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  1. Why can't you use Molt with your tank build, now?


    I'm also not at all salty about Saryn's doing better than me.  I was nuking with min duration Saryn literally years ago, when it was almost unheard of.  If anything, I was amazed that it took the general public so long to realize how stupid strong it was (cargo cults > game knowledge, always.)  


    I'm happy that Miasma got changed because it was clearly an unintended outlier that came about because someone at DE was lazy with the math during implementation and of course, no one tested it.  When your radial nuke table looks like 1000 1000 1200 1250 1500 4500, it's obvious something's up.  Intended damage for Miasma was 1875 over 4 seconds; not 4500 instantly.  Far from it.  Players got used to exploiting a broken mechanic that DE allowed to exist for too long (and players weren't even aware of it for most of its lifespan, even.)  


    We should be happy that we still get to do comparable damage (4200 vs 4500,) albeit conditionally (and downright trivially with certain setups.)

    Less HP, and with the inability to build negative duration, Regen Molt seems to heal slower than before. If the health was nudged up more, then maybe. Also I need the full Vitality/Rage/Regen Molt combo for survivability, and building for duration effectively screws me out of one or more if I want to use my abilities.


    And before someone chimes in with the "well you only used one ability with nuke saryn" I actually used them all, but differently. Venom was followed by a shotgun shot, effectively making a little venom splash. Molt was a quick escape and bomb. Contagion was S#&$ before, but with a reach-modded scoliac it still managed to poison a few folk; a garnish on quick melee basically. Obviously miasma was a nuke, but less than a devoted miasma build.


    And I wouldn't call it a bug, considering how quickly they took care of things like Viver. Like coptering it was more of a clever use of mechanics, rather than a bug.

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  2. Spore spread is an Xray AOE; it will not fail to spread to targets in range


    Miasma damage synergy is dependent on status, not skill use.  Spore generally must be recast only occasionally (and it's dirt-cheap anyway,) and Toxin procs can come from your weapon or Toxic Lash's 30 second (at base) buff, which is also pretty cheap.  There is definitely no need to use Molt before every Miasma, as long as you stay awake and keep the Spore chain going.  Saryn's energy pool is bigger than before, so that's not really a point.  Weapon choice makes things a lot easier (and enables you to use Miasma in a brainless manner similar to how you used to,) but is not necessary.  You don't need to be a golden god to consistently get max Miasma damage; you need only to use Spores and a range mod.


    I'm also still amazed that people aren't hype about being able to effectively double the squad's damage indefinitely just by casting some Spores.  


    I see it the opposite way; to me the whiny players are the ones who lost their ultra-convenient mindless factory farming nuke while the big kids are people who actually understand gameplay mechanics and have no problem taking advantage of Saryn's new mechanics to great effect.  

    Except i lost the ability to use molt with my tank build, as well. The rework is a huge nerf and just beacause you're salty over prenerf saryn doing better than you, doesn't mean it's suddenly a "big kids" frame.

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  3. When you consider that literally everything is going to be viral proc'd, you end up doing more now than you did before.

    Not literally everything, everything in range; there's been plenty of times where somethign didn't spread right and there were clusters of enemies unviral'd. And you're still doing the same damge, even if enemies have less health.



    The nerf was only 10% and she could not spread Viral status remotely as consistently or over as wide an area as she can now, (if she could even spread it at all).  


    If you're gonna complain, complain about things that actually got nerfed, like mod slot economy, factory farming efficiency, and increased weapon build dependence for optimal performance.  

    10%, alongside dependency on two other skills, limited energy pool, and weapon choice. That all ties into miasma's damage and unless you're some sort of golden god you aren't going to consistently get pre-nerf damage.

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  4. You know that's bullS#&$.  Any warframe can do fine in a typical two-C run in the void.  The claims of Saryn being useless are getting slanderous and sensational.  It's like the people posting don't actually know how to play, requiring mass CC to stay alive and crazy overtuned offense to kill effectively.  


    I also do think that Miasma was nerfed due to factory farming.  Factory farming is being stamped out little by little (took them two years but it's finally happening.)

    When are they going to nerf excal? Pressing E for four rounds is pretty factory.

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  5. I've tried every possible way of playing WiltedSaryn I can think of, and unless i've missed something there is absolutely no effective way to build her AND be survivable. I mean I had to sacrifice my vitality/regen molt in order to make room for, depending on build, range, efficiency, or power.

    Also losing my molt when I miasma is not only annoying, it adds yet another thing to get recast for that mediocre damage.

    Venom is just disappointing. Yes, I know it's a 1 ability but for all the emphasis it gets, it doesn't do much of anything. A steady 20-30 damage while they open fire and tear me apart. Molt doesn't pull aggro, or dies the moment it does.

    Miasma is worthless, but everyone's already has been yelling that. And they're right.

    I'm not an articulate person so I'll keep this short. Build a torid; it's currently better, by far, than saryn.

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  6. No, Valkyr and Excalibur are ''pretty clearly designed to be melee warframes'', Saryn is pretty clearly a glass cannon now with her high damage low survivability.


    In case you didn't know glass cannons really shouldn't stick themselves in front of an enemy, by say, trying to melee it.

    Saryn isn't even a glass cannon; that'd be her pre-nerf damge with her post-nerf hp and mechanics. Nova's a glass cannon. Saryn's...something. They kicked her out of Nuker and put her in the trash-bin.



    True, not that i cared for saryn, didnt play her anyways, but i am worried about frost getting more "love" looking at how everybody wants molt getting snowglobe treatment, some thing else might catch the Devs attention, if u know what i mean.

    Hide yo warframes, hide yo wives; they're reworkin everybody in here.

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  7. DE, you seem to be negotiating with players, poorly.


    Give Saryn:


    - (a lot) more HP 


    - passive resistance to poison/gas/corrosive 


    - buff life points of molt instead of it's duration


    - reduce energy consumption on all powers



    Or keep being stubborn, learning nothing from "Rakta Ballistica is in a good place" type of denial...

    Their idea of a Good Place is six feet under.


    On a related note, I was hoping for a Nekros rework but now I'm very much unsure.

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  8. Which more just shows that Warframes can work well without forced dependency (which Saryn has, far more than any "syngery"), rather than giving her more energy. The deeper root is the clunkiness of her kit in actual practice, not her stats. 

    This requires them to actually listen to the people, which if this hotfix is anything to go by, won't happen any time soon. But hey! I guess if I want to be as OP as people say saryn is, I can just switch to Excalibur...not like I WANTED a poison-based frame that worked or anything...

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  9. What are you talking about? She starts at 150 and goes to 225, just like Chroma, just like Nova, just like Nyx, just like Loki. . . 

    Chroma is either built for Effigy, or for Duration and power. For the former you have efficiency built, and for the latter it's duration. You aren't really going to be chugging energy like WiltedSaryn does. Nova's skills, except amd, all have duration or "charges" and you won't normally be spamming them as much. Maybe a few MP, but nothing signifigantly often. Nyx is, again, usually built with power/eff or duration. Either the drain from absorb is modded to be managable, or chaos modded so that it lasts long enough (though for the longest time shorter chaos was better so that you weren't stuck hunting down that one last unit that was under its effects in order to recast it). And none of them have abilities that the player is forced into comboing to get any sort of result. Yes, Chroma's Armor and Aura are nice together, yes AMD and MP are good together, yes Chaos and Absorb are good together, but none of those skills rely so heavily on each other that they need to be cast in sets...well if you're Ice Chroma you probably are casting your armor and aura together, but you don't NEED to.

  10. Oh c'mon stop beating around the bushes and give Saryn HER OWN BLADE (equip skill) already. toxic lash suck.

    Or just actually read the megathread, the long-running saryn rework thread, literally anyone that's played saryn and isn't below MR 15.


    Or play the game, really.

    Because nobody but megan and rebecca plays the game for any extended time.

  11. Still no fix for immortal trin skin on prime,

    Still no fix for immortal nova skin on prime,

    no fix for tail on new valkyr skin.

    Still no limbo rework, still no oberon buff, still no excalibur nerf, still no fixes for enemy spawns or the tons of host migrations mid-level load, still nothing that actually matters. Only saryn nerfs.

  12. DE thanks for the Sharyn buff to molt that helps alot  and the energy cut from spores on molt.


    But pls DE if your buffing her coz of outcrys of the old sharyn pls dont do anything thats not a quality of life change like the ones here


    what am trying to say... dont give  in to moron that want the 4 reverted is fine as it is. you want damge then chain skills other wise Spore+lash+molt are your best friends.

    Why not? They gave into the morons crying for nerfs. Let's make this a full cycle of idiocy.

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  13. Why? I never lives long enough to last it's whole duration as it is, at higher level it gets destroyed instantly. Completely pointless change no one was asking for, it's like you don't listen to the community at all.

    I'm pretty sure they don't. Or at the very least they don't have anyone actually playing the frames they're nerfingreworking.

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  14. Anyone else notice that they boosted saryn right before the stream?


    If you want to build it that way sure.


    I'm confused on your statement though, as Desecrate is just for loot. Back when, the real issue was some of the original bits I mentioned, and how pre-Nekros couldn't be built very well for higher-level content. Quite a bit of players who wanted to do Shadow builds or Defense/Survival oriented builds especially couldn't do so, as many of the nuances weren't up to snuff. Biggest being Terry's enemy limit and Shadow's not scaling.

    She never had heels to begin with.

    and I love it.


    #trinity'snext #imwaymorepumpedforthatskin

    I've got a shadows build, but I got more done by just shooting things. Maybe if the shadows' kills also counted towards the use of the skill, it'd be worthwhile.

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  15. Nekros has been reworked months ago before Ember. He's in a good place now.

    Example: Shadows actually scale now and increased power output so now Shadow augment builds are viable late game. Nekros can move while casting Soul Punch, Terrify casting time reduced, can be recasted, and affects a greater number of enemies. Before it was 10 or 11, now it's 20 targets. Terrify will also prioritize unaffected targets on cast.


    Go to Update 15.12-ish patch notes to read up on all his recent changes.

    Nekros is still "Press 3 to not even win, just be less terrible".

  16. Is transient fortitude still 100% benefit for saryn's miasma?  


    English is not my native language, so i didn't exactly get the rework about the duration.



    negative duration saryn is dead.

  17. If you have good duration mods, you don't need to squeeze efficiency in. I maintain that it would actually make it a lot easier to trigger her combos.

    The current duration mods are narrow-minded, continuity, prime continuity (released all of once via void trader), and constitution. One spoils her range and has a low drop rate, requiring more modding, one is the basic one, one doesn't give enough duration to justify the cost, and one has only been released once via void trader as far as I know. For the average player, good duration isn't a possibility. On top of all that, an ability constantly sucking energy at around 3 per second would hinder things in the long run.

  18. I don't see you point.


    With all of this comboing now being necessary, having one of the combo-able powers on toggle would actually be a major QoL improvement.

    You already have to mod for duration and power, trying to squeeze efficiency in there would put her in the same place ember was before the rework.

    AKA a bad one and (even more) unusable. Remember that this nerfrework was basically to mess up negative duration builds.

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