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  1. It would be nice but I highly doubt this will ever happen. Also there are too many mods for survivability: Calculated redirection, enhanced vitality, metal fiber, link shield, armor and health, regular and primed pack leader, loyal companion, medi-pet kit, tek assault, regular and primed regen, the Vulpaphyla devolution mods etc. What would you do with all of these mods if you made companions immortal?
  2. I didn't say sentinels didn't have uses or utility. I said right at the start that I would like to use them sometimes. I'm MR30 and still always use a smeeta kavat. The chance for double Void traces, affinity, Vitus essence, kuva, mining, fish etc is still too good when I need those things. You can argue that sentinel utility is better, that's down to opinion but my main point is I would rather have a companion with less utility that is alive than a companion with more utility who is dead.
  3. I never use sentinels, even though sometimes I would like to. This is for one main reason, they die! Every other type of companion can be revived infinitely, can get healed by your melee weapon and can use Link armor, link health and link shields, but sentinels no. Let's do a comparison: Dethcube Prime Shields: 375 Health: 960 Armor: 315 Possible healing: +6/s Revives: 3 (with a maxed prime mod) Kavat (with Inaros) Shields: 180 Health: 9,787 Armor: 770 Kavat (with Gauss) Shields: 1290 Health: 1410 Armor: 225 For both: Possible healing: infinite through melee Revives: Infinite Why would I bring a sentinel again? Of course there are some niche situations where they are useful like helios scans. At really high levels the only reason people bring them is for the gladiator set mods on Helios. Most of the time I never consider using them because I know they are just going to die at any reasonable level and if I want to use one of the sentinel weapons then I will just use a MOA because I can revive them. And mods like primed regen barely help at all. Which is better: 3 instant revives with a crazy resource cost or infinite possible revives at no cost? Yes you have to manually revive them but I would rather have that than have a dead companion. The solution: The fix is really simple. