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  1. You really should re-read the wiki. The Orokin created the sentients to terraform the tau system for Orokin colonisation, and installed a pretty hefty 'design flaw' in them to try and prevent them 'rebelling' only that action, plus the sentient realising the Orokin were almost certainly going to wreck the tau system like they had the Origin system actually led to them rebelling. Or maybe they Didn't rebel, and just fought back when the orokin decided to get rid of them. 'We picked a fight with 7" vegetarian pacifists thinking it would be a walkover, but they turned out to be fast learners.'
  2. So, with the other races its pretty clear why we have to fight them. Grineer want to destroy/enslave everyone else, the Corpus's greed is reckless, dangerous and they're not shy of employing mind control, and the infested just want to eat everyone. But the Sentients? we kind of have a lot in common. We were both created, used and abused by the Orokin, to the point we were only fighting in the first place because the Orokin turned us into weapons in desperation, and we'd still be disposed-of trash otherwise. And the Orokin are gone now. The main reason I can see we would be fight is dead and long gone.. and I cant help maybe we could be chill with the Sentients, or at least agree to leave each other alone.
  3. So, there's been numerous stories recently about horrible working conditions in the game industry, with numerous high level studios expecting their developers to work an insanely excessive amount on a weekly basis, to the point they are burning their employees out and causing physical and mental harm. Please, DE, don't do this. I dearly love Warframe, and I don't want the people making it to be suffering. I don't think I could play the game knowing it was hurting the people making it. So, please., don't crunch. Even if it means we have to wait for content, I'd much rather wait than see you all be harmed by too much pressure and an excessive workload.
  4. Maybe. though mag was unvaulted precisely when keys became relics, so if you had a lot of keys, you got LOTS of mag containing relics, so shes much easier to get than any of the frames vaulted before nyx did (frost was unvaulted before relics, and nyx was the first to be vaulted under the relics system)
  5. got the statue and glyph, no diadem, which is the main thing I was after
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