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  1. Ever if it were just cosmetic, like a toggle similar to whether you want prime bits on, would be appreciated. Partly because day form looks awful and partly because the combined form looks best anyways.
  2. Nothing. But the phrase "As usual it will be free" implies that there'd be any reason to not think it were free in this free2play game. With the news about microtransactions, i wonder if warframe would shoot itself in the foot by going with a pay2play or subscription model.
  3. man I really hope this game doesn't go "Pay to Play" now...the wording in this update is suspect as #*!%.
  4. It's a shame that they seem to have taken the answers that required the least amount of effort. They just took the blind from her 2 and made it her 3, and let you use her 2 while the beam is being spammed. I get that they're hurting for time but I realIy don't think anyone would have minded them saying "hey we want to work on this more" if the end result was something better than...this hot mess of a kit. Don't know who did Nezha's rework, but I hope they're doing well, wherever they are, because it's clearly not working on frames anymore.
  5. I still hold onto the rumor that Wisp had more ghostly portal abilties but they were too difficult to impliment so instead we got some placeholders for her 3 and 4. The beam seems so out of place it had to have been taken from somewhere else, and her 3 is yet another blind or something. There's pieces of the ghostly misdirection that wisps are known for being, but I wish they had tried harder to get it to the final product. Wisp seems butchered and on the operating table even as she's apparently almost "ready" to go out.
  6. The movement is unique to wisp. Putting her animations on other frames won't make them float. I was already sure but I'm sure that they do pretty much the opposite of what anyone wants at any given time.
  7. With two weeks of radio silence followed by absolutely no mention in the devstream (that I know of), it seems they aren't going to bother making her abilities not-terrible. It's a shame that wisp was doomed to be a "Level and ditch" frame from the start. She'll be rushed, used for her 4 near exclusively, and then ditched by the vast majority of players unless they're using her for her butt.
  8. Honestly, like a lot of people said, it'd be a great skill on Emebr. Combine that with bringing back Tank Ember and you go from the wide-range heating lamp to a beefy pinpoint blowtorch....but I don't think they'll ever touch Ember. Poor girl can't even get her actual deluxe skin, it's like she's doomed.
  9. Proto skins and Deluxe skins are different series. Nyx has a proto skin (based on her interpretation in Dark Sector, same as Excalibur's) and has a deluxe skin in the tubes. My issue with Valk's deluxe skin is that it doesn't really line up with the idea it's supposed to show: Valkyr before Alad V. Namely Valkyr Prime uses the base valkyr model, instead of the Germessi, which doesn't make sense since Valk Prime also looks vastly different than germessi. Feels like yet another dropped ball.
  10. We've already got a fair share of DPS frames already and can do with something else, as the game is already heavily tilting to the point where "Muh big numbers" is the only real strategy needed. And we all know how quick they are with those nerfs when something gets too popular and/or strong. More emphasis on support and frames that don't essentially need damaging abilities (because guns exist) also helps slow the powercreep a bit. Because DPS frames are either stupidly overpowered to compensate for the game's aggressively bad scaling, or they become Ember. Utility stays useful at nearly all levels because while damage falls off, function doesn't. Also her 2 does have invisibility. You can see it in the devstream, and it's the only ability she has that doesn't feel like a rehash of another frame's ability. Her 3 is still poor for being solely reliant on her totems being up, and adding a pulse to the main body isn't going to help that since I doubt a tanky frame would have any need for both a passive that gives invisibility, and an ability that both fires a decoy and adds invisibility. Unless it's stupidly strong to offset the risk of diving into groups to make the most of it. Her 4 needs to just be changed. Even with full mobility having yet another channeled damage skill is a waste of a slot and channeling it will likely keep her from using her other skills when something inevitably starts firing from off-screen. It doesn't even have the benefit Revenant's 4 has of hitting things all around her. Nobody, from what I've seen, is saying that she needs synergy, and conflating interaction with forced synergy is only going to muddy things up. You can use Saryn's spores and use her miasma independently. Both are viable but become more effective when used together. Her current 3 is forced synergy as it can't function without 1 being active. Having skills do something different or extra when combined is good because it adds options, which means the frame can be played in more ways than "Hurr press a couple of buttons and enemies die" similar to how old ember's WoF would stop hurting things at higher levels, but slapping on Firequake gave it value as a kind of CC. Mechanically they aren't entirely flawed. But they're boring and feel very last-minute. Especially the 3 and 4.
  11. So you say that it doesn't look fun at all, then immediately say fun is subjective? The point is we have plenty of channeled damage dealing abilities. Revaenant has one, Garuda was going to have one, and there's plenty of ones that exist before (including ember, who could use a new one anyways). If you want to talk about "disgusting cliches" let's talk about that one. The game is also already flooded with damage-dealing frames and many less with skills focused around utility and especially ones with interesting or unique gimmicks. You may find guns boring, but there's already plenty of frames where you don't essentially need ones, like Nidus which also happens to be a remarkably strong frame with a unique gimmick. Also you seem to misunderstand or are likely intentionally ignoring why the comparison to Khroa and Revenat is relevant. It's not because they're bad, though I'm the only revenant I ever see in missions since they nerfed his 4, it's because their abilities have had dramatic changes that needed additional changes after their launch and much complaining on the forums, with Revenant even having a skill replaced with a big flashy damage dealing beam. Revenant had a mass sleep/vampirism for his 4, and Khora was supposed to be the shining star of the damage changes to Impact, Slash, and Puncture. The former's skill was changed and most of his abilities tweaked so that he's even usable, and the latter's damage gimmick and exalted whip were outright dumped. They aren't bad frames but they were rushed and underwent so many last-minute changes that it'd be laughable if it weren't so disappointing. It's clear there's a ghostly frame in there, with her passive and 2 showing the bits of the original intent, but with one ability being entirely reliant on another one being active, and one clearly being out of place and out of line with her look and style, you would have to be blind to not see it...which is probably why you mentioned Katawa Shojo: you can relate to it personally.
  12. More people need to see this. It's a pretty on-the-mark explaination of most of the things wrong with wisp in her current form. Namely...she's about as Wisp-like as a molotov cocktail through into a flower shop.
  13. I heard that her skills were originally different. She had a possession-type ability and a Limbo-like pocket world that gave buffs and transportation to her totems. I would have liked those, since I'm sick to death of damage-dealing abilities that do nothing besides that. I have guns, why would I need something that overlaps that utility. Wisp losing her ghostly aspects in favor of an ability that relies on the pressnce of another ability, and a (let's be honest here) memetic "Da powah of da sun!" damage skill that will likely falloff in any high level play just don't have a good feel to them. Yes I know it scales. It sounds like that only applies when you stay on a target, and single-target skills in a hoard-shooter seems awful. And yes I've heard the rationalization that "it's a will-o-wisp so of course it's fire", but the connection to fire ends at the aesthetic and certainly doesn't translate logically to "Place a portal to the sun and use the fire as a weapon". Honestly I wouldn't mind at all if they Pre-Reworked her. Take those flaming abilities and give them to Ember (lord knows the poor girl needs SOMETHING to feel like she matters), and make Wisp more ghostly in how she plays. Because she's looking like she's going to be Revenant 2: Son of Khora. And to doom a frame with such a unique aesthetic and movement to such a mediocre kit is criminal. I want something fun and this set doesn't look fun...less fun when we get full Wisp teams just spamming the 4.
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