is within the line of hobbies. So, thanking them for creating a hobby that's fun and engaging, with excellent artistic details, it's not the same as thanking those who give a basic service with no art involved and which doesn't create a hobby and cult around it.
  7. BLI7Z


    Didn't realize it was in the form of a question, sorry. But anyway, we still don't know what else, other than what was stated in the update news, will be released in this one. They also still have to release Grendel, I guess it's not so far away; and with that, there will be more "content" before Empyrean, Duviri, and New War... I guess and I hope. I'm patiently waiting for the real bulk of content because we all know that all those major updates are some months away, though it can be a whole more year for ALL of it to be completely released.
  8. BLI7Z


    I am also discussing, about what I prefer. I am not giving any kind of feedback, just talking my mind in response to what you said.
  9. BLI7Z


    I said I don't care about content. Why do you ask me? I care about playing. I don't need 30+ ability spamming warframes and 350+ weapons. I only need the things with which I enjoy playing and killing stuff. I only stated that I'm happy because this frame is within my gamestyle, the last one was when Ash Prime was released lol
  10. BLI7Z


    Because I prefer speed in combat and I don't relly on damage abilities.
  11. BLI7Z


    Full speed Gauss + Full str Volt + Full str Wisp's Haste + Dispatch Overdrive + every Sprint Speed mods available?
  12. Thank you for your hard work and the love you put into Warframe! I will enjoy a lot this update.
  13. BLI7Z


    All I want to say is that I'm really Hyped about the release of Gauss. Finally a new warframe that I know I will really enjoy playing. I don't care about content to rush and then burnout. I only care about DE releasing ways of playing that can be infinite for personal enjoyment of any kind of gamestyle people can have. So I can only end this post saying: THANK YOU!
  14. Just with regular gameplay the resources start to pile up, including Formas. And there is a good amount of different modular components to try new builds with, just crafting them for the Mastery points isn't the only option. And there's always the possibility of skipping them. What I would like to emphasize is that there should be a better recovery system to avoid being stuck with the same challenges. But I think that was already adressed for the next season.
  15. Scarce resources? Damn, it seems like I am playing a different game when I read l these things. Limited amount of things to forma or to gild? I don't underatand that statement. Challenges that can be skipped make you play less? You relly on Nightwave to play Warframe? Nightwave being something parallel to real gameplay?
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