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  1. You didn't mention what year. If you catch my drift.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Bonewidow's 3rd ability "Firing Line" is pulling allies (Pets, Celestilal Twins etc) into the line like enemies. Seems like the only things aren't pulled are Spectres and other players. VISUAL: Not required, jut do it yourself with any Pet, you'll see the result. REPRODUCTION: Pick Bonewidow, make sure 3rd ability is unlocked, pick a Pet like Kavat or Kubrow, you can add other allies like Celestial Twin, go outside and use 3rd ability. It will pull allies in firing line like they are enemies. EXPECTED RESULT: Only enemies should be affected by
  3. Ever since you added useless Bonewidow and made Necramechs lvl 40 capped, both of them are now bugged in Equipment UI. And the reason of that is that they copy themselves in VEHICLES and WARFRAME tabs. The real progression could be seen in VEHICLES tab, while in WARFRAME tab they both just grayed out and never progress at all.
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