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  1. Passive: He has a special resource of spare parts. Whenever he deals damage to enemies, no matter the method, his void energy pulls parts from them towards himself, gaining and 1% from this resource and a special stat buffs depending on the enemy type and faction. The stat are as follows: Grineer - damage for light and armor for heavy enemies. Corpus - energy regen for light and shield for heavy enemies. Infested - movement speed for light and health for heavy enemies. Sentient - steals their resistenes. (gain it ala adaptation, also not sure fi they have a heavy variant persay) Losing percent losses stats from the buff proportionally. I was thinking he gains % of the enemies stats but that might be too powerful. (possible option if its too op) Whenever he takes damage he losses percent from his resource equal to the % of damage taken compared to his health + shields (not overshields) 1. Assimilate: He uses the melding capabilities of his void tendrils to rip parts from enemies infront of him, damaging them and triggering his passive 3x. His allies are not safe from his lust to rebuid himself either. He gets the 1st ability of the first warframe the ability collides with, replacing this one for a single cast. 2. Surge: He sends out a wave of energy in hopes of finding new viable circuits as well as fixing any errors in his current ones. He deals electric damage to all nearby enemies and shortcircuits both brains and circuits alike, making enemies go to sleep. 3. Search: He dissasembles himself into smaller parts and flies forward damaging enemies and triggering his passive 5x. Hitting allies instead spends 1% of his resource and gives them a buff equal to 50% the stats of his passive. At the end he moves to the closest enemy and tries to reassemble over them, crushing them, dealing finsher damage (triggering a finisher?). If the enemy dies then he heals for 25% of damage dealt. If they live then he moves past them now whole again. 4. Mainframe: After reaching 100% he can finally test out his new components and incenerate any uneeded ones. He losses 1% of his special resource per second and gain fire damage per % spent. His abilities now spend his resource instead of gaining it and are also affected by the fire buff. After he finally reaches 0% he flash cools himself down, instantly freezing nearby enemies. Do you wanna build a warfraaame?~
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