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  1. I think that's a Brilliant idea! Hopefully DE makes it happen eventually!
  2. It's Vauban please spell the name correctly when mentioning him i know you wouldn't want your name misspelled or mispronounced Plus saying it the way you spelled it is very inappropriate i doubt little kids parent's want them getting on this fourn and seeing the 1st 4 letters spelled by you in Vauban Name so please when mentioning him please spell it like it's ment to be which is Vauban thank you
  3. Not really. Atleast i won't be abusing it and i hope others don't abuse it either
  4. Relax it was really never hurting anything so I'm glad there reverting it as it let's nekros do what he was designed to do...
  5. Rebecca as a Nekros main i want to say thank you so much for reverting the looting frames back to where they should be... I love nekros kit and glad desecrate will be great again! My only question and request is Can you please revert nekros loot drop% to where it was b4 his rework?? As 54% is way to low and Nekros is not a kill frame he is a support looter frame and the drop% wasn't hurting anything Since Nekros was designed to be the best looter in warframe and only the true looter in warframe would you guys atleast look into & consider changing his loot% back to where it was before his amazing rework? That is the only request and change i ask for nekros thank you
  6. Controller Config bug I've noticed since putting my changes back in that power A on the Touch Screen is unresponsive now a lot of times also when trying to deploy Wisp Resivores using the touchpad Power A when you swipe it up like your supposed too Wisp no longer Deploys her Resivores forcing me to have to use the Ability Menu as the way to use the ability so controller config is very buggy n now making abilites and stuff either unresponsive or broken.
  7. how do I remap it? I have an old save file from last week that has my old configuration settings as well when I try to copy over the one from last week it n longer saves the settings I had in last file like it has the last couple updates where I could copy a recent file with my controller settings and get it back without needing to re do it all again now its not working like it was previously an I don't remember my old settings and lost my screenshot somewhere plz help
  8. Danielle can you find out what happened to the classic controller config settings? as I use these settings because it's easier for me and I had everything setup the way I wanted it and now it's gone and I tried re adding my old ps4 warframe file stored on my usb flash drive and reuploaded it because in past it worked and I got all my settings I had saved back however this time not even my backup file is restoring my settings as classic controller config is nowhere to be found please help I can't play without these settings also when is Elite Scanutury Onslaught Drop Tables update coming? rebbecca once mentioned it a few months Ago but nothing since any update on this?
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