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  1. So did the Radiual Howl Buff make it into our build?? Also for those Complaining about the Cursor get used to it because it's not going back to what it was before & that's ok Thing is it takes time getting used to it & yes it's far from perfect but as DE has said there not finished fixing it & all that Last update I hated the New Cursor Changes because you couldn't hit X to scroll to invite someone to a clan or to a game or squad whatever & sometimes I would accidently hit Ignore Good news is DE has ironed this out in this update I can still use cursor but now X works like it supposed to when wanting to invite or whatever I know longer have to worry rather I'm gonna accidently ignore someone or click something else.. Give DE time they will not stop until it's perfect & my advice take the time to get used to it I had to & everyone else has too there's no going back so only option. Is to get used to it.. It takes time & doesn't happen overnight & just like with any new game it takes some time to get used to the new menus & stuff so like I said it's not perfect But with this update it's a big step forward compared to where it was before this update... I love the changes & honestly I cannot wait to see how good the new UI will be once all the final additions aka themes n more have been added & when everything has been fixed & is working properly.. Anyway sit back & enjoy this new update as Umbra is finally home!
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