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  1. Wow! Xaku actually got buffs. Good job. (Please buff Hydroid)
  2. Remember back in like 2014 when loading screens had the frames in a freezeframe doing cool S#&$? I think those should come back somehow? Lisets are cool, but at the same time lisets are 90% useless and I'd rather watch our squad pose like the Ginyu force or something.
  3. Honestly I just wanted valkyr's warcry to help her become a more effective bullet sponge by drawing attention...
  4. True, true. At least there'd be some use for taking the heat off of allies, though.
  5. It's paralysis, which basically throws her shield at enemies to stun them. Naturally it's also a great melee-range skill. Edit: meant to quote Alphahorseman but I flubbed up.
  6. So I've been playing a lot of valkyr lately and I noticed something: All that armor, melee-focus and her final ability really go to waste in a game where most of the factions would rather shoot you than wade into clawing range of a bunch of ancient space 'ninja'. It just feels like a disappointment when melee 2.0 gave us more to work with. So I was thinking that valkyr's Warcry could also draw some attention similar to Loki's Decoy and Saryn's Molt, rather than lower enemy speed. Doing this would give the skill much more utility, since right now it's just a good buff/subpar debuff. Open fo
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