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  1. I just want ember buffs. Give me my daughter back already, she's been through enough.
  2. Man you haven't SEEN weird yet. This is, like, standard dinner-table banter.
  3. Hopefully this means I won't get bent over a table every time a host decides to leave. Hopefully but not likely.
  4. So I'm not articulate so I'll cut to the chase: the ability to use non-prime models/skins of our various prime weapons, in the same way we're able to use the non-prime skin of a prime warframe, would be appreciated if not the standard. No offense to the guys who design primes but sometimes I would just like a relatively normal-looking gun and even when switching out colors all that gilding sort of looks varying shades of awful, but downgrading purely for the sake of aesthetics feels pretty S#&$ty.
  5. man it's going to feel good to actually be able to see where I'm going on my nightjogs now.
  6. Me: "AwS#&$ here comes the bu-" DE: "#*!% off, it's a hotfix." DEnied again. I'll just be here in the corner with Vauban being all sad 'n' shiet.
  7. Can't spell Delay without DE. Not even really surprised anymore.
  8. After playing more I slapped his ass with adaptation, and just put everything into endurance and efficiency. It's fairly effective as long as I keep moving (which is kind of the point since his kit scales more off his battery than anything). Only real issue is still energy, just not as big of one. Redline is great to use and I need to stop thinking of it as an ult and more of a "Gear Shift". Also someoen should tennogen a "totally not Kamen Rider Kabuto/Faiz" skin as well.
  9. Also his noble animation doesn't loop properly like the other more animated animations. There's a clear point where all movement ceases and Gauss moves back to "frame 1"
  10. Gauss is a gas guzzler and his plating's conversion isn't anywhere near enough to maintain it. There also seems to be very little interaction with strength mods and his buffs. I'm not going to say his damage is weak since he's clearly not a damage dealer primarily and I have guns. However some tweaks to the strength to make the double-casting worth it would be nice if not needed. Gauss is like a shiny sports car: it's fun. It's fast. But the utility is a little lacking. Also to anyone reading this, tennogen up a Hot Wheels skin.
  11. This...actually sounds kind of promising and I'm a little concerned because that doesn't happen. Either way looking forward to once again being this.
  12. Nothing. But the phrase "As usual it will be free" implies that there'd be any reason to not think it were free in this free2play game. With the news about microtransactions, i wonder if warframe would shoot itself in the foot by going with a pay2play or subscription model.
  13. man I really hope this game doesn't go "Pay to Play" now...the wording in this update is suspect as #*!%.
  14. Why sparring fists? Tekko just got a signature weapon buff so it'd be a great chance to also give it a skin that isn't jingle bells. Also more looting augments are kind of on the boring side, tbh. Khora's spider aesthetic is strong enough that strangledome becoming a proper web would have been neat. A massive trap on the ground that can root enemies in place in exchange for losing its functionality with her whiplash. Ball status: dropped.
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