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  1. I feel that this post is about utility in general. Loki is THE BEST warframe in utility. I feel the same way about utility as many people here - there is a need for more utility in other frames, not less in Loki. The main problem is that DE doesnt see this and tries to fix this issue by augments when they should change the core of ability and augments should only add small aditions to them.

    This. Loki is fine. If anything he's one of the few frames they got right on the first try since all of his abilities are useful. They need to fix the other frames so that it's not just spamming one ability all the time. The augments are an interesting way but again, like you said, the core abilities are what are in desperate need of reworking. I mean look at Mag. Poor, poor mag.

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  2. Keep it ugly. that way when i color it pink and give it mirage's noble animation it'll be even better.

    You people DO have at least one frame that isn't mirage using her animation and colored pink, right?



    But in all seriousness I'm not looking forward to the pain-in-the-&#! quest this guy will probably have attached to him. It'll probably be a spy mission, since they just updated that, same with Limbo being stuck with archwing.

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  3. His theme is really obvious when you look at the gif:



    He's a beast, pure and simple. Chroma looks like a barely refined Infested unit, with vague hints towards dragons/lizards and monsters in general. Again, I think the original photo of him is completely unflattering, with the worst poses and angles possible.


    I look at this gif of Chroma and all I see is wild, untamed ferocity. Aardvark/seahorse/anteater aside, he's a beast. A nice departure from the semi-clothing styles of Mesa/Limbo/Hydroid.


    I really hope his abilities are more than just press-X-to-deal-damage, and actually provide some use in teams.


    I really did miss how the frames had organic-looking armor. Even Loki and Excalibur looked like their armor was grown on them. Mesa and limbo were way too refined/inorganic looking. Though I'd say hydroid is still pretty organic, except for his coat tail. Also it's not Dragon McDragonson, the dragon frame (by the way, he's based off of a dragon), which is pretty nice too. It's still sort of there: little wings on the shoulders, that tail thing, and the snout, but it's not beating you over the head with it. Hopefully they'll keep up the trend, for once.

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