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  1. I'm glad that someone is planning a skin for Hildryn. While I feel she'd be more popular if her "assets" were a bit plumper, I wish she'd get SOME attention, at least. Glad to see you working on it, and like the colors so far.
  2. You aren't wrong, but you're gonna get shouted down for saying it. Sadly the official forums is the least viable place to talk about issues like this. Or any major issues, really.
  3. Tonfas are strong is you actually use the combos. The only ones losing out are the spin2win kiddies so literally nothing of value is lost.
  4. >fixed titania S#&$ I thought I would have to live with that like I did "Cheese Mirage" but hey! Good things do happen. Thanks.
  5. Still no fix for the empress razorwing using default colors regardless.
  6. The wing meshes for Titania's deluxe exist but don't match the frame colors. Also they don't flap. https://imgur.com/a/UEG9O3P
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