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  1. So, we've made a step in the right direction since my last bug report on this. You can now successfully re-color her butt in the arsenal, however, it still does not change in game. As shown below. So, we're really close to actually being able to successfully recolor Khora's butt with the Urushu skin, but we're still not quite there.
  2. Would like to point out, as I seem to have neglected to note this in the OP, I never mentioned the damage conversion via shooting/attacking the tornadoes for a reason. I dislike that function because it's effectively not even the ability dealing the damage, it's just your weapon. So, in my personal ideal change for Zephyr, you wouldn't be able to shoot the tornado anymore, you can shoot through it, and it does enough raw damage that it can do its own work. That way her fukken ultimate ability isn't just a catalyst to make basic weaponry hit multiple people. I neglected to mention this par
  3. Okay, so, I really like Zephyr, and I feel like these changes had the right idea. However, I feel that the Tornado change specifically does not fix the fundamental problem with Tornado. I don't use Air Burst at all, so I can't definitively say how good the scaling change was for it, but I imagine it is a decently effective change. Tornado is my focus here. The ability to tap Tornado to make stationary tornadoes was a step in the right direction. However, the problem still remains that the tornadoes spawn completely at random. (Within the spawn radius of where you're looking.) So, I pr
  4. Urushu Khora's "energy cheeks" don't change color with the emissive map outside of the arsenal. Not in Captura, nor in mission. The only time they change color is when you switch to a loadout that has Urushu Khora on it, then they change to whatever emissive color the previous Warframe had, but even then, the moment you load into a mission, the color disappears. As you can see, my emissive color is a teal-green, but Khora's lower lady lumps don't change color. Please fix, I'd like my Khora's colors to be consistent all around. Especially since you see your Warframe from the
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