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  1. make the dome bigger. Not huge but frost's crutch snowglobe should be a general idea of size and range scaling. Also venari as a passive is good, but I agree with the people saying that a resummon at a heavy energy cost would be nice. I mean I usually shove pack leader on pets so that if they're getting low I can punch something until my pet's schadenfreude kicks in and heals him so I have no intent on venari dying...but the option would be nice.

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  2. Not really a bug, but for the sake of coloring, would you mind giving some sort of indicator as to what palette a frame/skin's colors come from? I enjoy palette swaps but enjoy a special kind of hell matching frame colors. More than once I've gotten a palette thinking a particular shade of pink or green would be spot on, only for it to be a miss.

  3. Zephyr's updated skills are cool, but the tornados still crawl along. A increase to movement speed would be appreciated so that they can at least keep up with the zephyr controlling them. Think Nova's Anti-Matter Drop and try to apply that sort of (at least horizontal) control to the tornadoes. Also maybe make it so that all the tornadoes follow the reticule with using the funnel cloud augment. I don't have a reason for wanting this aside from it'd be really amusing to see a swarm of tiny tornado terrors racing across the plains.

  4. 2 hours ago, Oranji said:


    How I really feel about Octavia's skin after all that hype... 

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    I mean I'll probably still get it just not happy as I thought I'd be.
    The rest looks really awesome tho.



    Well so much for getting that skin. I was looking forward to getting fat toenails, then mixing it with the upcoming deluxe skin for maximum diva.



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  5. 11 hours ago, maddragonmaster said:

    yes i know of opinions. the whole beer belly, kfc ember, and lobster tail bit was a side note completely separate  from the toxic and entitled bit. i didn't understand what these guys were saying due to me not seeing similarities of what they believe they see in those deluxe skins. again for me to believe these opinions or claims to be true they have to be 100% of what they claim to be. proto volt would have to have a really misshapen head and a actual beer belly, vermilion ember would have to look exactly like she was made out of kfc chicken for me to accept it, chroma's dynasty skin waist band would have to look 100% lobster tail for me to accept it. 

    sorry if i wasn't being clear about this part. i was meaning to side comment about people making senseless comparisons to things that don't even match it accurately. it is just players trying to be over critical on things that they are strongly against. heck even i do it at times.

      what ever happen with those threads involving people commenting about the volt deluxe skin was sure to have enough none acceptable behavior in them to validated removing them. plus having forums in feedback that only contain "i don't like such and such please change it now!" is bound to get removed.

    i was toxic in these forums once, about the time silva & aegis prime was release due to the switch from mace to sword. after some time i realized my errors and attempt to not do something like that again. saying there is no toxic comments or entitled players is just foolish.

    You had every right to be upset and to voice your complaint about S&Ap. Not voicing your opinion on things is how mistakes keep getting made and how the devs don't hear/ignore when something is wrong.

    About the skins, ignoring the similarities and saying that they'd have to be a 1:1 comparison doesn't change that others can see it. Ignoring it doesn't change the perception and logic behind those perceptions. Accepting or not, those are the perceptions of others and they have a sound reasoning behind them.

    Let me repeat myself: just because you disagree with the opinions, doesn't make them "toxic" or "entitled". Especially if someone were considering spending money for plat for that skin, saying "this sucks" is perfectly valid. It's saying that the product isn't worth spending money on(or time for the inevitable "hurr durr you can sell stuff for plat" response that ignores where that plat comes from)

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  6. 20 minutes ago, maddragonmaster said:

    oh really? want to bet that statement and watch how quickly wrong your are proven? i saw some said they disliked the volt skin because that said it had a  beer belly and a misshapen head. i then looked at the the skin and did not see the features they mentioned. also what part of embers deluxe skin says metions the kfc?  i also remember someone said that dynasty chromas little waist cape looked like a lobster tail and i took a look at a lobster and saw no resemblance. pretty sure i saw a few people insulting de in this thread too. 

    believe me there must of been some toxic player or person that contaminated those threads

    None of that is entitled OR toxic. Those are called opinions a just because you disagree with them doesn't make them "toxic" or "entitled". It means that someone saw a beer belly and wonky head, or someone (reasonably) saw ember deluxe as a chicken. And Chroma's deluxe skin waistband DOES look like a lobster tail. Look.



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  7. 2 minutes ago, maddragonmaster said:

     its not that the skins are getting horrible it is just you not liking the skins they are coming out with or you're horribly addicted to tennogen skins.

    No there's been a notable shift. How are tennogen skins even comparable when they're just retextures of base frames with a new helmet?

  8. 1 minute ago, -Temp0- said:

    You think I don't get it?

    Objectively it does not look 'bad' however no matter how you look at it. While I personally find it good looking I can't get the strong negative reaction. It's better than many other skins *cogh* Ember deluxe *cough* that we've seen in the past.

    Hey speaking of Ember Deluxe why on earth does her skin look like a zephyr skin they hastily added fire to in order to make it ember related. Why can't we just have the actually good ember skin?

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Klydoris said:

    Every patch in the last four years I was wondering if DE has a Qualitiy Control Team at all regarding the patches. It is just plain crap they release everytime and after each patch release there are countless hotfixes coming in. 

    Perhaps don't try to rush your patches in the future but test them in house? Oh nvm, I forgot to whom I am talking/writing here. Instead of fixing their stuff, they probably just delete my post, because as always DE can't really handle any form of criticism.

    I think they earn to much money right now and are thinking "Whatever, they buy the stuff anyways." - Correct DE?

    That's basically it. Chat and UI are both screwed up, making the game unplayable. Meanwhile Nier is looking pretty good right now...

  10. Small problem. And by small I mean REALLY FÜCKING BIG since it's actively stopping me from advancing the quest.

    I can't click the thing! 



    This thing, which I've been told is the thing I need to click to advance and get out of this rhythm nightmare. GO FIX THE THING!


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