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  1. Remember back in like 2014 when loading screens had the frames in a freezeframe doing cool S#&$? I think those should come back somehow? Lisets are cool, but at the same time lisets are 90% useless and I'd rather watch our squad pose like the Ginyu force or something.

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  2. Honestly I'm really starting to feel like these forum posters have played the game much more than anyone in charge of changes. Nobody who plays this game would think these changes are anything but universally counterproductive. I get that warframe requires about as much skill as making tuna salad, but this change has somehow managed to be both pants-pissingly easy, and eternally frustrating.

    I blame the forums, regardless. So many instances of "I blew myself up with a bramma" and now this is the result: dozens of weapons made functionally useless. And NOW they decide to say "Aim true", when good aim would have fixed a lot of those instances of bow-based suicide.

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  3. Preface: I don't like chroma, rarely play him since his 1 and 4 are useless, and think that the space-furry in a dragon fursuit is too stupid to be worth a whole damn quest.

    That being said, the removal of self-damage is the biggest #*!%up for warframe 2020. Because a few genetic defects couldn't aim a weapon, now everyone has to suffer S#&$ like a scourge staggering the shooter with its primary fire. On top of that, the weapons that did self damage are basically useless. Without the risk of self damage and the damage they'd do, we now have a group of weapons that are effectively really S#&$ty bows. No fire-rate, slow projectile travel speed, no real damage anymore since splash damage is pitiful and the "buff" to the radius is piss poor, and now a stun mechanic that's annoying but doesn't do anything but discourage the use of the weapons as a whole.

    I know DE isn't going to admit they're wrong on this one because apparently Chroma is such a cardinal sin that they're willing to gimp a #*!%ton of weaposn out of spite, but they're wrong. Any other shooter understands that lobbing explosives should be strong but risky to the player. It rewards careful shots with stupidly high damage. Explosives don't do that here, and since snipers are a thing, there's no reason to use a weapon that will annoy the user  without any payoff for it.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Sylonus said:

    DE wouldn't be making this change if that entire class of weapons wasn't pretty dead as is, they have the stats I'm sure, why do you think this is happening?
    This is an attempt to revitalize the weapon class. My guess was the Bramma was the last ditch effort to see "How good can we make self damaging weapons and them still not be used?" I suspect it's the only one that sees much use of all, and it wasn't high enough to convince them not to make the change, it's the only one that I expect to nerfed after the change, all the others, I think will start seeing more play again, but not crazy amounts.

    You're giving them way too much credit. This is definitely a kneejerk response to players with extra chromosomes blowing themselves up and whining on the forums. Explosives have been just fine for ages, and weapons like the acceltra exist and get used often enough that I'm sick of seeing it so it's not like weapons that can hurt you aren't popular. Hell they made the ogris and tonkor get kuva versions, both of which get use. Sure they aren't the sort of universal crutch that catchmoon is, but they get use

  5. On 2020-02-28 at 1:40 PM, dota_Icarus said:

    i herewith claim the kuva bramma to be the new strongest primary weapon, with damage (almost) as high as a sniper and aoe of ignis&catchmoon... 

    I don`t like nerfs to weapons too, but please nerf the kuva bramma with the same patch. Don`t want to experience the catchmoon drama once more

    Yeah for all of a couple of weeks. Then it gets nerfed because now it just S#&$s out damage with no drawback.

    Good job, you useful idiots, you killed off an entire class of weapons because you couldn't take two seconds to aim.

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  6. This is exactly what I was thinking. It's stupid that because a bunch of bad players blew themselves up with the bramma, that the risk/reward of explosive weapons has to die. There's already a band-aid for players that can't aim anyways called Cautious Shot. Just make it affect the new bow and let me keep my strong explosive weapon that could potentially blow me  up.

    And now, with a lot of area damage with no drawbacks, every explosive weapon is going to get nerfed to hell because a few S#&$ty players couldn't take a second to aim the rocket at somewhere other than their feet. Thanks, you insufferable twats.

  7. Titania's Empress skin's Razorwing doesn't match the colors of the frame when in use. It's stuck in default colors and it's kind of driving me nuts.

    Actually since I'm on the topic, Life Strike doesn't heal with heavy attacks using the razorwing melee.


    Also unrelated but thematically important can you bump up the Seeding Step ephemera so that it's actually visible? It's not anywhere grassy enough to be seen and it took way more effort to get than the super-flashy eidolon one.

  8. So I'm not articulate so I'll cut to the chase: the ability to use non-prime models/skins of our various prime weapons, in the same way we're able to use the non-prime skin of a prime warframe, would be appreciated if not the standard. No offense to the guys who design primes but sometimes I would just like a relatively normal-looking gun and even when switching out colors all that gilding sort of looks varying shades of awful, but downgrading purely for the sake of aesthetics feels pretty S#&$ty.

