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  1. 2 hours ago, Voltage said:

    Thank you for the ability to trade Lich contracts.

    Maiming Strike should be buffed with these other Crit mods. You are probably going "why does this guy want to buff that mod". Well, the entire rework is for diversity, and sliding is a playstyle. The mod can still be nerfed but not completely worthless in a build. Maiming Strike is now strictly worse than Sacrificial Steel and it is situational. Likewise, the changes to Critical Chance do not even address the issue here. The issue is that Blood Rush does not interact with modded Critical Chance....

    Also, it would be nice if Tonfa weapon stats were looked at. They are a sliding class and continue to stay lackluster as the slide attack nerf washed that entire class off the grid. Tonfa weapons should have close to (if not) the highest slide attack damage out of all melee weapons.

    Additionally, please update Riven Mods with Critical Chance on Slide Attack and Critical Chance stats. Riven Mod values are supposed to be based on the existing mods with a multiplier from disposition.

    Tonfas are strong is you actually use the combos. The only ones losing out are the spin2win kiddies so literally nothing of value is lost.

  2. Titania's Empress skin's Razorwing doesn't match the colors of the frame when in use. It's stuck in default colors and it's kind of driving me nuts.

    Actually since I'm on the topic, Life Strike doesn't heal with heavy attacks using the razorwing melee.


    Also unrelated but thematically important can you bump up the Seeding Step ephemera so that it's actually visible? It's not anywhere grassy enough to be seen and it took way more effort to get than the super-flashy eidolon one.

  3. After playing more I slapped his ass with adaptation, and just put everything into endurance and efficiency. It's fairly effective as long as I keep moving  (which is kind of the point since his kit scales more off his battery than anything). Only real issue is still energy, just not as big of one. Redline is great to use and I need to stop thinking of it as an ult and more of a "Gear Shift".


    Also someoen should tennogen a "totally not Kamen Rider Kabuto/Faiz" skin as well.

  4. Gauss is a gas guzzler and his plating's conversion isn't anywhere near enough to maintain it. There also seems to be very little interaction with strength mods and his buffs. I'm not going to say his damage is weak since he's clearly not a damage dealer primarily and I have guns. However some tweaks to the strength to make the double-casting worth it would be nice if not needed.

    Gauss is like a shiny sports car: it's fun. It's fast. But the utility is a little lacking.


    Also to anyone reading this, tennogen up a Hot Wheels skin.

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  5. 10 hours ago, iLightning13 said:

    What's pay to play about any of it? All of this content is free, and can easily be earned in game.

    Nothing. But the phrase "As usual it will be free" implies that there'd be any reason to not think it were free in this free2play game. With the news about microtransactions, i wonder if warframe would shoot itself in the foot by going with a pay2play or subscription model. 

  6. Why sparring fists? Tekko just got a signature weapon buff so it'd be a great chance to also give it a skin that isn't jingle bells. 

    Also more looting augments are kind of on the boring side, tbh. Khora's spider aesthetic is strong enough that strangledome becoming a proper web would have been neat. A massive trap on the ground that can root enemies in place in exchange for losing its functionality with her whiplash.

    Ball status: dropped.

  7. Please fix the whole "Titania's Lantern makes enemies immortal" thing because that's frankly sort of terrifying and I would rather not lose my favorite CC ability on that frame.

    Also because long survival missions become "which room did I accidentally bestow godhood on an bombard in" and I'm bad with memory games.

  8. Two things that are terrifying right now.

    1 is using a glaive and pistol will result in the pistol's model  being on your hip as if it were never drawn...alongside the one in my hand. 

    2, the one that makes me S#&$ myself, is that using lantern on enemies has a chance of making them immortal. Considering I've been using lantern to remove big guys, that means that napalm dude will eventually shove as many of those rockets up my arse as possible and is now immune to boolet. One of those two things needs to go.


    Also please buff Nova's ass. Ivara's dominated the meta for too long.

  9. To be honest the spiral wheel seems like a nightmare to use if you aren't using a controller (which, if you're playing on PC why on earth would you?). Hopefully the time spent Soon™ing is being spent refining melee 3 so that it's not a clunky mess or makes half the current mods completely worthless. Because from what I've heard Range mods are already castrated in the new system and I'd hate to see the cascade of what I'm sure to be knee-jerk decisions coming there.

  10. There's still an issue of Nezha's chakram being complete S#&$ when you aren't hosting. Like it just doesn't connect at all. I've seen it go through a heavy gunner, then disappear into the distance after rubber-banding back twice. At first I thought it was my S#&$ connection but it's consistent whenever I am online but not hosting. Considering that's one of his main ways to sustain and I'm too lazy to slot a forma and juggle mods to fit Rage in (and why would I?) I figure I should bring this up...since without health and/or energy I'm pretty #*!%ed.

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