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  1. 2 minutes ago, Condeangel said:

    I had a revenant in a survival void yesterday. The guy was cleaning rooms like nothing. He could maintain the thing on for a minute, run a few rooms for energy, and repeat. It was way too much.

    Void survival alerts and Ani don't count because of how weak they are.

  2. 1 hour ago, [DE]Drew said:


    • Enthrall cap for thralled enemies increased from 4 to 7.
      • Developer Note: We listened to the feedback that 4 was too few, so we’ve buffed the number to match Nekros’ max Shadows.


    • Danse Macabre energy cost increased from 12.5 to 20 energy per second.
      • Developer Note: In keeping with changes we've made to Warframes in the past to deter from the "set it and forget" approach, we have increased the energy per second on Danse Macabre. We are hoping that with Enthrall's cap increase you can benefit from more overshield pickups with Danse Macabre.  We’re always looking to iterate on your feedback, please leave yours in the dedicated Revenant feedback megathread

    Re: Thralls

    Players have also wanted the thralls to NOT IMMEDIATELY DIE IF ANOTHER PLAYER SHOOTS THEM.

    Yes, more thralls are nice. Though a nice even number like ten would have been personally preferable since unlike Nekros you can't heal or resummon them. But none of that matters when someone can just follow you around and shoot your thralls like a petty little bastard. This is even more baffling since every other skill in revenant's kit is only made useful when interacting with Enthrall or the resulting thralls. Why is this ability so underpowered when it's the backbone of the kit?

    Re: Danse

    Again, we can't benefit from the absolutely tiny overshield pickup if all thralls die the moment another player enters the area and blasts everything indiscriminately. Increase the overshield to AT LEAST 100 because that current pickup may as well be a sticky note saying "IOU, One(1) Useful ability" for all it's worth. One basic grunt with a cleaver on Ani will wipe away that pickup's shieldworth in an instant. On top of that, the energy cost being increased with no corresponding power increase is just asinine. This means that on higher level content Revenant users are now less inclined to use the ability since you're spending precious energy that could be used to channel Life Strike through a weapon on a skill that doesn't have the power or durability to matter (this also somewhat applies to Reave, but I've already given up on that being worthwhile). Energy pickups aren't as plentiful as you guys seem to think they are. Anyways the skill is still "Set it, and forget it" but now it refers to setting it down and forgetting about actually getting anything out of it.

    Thanks DE.

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  3. Also since you're going to nerf the 4 until it's the new Ember, do you think you could make it so that his 1 isn't immediately made useless in a squad? Because you know what's fun? Watching your thrall count go to zero because some a W+M1 Amprex looked in your general direction. (And that's not even getting into mass-murder frames like Saryn, Equinox, Volt that run counter to Revenant's kit on virtue of just doing what they do).

    Give his thralls protection from dumb players other squad members

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  4. Just now, Leqesai said:

    Regarding the change to miasmas damage. Lower tick damage longer duration means a net gain in damage. I ran the numbers on this earlier in the thread.


    The only reason it is currently not a gain in damage is because they didn't put in the increased duration as was noted.


    I would have to agree that spending 85 energy is kind of foolish. That's why you get some efficiency mods and cut it to something more reasonable. Which is easily done after this patch.

    I said around 75 for a reason. I don't know the exact number streamline drops it down to off the top of my head, but the point is it's chugging energy for +4 enemies infected. I'm running over 230 range and it feels like I have to physically pick up spores and rub them against something and hope that something flakes off and sticks to new enemies. These changes are pants-on-head $&*&*#(%&ed when 2.0 was at least functioning. Not great, and molt still is a sadly neglected ability, but at least 2.0 wasn't as much of a hot mess as this.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

    Nothing was nerfed in this update...


    They literally said they dropped miasma's damage. It's there in the notes.

    2 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

    Miasma causes them to spread if they are affected by miasma not if it is what kills... it is not only clear in the notes it is obvious when you test it 

    And that isn't always the case. Like I said the spores don't always spread, and with the cap on infested enemies spreading with miasma only chugs energy most of the time. spending around 75 energy to infect a few extra enemies isn't justification for these nerfs.

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  6. 34 minutes ago, Khlamydia said:

    Until DE's patch notes say the equivalent of: "Hey playerbase, we were wrong, the spores spreading on death was actually critical to how the Saryn functioned and we never should have changed it in the first place because spores always spreading on death is just basic functionality that shouldn't be messed with. You were correct about that and we're gonna make it right going forward." Until that time happens, there will be zero interest from the majority of the playerbase in ever using her at all outside of mastery rank fodder. Welcome to the shelf Saryn, it gets mighty dusty up here. Maybe DE will relook at you in a few years like Nyx, but don't get your hopes up.

    Basically. Spread on death works. Nobody asked for spore damage to tick up. People were fine with spores being a spreadable viral debuff. This entire rework was uncalled for and It makes me wonder what the hell is there a feedback section when it so very clearly goes unused. Like, every time saryn's been reworked it was with the obvious intent to kill off whatever worked. Miasma was saryn's go-to in the base so suddenly it relied on spores and contagion to get the damage back up to anywhere near how it was before. So players just dropped miasma use altogether and focused on spore use.

