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  1. I ranted about the tonkor. Not all weapons. There is a difference in my point and how you are trying to dismiss it. I'm ok with what they are doing to the Simulor it's still useful. I dont like it but it still serves a purpose.
  2. I have been giving the latest weapon rebalance some thought and as a player of near 3 years the more I think about the more it irks me. I feel the community desrves a forma refund / compensation. Before anyone one loses their minds DE did a forma refund way back when warframe abilities were treated like mod cards and you could sacrifice abilities to equip more mods. They changed how the game was played and realized that the players would be upset. So the Tonkor was designed as a no self damage launcher and that's how the community built and played the weapon. We did not break it. We didn't do anything sneaky or dirty. DE released the top tier in launchers and many jumped on it investing time and forma to maximize it. I have seven forma in my tonkor and a nice riven. How many forma overall has the community put into that weapon? How much plat has the community put into rivens for that gun? And you nerfed it. You killed it. And your reason was bullet jumping negated the no self damage aspect of the Tonkor. How many people use the Penta or the Zarr? How about the angstrum or the kulstar? Not many, right? Do you want to know why? Self damage on some weapons but not others is ridiculous. It selectively singles out weapons makes them a great risk when friendly fire and self damage are not a thing in 99% of the game. Especially in a game that has no clipping with teammates and friendly abilities that you can't avoid i.e. switch teleport, rip line, and bounce that can change your position and make a self damaging weapon more dangerous to the user. So you broke my gun. I would like a forma refund option for rebalance weapons. Maybe have it be for 30 days after the changes are made. You sacrifice the weapon to the void and you get back your forma or at least half rounded up. This gives players time to check it out and see how it affects their gameplay and they can keep it or give to a kubrow as a chew toy. You can even make it a quest for an Orokin Deconstructor. Feed it argon and the gun and 24 hours later you get your forma back. That was the light hearted part. I am totally sincere in what I said but now I want to separate the suggestion from the criticism. Nerfing weapons needs to stop. Seriously it's getting old as you are well aware even you official YouTube partners are getting your case about it. It's not a small portion of the community either. Maybe you should join the group's on facebook and see what people are saying in an unsanitized environment. The big updates are few and far between. I know it's a ton of work, I do. But as we wait for the next big thing oh there's a rebalance. Your tonkor is useless now. Self damage and projectile based attack with laughable projectile speed. Haha build a new favorite gun and put multiple forma in it. Honestly guys it seems like a stall tactic. It seems like finding a way to fill the gap between updates. It's not content per se but it's something to keep us busy. I hope that's not the case. I don't think it is. But my time is valuable to me and when you simply negate that time well I and others are going to be upset. Also will solar rail conflicts be a thing again?
  3. Consistency and limited inputs / clunky controls when the alt fire is mapped to clicking the the stick you aim with.
  4. If one fire mode plays on the other than switchable modes may not be for for that particular gun. I still think that the Euphona would benefit from a Zarr like mechanic. Perhaps having the option per gun is the way to go. It can be clunky on in a controller.
  5. Why do some weapons have different alt fire mechanics than others? Why is the Zarr switchable form cannon to barrage but the Euphona has a locked primary mode mapped to the trigger, I play on PS4. I like the idea of some weapons having a alternative function but consistency in mechanics should be exercised. I suggest that all weapons with an alternative fire mode be switched to a mechanic simular to the Zarr for the sake of simplicity and utility.
  6. 5 Forma and a potato on my Hek lets my equip the equivalent of 89 points worth of mods. A potato alone will only give you access to 60 points. The potato is a good starting point and is often viewed as mandatory for any weapon to show you what it is capable of. The forma is what lets you get into the real high level builds.
  7. Amprex
  8. Ignore the offender, disband the squad since there is no kick, start again. There will always be a few bad apples. Don't let it ruin the game for you.
  9. thanks again
  10. Hek is still showing base damage of 175.10. I went into a private build and noticed the numbers didn't change. I stripped all the mods off to confirm non crit total damage at 175.10. I also tried crating a new build and its starting at 175.10 Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.
  11. Sweet ! Thanks DE
  12. I think the polarity slots for the boltor prime are correct but.are.in the wrong locations. Btw absolutely the sire use it all the time, great job.