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  1. DJNeonNight

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    Can't wait to try this! Thanks for so many years of this game!
  2. DJNeonNight

    Trackers, Data, And All the Worldstate Things

    +1 Definitively, anything that can help to make our experience better even outside of the game is nice
  3. DJNeonNight

    [Console] Operation: Plague Star!

    What a good time to have a potato
  4. DJNeonNight

    Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0

  5. DJNeonNight

    PC: Harrow Approaches....

    Nice! Can't wait!
  6. Probablemente hagan un anuncio en la consola del juego, al igual que hacen con el prime access y así, pero es recomendable que revises el foro al menos 1 vez a la semana
  7. DJNeonNight

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #93!

    Here is the AM-Bunny's overview for anyone interested: Also, here's my spanish translation of Bunny's overview:
  8. DJNeonNight

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1

    Oh, nice!
  9. DJNeonNight

    Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.4.0

    Thanks as always! Finally!
  10. DJNeonNight

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #90!

    Oh, thanks!
  11. DJNeonNight

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #90!

    *waiting for Bunny's overview*
  12. DJNeonNight

    Octavia's Anthem: Update 20

  13. DJNeonNight

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.7.0

    Give us a new polearm stance already! ;-;
  14. DJNeonNight

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.5

    Niiice Glad this didn't take too much to get fixed.