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  1. Remember back in like 2014 when loading screens had the frames in a freezeframe doing cool S#&$? I think those should come back somehow? Lisets are cool, but at the same time lisets are 90% useless and I'd rather watch our squad pose like the Ginyu force or something.

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  2. Honestly I'm really starting to feel like these forum posters have played the game much more than anyone in charge of changes. Nobody who plays this game would think these changes are anything but universally counterproductive. I get that warframe requires about as much skill as making tuna salad, but this change has somehow managed to be both pants-pissingly easy, and eternally frustrating.

    I blame the forums, regardless. So many instances of "I blew myself up with a bramma" and now this is the result: dozens of weapons made functionally useless. And NOW they decide to say "Aim true", when good aim would have fixed a lot of those instances of bow-based suicide.

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  3. Preface: I don't like chroma, rarely play him since his 1 and 4 are useless, and think that the space-furry in a dragon fursuit is too stupid to be worth a whole damn quest.

    That being said, the removal of self-damage is the biggest #*!%up for warframe 2020. Because a few genetic defects couldn't aim a weapon, now everyone has to suffer S#&$ like a scourge staggering the shooter with its primary fire. On top of that, the weapons that did self damage are basically useless. Without the risk of self damage and the damage they'd do, we now have a group of weapons that are effectively really S#&$ty bows. No fire-rate, slow projectile travel speed, no real damage anymore since splash damage is pitiful and the "buff" to the radius is piss poor, and now a stun mechanic that's annoying but doesn't do anything but discourage the use of the weapons as a whole.

    I know DE isn't going to admit they're wrong on this one because apparently Chroma is such a cardinal sin that they're willing to gimp a #*!%ton of weaposn out of spite, but they're wrong. Any other shooter understands that lobbing explosives should be strong but risky to the player. It rewards careful shots with stupidly high damage. Explosives don't do that here, and since snipers are a thing, there's no reason to use a weapon that will annoy the user  without any payoff for it.


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  4. 1 minute ago, aspeedninja said:

    The funny thing is THEY HAVEN'T EVEN TRYED IT and they are already complain, uhhhh why u nerf weapon DE uhh no I can't play game uhhhh


    This reminds me of a comic. In the comic a man is sitting at a dinner table, and a waiter hops on the table and prepares to squat over his plate. The man says "I'm not going to eat S#&$!" and the waiter responds "Its not  out yet, how do you know it's S#&$?"

    Similar premise here: we are watching them take a squat and while the hot steamy update might actually be sweet chocolate, I'd feel pretty safe in betting that it's not even remotely chocolate. It's probably S#&$.

  5. 1 minute ago, -Kittens- said:

    There's no name calling involved, but I do appreciate the baseless virtue signal.


    Explosive weapons do hundreds of K in damage and three of them can reach 100% status, and four of them can reach around 4-7x crit, which is more than enough damage to literally vaporize anything on the star chart that currently exists, and all but one has more more than enough fire rate to ignore boss damage gating so you can just mash the fire button til you're done, and not even consider what the boss does for offense or defense.

    Maybe you should take a long look at your intent, because A there are three other people in your squad also playing the game, and B six and seven figure crits are enough BEEG NUMBAR, as heavy melee has shown rather handily. There's fixing long standing issues and then there's wanting the tile set to yourself, and I hate to break it to you, they aren';t as intrinsically entwined as you consider them to be.

    That's not how virtue signaling works. Saying that I've been right from the start is just that: me being right.

    And nobody uses the starchart as a standard for weapon damage reasonably, same with bosses. I can take nearly any trash weapon into a bossfight and do fine. The usual test is against Lv100+ corrupted bombards or something similar. Bogstandard weapons will do just fine against the usual trashmobs that are in the starchart. For any content worth doing, however, those weapons are painfully insufficient. It's not about the numbers, it's about actually being useful in content and not being locked to the same few weapons that are currently "meta". This applies to me, as well as other players operating on the same scale of power.

    Speaking of which, you are making a lot of assumptions here about intent and interaction. Between the ever-present saryn spores, a mesa bullet-jumping into a room and activating peacemaker, Wukong/the latest zaw combo spin2winning a tile, I would say that my "BEEG NUMBAR" weapon is more a means of keeping up most of the time than it is any sort of unfair advantage. You should, I hope, know this much since you're apparently been around since 2013. Nerfing the S#&$ out of everything isn't going to be doing the people on the higher end of the power scale any favors. Especially if it comes alongside the enemy getting a universal defensive buff and the means of dealing with them effectively removed.

  6. Just now, mikakor said:

    cept they didn't removed it, they changed it. but then added a nerf as massive as the #*!%ing sun. they just do not want players to use AoE weapons, period. not with design decision THIS bad.

    No they removed it. I refuse to believe that little animation, that can be jumped out of halfway through, is a fair trade off removing self-damage. If someone is stupid enough to fire a rocket launcher at point-blank range, then they should have the punishment of having to use a revive. And on top of that there's already a bandaid mod. Just make that compatible with the bramma so the people without eyes can play too and NOT cause the nerfing of my favorite breadbox launcher.

  7. Just now, Autumnatopoeia said:

    So removing self damage at the cost of having any use for explosive weapons entirely. Got it.

    I kept saying this would happen: if you remove the punishment, the use for the weapon goes with it.


    Just now, -Kittens- said:

    Can you try being more transparent in your greed? They may not get it being so subtle and all.

    Namecalling isn't making him any less right, though.

  8. 1 minute ago, r2in said:

    so many nerf and terrible decisions. im tired of it.

    this time i feel i wanna quit this for real.

    Seriously. I'm getting mixed signals under the inch-thick layer of bad ideas here.

    "We want to make the game easier, so we removed the punishment for using AoE weapons"

    "We don't want anyone to actually do anything with the wepaons, so we nerfed the S#&$ out of everything."

    Unless the new frame is completely bombastic (it wont' be), then 2020 is looking to be a pretty big bust already.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Voltage said:

    Thank you for the ability to trade Lich contracts.

    Maiming Strike should be buffed with these other Crit mods. You are probably going "why does this guy want to buff that mod". Well, the entire rework is for diversity, and sliding is a playstyle. The mod can still be nerfed but not completely worthless in a build. Maiming Strike is now strictly worse than Sacrificial Steel and it is situational. Likewise, the changes to Critical Chance do not even address the issue here. The issue is that Blood Rush does not interact with modded Critical Chance....

    Also, it would be nice if Tonfa weapon stats were looked at. They are a sliding class and continue to stay lackluster as the slide attack nerf washed that entire class off the grid. Tonfa weapons should have close to (if not) the highest slide attack damage out of all melee weapons.

    Additionally, please update Riven Mods with Critical Chance on Slide Attack and Critical Chance stats. Riven Mod values are supposed to be based on the existing mods with a multiplier from disposition.

    Tonfas are strong is you actually use the combos. The only ones losing out are the spin2win kiddies so literally nothing of value is lost.

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