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  1. I'd prefer if they focused on the actual game instead. Archwing, with it's completely different set of items and abilities, may as well be a different game. You don't gain anything from archwing that you can use in normal gameplay unless it's forced like Atlas's farming requirements. If it weren't for obligatory sections in quests and the occasional alert misread I wouldn't even touch it. And the worst part is we have all these loading screen cosmetics landing crafts that we could have used instead of slapping wings on our otherwise useless frames.

  2. On 12/30/2016 at 10:54 AM, WhiteMarker said:

    If this was true, why are there still missions and stuff in warframe? Why not remove this stuff and just keep the relays?

    Because DE needs to at least pretend that it's a game. The actual gameplay is nothing but endless grind, and fashionframe is the only really rewarding part. And now everyone has fukbubbles on their necks and nobody wants to play with anyone for fear of getting the DiseasE. Which is annoying because $&*^ing around with other players is the only appeal. If I wanted to play a space ninja by myself I'd go play E.Y.E. again.


    In fact, F*** it. I'm playing EYE.

  3. 17 minutes ago, PatternistSlave said:

    It was nothing you did.  It wasn't trading.  It just grows back.  Once you're infected you're infected.  Draining it only gets rid of it for 1 day and then it grows again.  I drained my Nekros, played only solo and it grew back.

    Well that's fantastic. I hope they didn't want to attract new players with this "Hey, now YOU can get spaceAIDS like all the cool kids" thing they're probably going to pass off as an event.

  4. Short and sweet. Possible really fuking good ideas.

    1-use either a modified Juggernaut or Maggot model instead of the one quadrupedal model that wouldn't make sense to grow from an infected kubrow egg. Preferably the second one, since a giant maggot would be cool to see and giving it Helminth tendrils would really help match the A****** frame that started this godawful infection that I believe DE didn't have the foresight to see that it'd get really annoying really fast Nidus.

    2-Universal drain on all frame cysts. It's annoying to finally be free from that godawful pink fukbubble only to switch frames and realize you still have AIDS. Alongside this, just let players sit in the chair again instead of having to go get it from other players.

    3-Immunization. Having a charger makes you immune. That way you no longer get infected, and if you ever get rid of it, you can get a new one again. It'd still count as having one if you put the cancerdog in the freezer.

    4-Vaccum on pets. Not really related to the charger in particular but why not? It's the most convenient thing and while DE is deathly allergic to really convenient things I think it'd work well on an already weirdo pet.

  5. On 12/29/2016 at 7:01 PM, FlinttheImmortal said:

    Indeed.  After a player cultivates their space-ebola growth, harvests it, and makes an ebola-doggy, does that warframe then become immune?

    I hope this is the case.

    I'm fine with having to infect all my warframes once.  I actually find this whole thing/experiment kinda fascinating.  This is how virologists and immunologists model disease spread - albeit in a far less stylish manner. They just input variables for population numbers, transmission vectors, and so on into a program and just read the output numbers on the screen, no flashy space ninjas required.  I would really like to see the numbers on the infection spread though.  And if enough players/warframes become immune fast enough, will the infection simply die out, by which I mean, will a player new to the quest be unable to spread the infection to any significant number of the player population?  Fascinating stuff.

    But back to the point.

    Do the warframes become immune after the seven-day period?  Once is all fine and interesting, but I have no interest in popping my space-pimples every seven days to harvest goo to make a pox-dog I will probably already have...or whatever other item DE cooks up for us to do with the stuff.  I'm assuming there will be some other way to get the stuff...perhaps a la the Myconians.  Or something just between Helminth and Nidus?  They do seem to be quite the pair of chums after all.

    'Cause it's about the fashion, you see.

    And no your frame doesn't become immune. My nidus's cyst was drained and now there's a new one because I forgot that while you can't get infested in relays you can while trading. Fuking ran right up and practically buried his neck in my face some time while I was distracted with trading.

  6. I'd like to just opt out of it. Honestly it's annoying to have this giant pink fukbubble on my neck even after making a charger. And since it apparently didn't drain all my infected frames I have more fukbubbles I can't do anything about. I like my charger, and potatoe'd it because I didn't think I'd have to deal with fukbubbles anymore. Let me just not get infected anymore or have an option to no get infected. It was interesting for all of two days but I'd like to play with people again and not worry about getting AIDS from them again. I mean come on this should be common sense.

