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  1. Will other gifting related solstice items like the burston solstice skin come back around either this year or at some other point, if possible for plat on the market? I missed that skin in particular and really want to get it, but haven't seen any mention of it since it came out...
  2. Hey just a question, any chances that past solstice skins will come back around? Specifically (for me) I missed out on the Burston Solstice skin and would like a chance at grabbing that. If not are there any plans on bringing them back around at some other time or some other way holiday related?
  3. Wew lad, a few more fixes, Akvasto- two of my favorite sidearm prime, AND other people finally get to nab Edo Prime armor. On occasion I had people comment on mine so it's nice to finally see the electric grates make their return.
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