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  9. After playing more I slapped his ass with adaptation, and just put everything into endurance and efficiency. It's fairly effective as long as I keep moving  (which is kind of the point since his kit scales more off his battery than anything). Only real issue is still energy, just not as big of one. Redline is great to use and I need to stop thinking of it as an ult and more of a "Gear Shift".


    Also someoen should tennogen a "totally not Kamen Rider Kabuto/Faiz" skin as well.

  10. Gauss is a gas guzzler and his plating's conversion isn't anywhere near enough to maintain it. There also seems to be very little interaction with strength mods and his buffs. I'm not going to say his damage is weak since he's clearly not a damage dealer primarily and I have guns. However some tweaks to the strength to make the double-casting worth it would be nice if not needed.

    Gauss is like a shiny sports car: it's fun. It's fast. But the utility is a little lacking.


    Also to anyone reading this, tennogen up a Hot Wheels skin.

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  11. 11 minutes ago, Autongnosis said:

    You can rework vauban as much as you like, unless he becomes a buffer or a nuker he won't matter in the grand scheme of things.


    Vauban has received several direct and indirect buffs over the years. From repelling Bastille, to minelayer's concuss grenade catapulting his CC from very good to top class. From the bastille acting as AoE slow on immune targets and boss to the reduced relevance of void tilesets removing a lot of constraints on his CC. 

    He still has no place in 2018-19 style warframe. Wanna know why? There is not a single instance of content where a warframe that can lock down the whole tile and protect a whole team on his own to the point of not taking damage at all has a place. Not. ONE. 


    So I'm sorry to dismantle your proposal, for how fun it sounds (even thi gadgeteer sounds like a joke ability tbh xD). It changes nothing. And if the price to pay for vauban to be accepted is him being treated like Nyx has, i'd rather nobody touch him. 

    You'd be right if you weren't so wrong. "Buffer or Nuke" ignores that garuda is a "nuke" but isn't relevant, and that tanks like Inaros or Rhino do just fine because their ability to not die easily. And that's not even mentioning that even Revenant is a good tank that can do high-level content easily as long as the player doesn't have an extra chromosome, and that brainless DPS like mesa and saryn exist, which aren't nukes but just S#&$ out tons of damage ticks.

    As for vauban, what he needs is survivability to go along with his CC, and a better set of skills for CC. As he is now his worthwhile skills both chug energy, are mostly redundant, and still leave him open to getting a random bombard outside of their range. And, frankly, it's insulting that the only skill to get """reworked""" with the release of his skin was the tesla and that was barely anything worth mentioning.

    And he has a place in the current "meta" since any long-running mission will almost always attract people that camp a room. it's actually annoying to run Mot and find three other players huddled in the starting room because it happens so often. The only catch is that, while he has a place, he can't survive long enough to actually be relevant. Damage scaling has gotten to the point where most squishy frames just can't make it.

  12. In spite of my pessimism I'm actually pretty alright with Wisp. Still don't like the meme beam and would rather have something with utility than just a damage ability but the Praise the Sun crowd has latched on so that's a moot cause. 3/4 abilities being useful is still not bad. Only real issues I've had have been mostly fixed. There's a few though. Mostly aesthetic.

    1 her cloth bits could stand to be a little stiffer than they currently are. As they are any sudden movement makes them clip into each other, Wisp's body, or any accessory you have on the back. The recent update seems to have made them flow more but I feel like an in-between would be best. Stiffen them up a little, but not so that they're completely rigid. In spite of everything these are still biomechanical flesh puppes so a little weight isn't unrealistic (as much as a floating ghostly robot-zombie can be, anyways)

    2 Throwing stars/shurikens sheaths don't rest properly on her thighs. This is a shame because the animation for them on Wisp Noble is so sassy and perfect but all I can think of is a long sustained screaming at how that doesn't right. Pictures added. https://imgur.com/QQrzP5U (hope that works)

    3 she still walks while using a Melee weapon or aiming. I get that the former might be unavoidable because stances, but I feel like the latter is more an oversight than anything.

    4 finding the teleport points/portals for the interaction between her 1 and 3 is touch-and-go. Especially on the plains. Any small object or enemy can and will block them, making teleporting to them a hassle as you're trying to get your reticle pixel-perfect on them. Maybe give them a bit of an less precise "radius" for teleportation so I'm not gunned down trying to port back to my resevoirs.


    Overall Wisp is pretty good and next to Revenant is becoming my favorite frame because I'm a slut for mystical aesthetics. Hopefully augments will come out to give her memebeam some utility. Her assets are great, and her ASSets are nice too.

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