  7. Why do we even have an alignment system anyways? Maybe in an actual RPG, but this is a third-person shooter with little to no roleplay in it. Like what's even the point when there's so many central systems that need polishing? The trade system is a mess and that's basically half of the gameplay right there. I really hope this doesn't bleed into the already jank pvp system or some "infected vs that guy that didn't play since the update" event. I mean we're making choices without knowing what the alignment system is even for and considering they killed arcane helmets so that players didn't feel restricted, I have to wonder how they can justify making players choose paths without understanding the consequences or even what the alignment is for. And not in a gamey way like picking the red or green powerup, in a "you're not explaining jack shït about the basic rules of the system" way. Also I'm tired of people joining games, trying to infect the players, then leaving. It's surprisingly annoying. Like god dämn I had four in-and-outs in one particularly grindy run, and the third managed to tick off the juggernaut. Just left me there dealing with this angry aggressive armored anal annihilator all on my own.


    At least let the energy color change since it's latched on to the warframe.


  8. On 12/20/2016 at 7:29 AM, Bamboustache said:

    You can't see the problem for Saryn don't you ? I'm just not surprised at all you know, given the difference between regular saryn and prime ! The only thing i can see and they probably will do that, when you select a tennogen body you bought, it'll just switch your skin to what you've bought and completly hide the fact that this is a prime warframe, exactly like a deluxe skin i guess !

    Btw, you could just switch back to normal saryn, it doesn't take that long to add one or two polarity ^^

    it wouldn't take long to add a toggle either. not everyone wants to build an entire goddamm frame for the sake of a skin when they already have an upgrade. in fact their reason for removing arcane helmets was so that appearances didn't have an effect on stats

  9. 1 minute ago, Vrcross said:

    The thing is the whole system could collapse because of this. People might stop buying them because they aren't getting what they payed for, and the creators might stop making them because they aren't being displayed true to their vision. This is a whole lot of money that DE would be losing for not only themselves but for the artists for what, not wanting to put some work in? I know I won't be buying the Saryn Graxx skin, even though I really like it, because it looks god awful on saryn prime, and I can no longer use my Valkyr graxx skin because that also looks god awful on valkyr prime. This is all not to mention that DE has already displayed the willingness to put a lot of work in for the tennogen system as they displayed in bringing it to consoles. That was a real struggle on their part. 

    Anyways, I am hopeful that DE is willing to address this issue and put the work in.

    Unlikely, all things considered. Unless it's highly efficient they're not going to do anything. Good farm frame or level? Fixed within a week. Completely busted cosmetic issue? Better get used to waiting.

  10. Oi. Fix your fückin tennogen skin issue before releasing more. When 80% of it is hidden by the additions to a prime frame it defeats the purpose of getting it. Like, fückin-a man. Anyone with a prime frame (god forbid they paid for prime access on top of one or more tennogen skins) gets boned for just wanting a skin to maybe customize their frame.

  11. The tennogen skins should be treated as new models in the same way the premium skins are. Considering that real money is being paid for them it's the least they could do. I want maybe get the Saryn graxx, but I sure-as-shït am not going to if over half of it is covered up with prime junk. It's just a waste of money. I feel bad for Valkyr prime owners that tried to use their graxx skin, only to find that almost all of it is covered in a similar way.

  12. 1 minute ago, shootaman777 said:

    Btw I made a large edit to my first reply that you may want to check out.  Also, people aren't interested in the 'proper' response.  They like what they like, and don't want to see it change.  Also, in regards to your last sentence, my edit addresses that.  

    I'd like to believe that, but I really don't have that much faith in this community to actually complain about the things that need it. A round of "Thanks DE" and that's all. Remember the 100+ page nusaryn feedback page and the outstanding lack of anything coming from it?

  13. But that's bullS#&$, though. When powercreep happens the proper response is to either look at the creep and adjust the new stuff or, much better, bring the old stuff up to the new level. If we got as many oberon or limbo buffs, or adjustments to that pants-on-head $&*&*#(%& level scaling than we did nerfs, stealth nerfs, and outright leg-breaking "reworks" warframe would be in a better place for sure.

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