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  1. How can some "anime fan service" crap can be a competitor of Warframe? This is a serious game with a deep lore, not some anime childish looking thing. Also you can't compete against a Dev team that love their own creation so much, and that listen to their player base.
  2. Hope they read this, this is 10000% better than the actual ones. This wouldn't disrupt a good gameplay, it would go good with anyone, and if someone wanted to play just to complete Nightwave challenges, they could choose to play in more various ways and complete it while doing sorties, arbitrations, relics, and any other similar stuff that is actually worth doing. Thank you
  3. BLI7Z

    Macro use

    I can achieve that without any macro... should I be banned because I can tap really fast and with very good timing some keys? Obviously sometimes I get that timing bad and it isn't an infinite spining like it would be with a macro... but I consistently tap CTRL+E three or more times per second...
  4. Maybe "more concrete" was a bad wording. More universal would be better. Those kill X enemies with X type of damage, or kill X eximus, or do X types of mission, X minutes, waves, sorties, etc... feel better because it's a part of just playing. But the ones that don't feel right for me because I'm already totally done or feel like putting pressure into something very personal that is the arsenal, are those requiring to forma, gilding, mining, fishing. It is like Nora trying to get into my arsenal, or telling me to go to work. Nightwave should only disrupt a "normal" playing day because of some very specific lore scenario... and they should take into consideration people that are in highest MR and with almost all content of the game done. But anyways all that mechanic feels too detached. Why am I doing all that? I know it is a battlepass... but, why? What's the real lore behind that? Who is Nora? Why can't I mute her? Why does she want to be my boss right after getting finally rid of the Lotus? I just want to annihilate those who stand in front of me while Ordis tells bad and repetitive jokes over my shoulder.
  5. I agree with what you wrote about Nightwave... for me it feels like being forced to revisit stuff that I would think it wouldn't have to be done again (silver grove, mining and fishing after getting ALL that require those resources, formaing after having put dozens of formas on lots of stuff, gilding when one have done all that stuff, thinking the next time rep farming for more custom items will be when something new comes out, etc). I know that always one more forma can be fit in an item with not enough of them, or that in any case a new Amp can be built to try new possible combinations and gild it... but I would like to do that whenever I feel like, and because I want to, not just because some random new character that I know nothing about asks me to do it just to watch how a rep number grows, with it being connected to practically nothing except some end reward that is a nice operator suit (the best of all suits) that can only be won doing that illogical abstract random weekly and daily "quests". It takes away a lot of immersiveness It feels so random that it hurts... and the rewards. Meh... more mods for specific weapons I will never use, and more visually nice but useless stuff (except that sweet sweet infested operator suit that I want right now and it's the only reason why I want to do Nightwave)... and well, the Umbra Forma, but I feel like it is totally forced that item there, just to give a real excuse for doing Nightwave. If it wasn't for those items, Nightwave would be totally dead. BTW, I have lots of spare Nitain that I have nothing to use for, I have all the alt helmets I want, also have all the weapon and vauban BP since normal alerts existed, and most of my arsenal is potatoed... what shall I do with so much creds? Buy Wolf beacons so I try to get the mask that I really have no need for? Buy more Nitain so I can get more than a couple hundred more of it? Stock on potatoes when is much easier to farm prime parts, sell for platinum and buy those tasty potatoes? I think Nightwave should've been some kind of progressive quest with more complex missions intertwined into some real story that is slowly revealed, with tangible rewards while progressing. More concrete challenges, not stuff that feels so random and unnecessary.
  6. I think this one is really easy and doable with eyes closed. The one I hate is... mining, fishing and having to kill sacred grove spectres. I already mined and fished my way to everything I needed, and I have already done the Titania quest... Why would I enjoy gathering resources when I can be just killing stuff? There is no reward there except some Nightwave standing that I only want so I can get the only nice looking operator suit at the end of it. Please let me buy it with plat so I can give a hard pass to Nightwave from once and for all and stop doing chores I find unnecesary and BORING EDIT.. I know they want people to play the game. But having us kidnapped ingame doing stuff we don't want to do because they are boring and MR27 completionist players already got over with them... is not the way to make us play the game. I love playing Warframe, but this Nightwave thing makes me toss away time doing stuff I already did for the sake of completion, mastery and lore... and hated having to do that stuff (AKA gathering resources in a way that is not killing enemies for them to drop it)
  7. BLI7Z