    Now this time around it's spore's turn to get a bottle shoved up somewhere as spores loses spread on death. The damage increase might seem like a buff at first but then you take into account the fact that spores now have a hard cap on the number of infected enemies, it no longer inflicts viral, and will most likely just end up killing a bunch of weak mooks before petering out and needing to be recast (both events also significantly lowering your built up damage to the point where it might as well not exist), this ends up leaving Spores as a useless ability.

    With the upcoming venus map poor saryn isn't going to be able to enjoy the open world unless enemies travel in a conga line several miles long.


    4 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

    So much salt...


    Personally the changes in this hotfix have put saryn exactly where I was hoping she would be when the main update rolled out. Spores isn't just stick it and forget it. It requires a little work on the players part to figure out how to beat utilize her now.


    Hint: going full ham on power strength isn't necessarily the best build. Personally I have found the sweet spot at 120 power strength. Ticks corrosive fast enough to dent enemies, doesn't ramp up so fast that you can't control the spread very much, and doesn't totally gimp your miasma.

    The only thing that currently sucks is that miasma hasn't been given the 1s extra duration like noted. Once that hits she will be perfect.


    Btw, you didn't mention this in your post but I want to make sure you are clear. Miasma causes spore to spread when it kills enemies. Much more effectively than saryn 2.0 did. The only difference with this new system is that saryn is largely in control of how she spreads the spores.



    2.0 spores weren't either but apparently that wasn't enough. It's literally in the same space as it was before, but is now more tedious and spreads less for arbitrary reasons.

    You're making the assumption about his build, and that just makes you an ass.

    Miasma causes them to spread IF it kills them. And from testing that isn't always the case and just makes saryn even more of an energy guzzler than before. I'm not sure what they're doing but it's clearly not playtesting any of these changes.

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  7. On 2018-05-23 at 4:26 PM, [DE]Danielle said:


        • For the sake of best describing the intent of this change, we’d like to point out some of the unexpected irony between both workshops. While work on Saryn began very early on this year, the first assumption was that change was amidst her performance in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. What actually ended up transpiring (post rework) was quite the opposite. Saryn as she is now continues to take charge in Onslaught (more so now than before). However, she’s a bit of a “one cast wonder” in Simaris’ realm. Sitting back and watching Spores destroy a map didn’t fall in line with that fun factor we were looking for with Saryn, and especially not for the other members in Saryn squads.



    I'm going to call bullS#&$ because of how onslaught-specific these changes seem to be and how they ONLY change the things that were effective in that specific mode. Most maps don't have anywhere nearly as many tightly-grouped enemies as Onslaught so saryn's "Buff" becomes a very hard nerf.

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  8. 1 minute ago, BlueLTO said:

    I like those Saryn changes. But I think that complete removal of infection when enemies die from the spores is a bit harsh. I think having it leave behind a cloud of infection instead that infects enemies that walk through it as well as anything that touches it. I.E, you can shoot through it and infect enemies, or bullet jump and run into enemies, etc. 

    The cloud can hang around for a duration and then dissipate, effectively encouraging a bit more interaction without making enemy deaths from spores losing all value for spreading the infection. 

    Yeah. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to devote at least two mod slots for Rage+Regen Molt so that she's not dead in a second. Since we're back to spamming spores, we should get the energy regeneration from popping spores as well. ESPECIALLY since we'll have to pop them now that spread by death doesn't work. I mean they say that they aren't basing these changes around onslaught but when they just happen to remove or change everything she did well in onslaught you can't help but be a little suspicious. I mean they've been teasing Umbra for ages, how are we just now hearing about saryn changes?

  9. 7 hours ago, Huanthus said:

    The thing is that spore damage does not reset at the moment there are not infected enemies it just starts decaying so the staying power would remain the same while being active,  also it eliminates the necessity of going only range and enables other builds,  i had a fairly balanced build even fitting in 2 augments on it but had to change it to a more glass canon one due to not being able to Compete in damage or kills per secind to full range Saryns.  I actually welcome These changes

    Dragging down other players so that you can compete is a scummy mindset.

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  10. 2 hours ago, ZaviZao said:

    i am pretty sure i will love this rework...though i will cry for days over the status change from viral to corossive on the spores

    it takes so much utility away from saryn in late-game, but maybe because of the ramping up dmg she will now be a dmg frame rather then a utility  frame

    will see how it feels when we finally get it

     She won't. By the time damage ramps up to a point where it would be useful you'll have just gotten over there and killed it yourself. This is a need, and anyone that thinks otherwise is brain dead at best and a blind idiot at worse.

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  11. Saryn is fine. Fix vauban. He's underpowered and say is functioning in most areas at least. Saryn is my girl, but vauban is looking at buying Noose Prime if nearly every other cc frame outclassed him.

    Or nyx, who got outskilled by loki with a disarm augment . Or zephyr could use another spitshine. Maybe make frost and limbo have less unfriendly bubbles? How about literally anything less functional? Valkyrs hysteria is still an awful stance with no flow or mobility.

  12. Think you can recycle the old Exalted Whip into a whip skin? Seems like a waste not to use it if you already had it almost done...that and It bugs me when my frames don't have matching weapons and none of the current whips look good with Khora. At least my kickass color scheme.

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