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  1. Why not?

    Because it's lazy, and saryn doesn't need to be yet another melee-focused frame. There's Valkyr, excal, the monkey frame and "excal with a bow" already. It's bad enough that they nerfed her, let's not have her become a "press 4+e to win" frame.

  2. Let's be honest here for a moment: the only way they'll touch saryn again is if there's a glitch that actually makes her usable again. They are too stubborn to admit they might be wrong not going to rework her again anytime soon, sadly. I really wanted to buy that skin, too, but I'm not going to dress up a turd.

  3. So, why do people who happened to get an unreleased mod out of dumb luck get Legendary cores for free?  What's the basis for that?

    There isn't one, honestly. Hoenstly the aura is less valuable than the core, so I don't see why they wouldn't just keep it in. Sure would have made the alert much more playable. Or skins...or really anything aside from a potato.

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  4. I wish I got a legendary core every time I fell to my death through the floor or got stuck on the lag doors in eris

    Oh god the doors. So many failed captures because a door gained sentience and apparently felt sympanthy for that random corpus/grineer in the void.

     Up yours, door, I have work to do.

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  5. The only video we've seen of postnerf saryn is in a controlled enviroment. It's easy to say "hey look! the skills work as planned" when you can just spawn a small amount of enemies at will, or enter a dev room where the human element of other players isn't present. I say, before making this an actual thing, run the new saryn through some missions. I mean real ones, not the show-off ones you use for promo vids and real missions like the "endgame" stuff.

  6. A batdog is like a sentinel that can run off and die when you aren't looking. Also it's a pain to find eggs, maintain the dog, and there just isn't enough options for customization colors since they use their own. It just feels like yet another pointless timesink and time that could have gone towards improving the core mechanics.

    I mean sneaking is still the worst option in this game about space ninjas...but here's a dog!

  7. It's pay to grind less. Not pay to not grind: pretty much the core gameplay is grinding for the sake of grinding.

    I work and have bills to pay; I don't have the cash to spend and not enough time to grind like some. Prime access to get trin is between 80 and 140usd. That's an absurd amount to pay for one character (which, let's be honest here, might get nerfed to hell at any moment because someone got butthurt and griped on the forums and render your purchase pretty much useless)


    Between the cost to get it, or the time I don't have to grind for it I'd rather just keep adding forma to this trin. Lord knows I have so many forma blueprints instead of stuff that I was trying to get. And keys. And parts for prime weapons nobody uses. And more keys. Oh! And uncommon fusion cores, for some godawful reason! And orokin cells. And keys. and oberon parts. And keys.


    Did I mention keys? Because I'm swiming in keys.

  8. Sorry this has probably been mentioned already but if multishot starts to consume ammo it really just becomes speed trigger and basically pointless. It's only worth is the fact it doesn't consume ammo.

    And I'm not buying the bug excuse either, sorry doesn't ring true to me.

    Pretty much, yeah. Mods like Split Chamber are just another fire rate mod now.

     If only they'd spend time working on actual problems...

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  9. Well they did say they're going to re-balance weapons to account for the changes...  Which will probably come in the form of adjusting clip sizes, etc.




    What I want to know is why they heck would they want to go back and adjust/rebalance a hundred or so weapons just because a few forumers found something new to pick on a few weeks ago.


    Seems a bit like re-inventing the wheel, and hugely redundant work.


    I'm not commenting on multi-shots specifically, just this whole exercise.  I figured the devs would be busy with something else.  =/

    To be fair, the idea of them rebalancing somethign makes me think of Ember. I'd much rather that they just left things as they were.

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  10. If its a "strategy" to move the discussion from parkour 2.0 and exilus slots being useless, restrictive pieces of S#&$, which hinders versatility of Warframes, then it succeeded greatly (still a scumbag move ofc). 



    If its a reaction to people farming Ophelia with Hydroid + Equinox (or simply Hydroid in general to push people to buy more resource boosters, i am sure double resources weekends are going to be a more of a common occurrence), then its a really dumb decision which makes yet another frame completely useless. If Devs played the game, they would knew that tentacles are buggy as hell and building for duration is just about the dumbest build you could go for + the fact that no one is going to farm to 40+ minutes, its just inefficient. 


    But back to our Hydroid - i wasted my time and Forma to polarize the frame for power strength, now its useless, where is my compensation or a "special forma" which will allow me to to polarize a slot for free, without the need to re-level? 

    Speaking of forma leveling, I don't see why forma'd things don't gain affinity faster to compensate. Some weapons need 4-5 forma to even be useable in high-level tower junk, but leveling the same weapons at the same rate that many times is painful in the least. I get that they don't care might not have noticed the threads, but this seems like a no-brainer.

  11. woot!



    tnx for that DE!




    We need this as an alternate skin for Ember. Some sort of "pumpkin queen" or "ghostfire" skin.

    On a related note glad to see that DE's gotten the shovels out and dug up Ember. Poor girl needs a little love.

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