    Macro use

    I have just one thing to say... why use Scoliac or Atterax when ORTHOS PRIME is the king of all with a 360° spin attack? And, EDIT: Why would I need more than some uses, and having to rank something to 30 for the affinity, to know I don't like that? Why do you have a problem with people liking and using something very specific over anything else?? Any problems that I only use Ash Prime, with Vectis Prime and Orthos Prime, because I like to headshot everything, spin2win, etc, whenever I feel I don't need another specific loadout? Do you have a problem with people's specific choices? Are you some kind of justice god person that points out that things don't have to be however people want to in a game?
  8. BLI7Z

    Macro use

    I quote you because what you say makes some thoughts to boil. Don't feel attacked by my words, I am talking in general. So it is better to spam Warframe abilities than to spam spin attack with maiming strike? Or is it better to go full braindead running with an ignis and keeping only the LMB and W key pressed? They gave a tool, people will use the tools they feel more confortable using, being it to be more effective, for mere gameplay pleasure, or whatever. Also, spin2win doesn't win everything. It is a specific tool like everything else. And going back to macro use... will it be OK, compared to "spin2win", if someone used a technique like that to spam the full fire rate potential of, for instance, Akbolto Prime, that cannot be used so fast with just a mere click of the mouse?
  9. BLI7Z

    Macro use

    Another thing will arise after melee rework, and all the people against "spin2win" will start to cry about that new way of destroying everything. I think most people that hate spin2win is because they tried it and they saw that it requires a lot of effort to do effectively, and because they don't want to be outDPSed by melee users. And now they come with the excuse of macros. But what they always point to is "spin2win", as if it was something easy or automatic to do. It makes me want to cry of laughter how ridicolous it's always been EDIT: My forearm is tougher and tougher since I started to "spin2win", so it is a very good training for my tendons, muscles and reflexes.
  10. Yes please, add arcanes for every weapon. Not all of us want to or like to use Zaws and Kitguns, and would be nice to have some more personalization in terms of mechanics without losing too much damage as with swaping mods.
  11. I'm never standing still in a mission as to be able to enjoy the looks of any of the Warframes... so I don't care if I can't see my Ash while being invisible, I even like it being totally invisible and that's why I use black energy color... because of immersivness. If I want to enjoy how the Warframe looks, I would stay out of a mission, maybe go into captura mode, make a screenshot session, and enjoy all the details.
  12. BLI7Z

    Macro use

    So if someone can input keystrokes while spinning as fast as if using a macro should be banned? Now I think you just don't want people to be able to choose their playstyles while also making a huge effort in being efficient doing so. Some people don't care if they are carrying everyone else with their playstyle, they just want to play their own way. I like spinning2win... It is VERY efficient, and it is also something that keeps me totally awake and have to put 100% of my reflexes into that, because I use a full attack speed and movement speed build, I can't just idly play, I have to be very aware of my sorroundings and have to move in a very precise way in a milimetric manner. It's like asking in a PvP game that people shouldn't be able to use their skills and effort to win, the only difference is that here it is PvE.
  13. Maybe the ambient could be the old war? The PvP mode being like a memory from the Tennos about how the factions in the past were. Maybe the origin of the Grineer vs Corpus vs Infested, after the Orokin fell, the sentients left, etc.
  14. Wow. This is very intuitive and feels good to look at. A full series of this would be so awesome. Maybe even a full Warframe guide made with such an on point kind of information and this tasteful minimalist art.
  15. I thought I might have not seen some tradable stuff =P Well, that's true, they are not a major company with hundreds of millions to spare. They've grown certainly anyways, and I hope they keep growing so they can make Warframe even better. On topic, I guess those database problems can be avoided by putting some x100 blueprints for some kind of things, like the restores, ciphers, and mining stuff, and some x10 or more of the Derelict keys. A 24hs limit would be the best so it's still necessary to log in. I have no knowledge in programming, but there must be a way to make those queues really low storage demanding.
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