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  1. Reasons and validation for doing anything more then just the basic objective.  No more or less reward for shooting or skipping enemies.  No more or less reward for lasting longer during any endless.

    drop tables and spawns. Credits dont matter.

  2. Yay Im so happy they die forever. But 12 days to watch it starve. Does it go feral and try to eat me before it dies of starvation? Does it get skinny and its fur get all patchy? Can we space viking funeral it with lasers? That might be cool. Can I whisper to him softly that I never wanted him anyways, and the annoying ship was right about him? Can I eat in front of it on its last day so it knows I did this and there was nothing it could have done? That might be fun too. One last kick before it dies.

  3. They only explode for the caster, everyone else can still get them.

    No thats a lie. It explodes for everybody. I constantly have teammates asking me why Im blowing everything up.

    Edit: It could just dissappear from their screen and still be able to get it.

  4. That's why DE should have added the quest for releasing the Kubrows to the wild from the very beginning.

    Yea, that's totally just as fun as slowly watching it starve to death as you peer into the very depth of its soul as it takes it last breath, all the while trying to hide how happy you are that its finally dead.

    Totally as fun.

    Maybe impkement an ol yeller mechanic.

  5. No. You chose to stasis it knowing that this would happen. You could have planned around it by pulling it out before bed or something, but your poor planning has led you to a wait.

    I for one thank DE for attempting to teach you patience , as this is a valuable lesson in todays society.

  6. Not to mention the fact some people put reactors in their dogs...

    Imagine your computer breaks and you didn't know it would break, so you thought you would play but you can't. So your kubrow dies, not because you didn't play but because you couldn't play.

    The main problem is the 3h delay after stasis. Actually, if I wanted to put my kubrow in stasis for two days, I wouldn't have enough time to get it out of it so I would only be able to use it the next day.

    That's pretty lame imho

    As we say in my country, tough S#&$. This game mechanic needs to stay. If only to bring the entitled youth down a bit.
  7. Which is why there should be ambidextrous options available (like the P90's downward ejection or the F2000's super weird--and jamming-prone--frontal ejection system).



    I'm not quite getting what you're saying, nor do I understand why I'd give you a warning for what you are saying. Care to clarify a bit?


    That aside, while a lot of the weapons in Warframe look great, a lot of the conventional firearms (the ones that shoot physical bullets like the Braton, Burston, etc) are rather confusing from a mechanical perspective (a lot of weapons don't clearly show where the magazine is located, have what appear to be multiple casing ejection ports, etc).

    Took me a while to get back to you, work and things. Anyways it tends to do a lot of damage to to firearm community when sporting rifles are referred to as "assault rifles" as this is a term literally invented by the media in the 90s to pass legislation. Tends to be fine in reference to video games when the design is stated in game to be specifically an 'assault rifle' (ex. watchdogs). I could go more in depth but if you really are interest just go to (www.assaultweapon.info) for sources and information.


    As per the warning, who doesnt ever fear for one when correcting moderation?

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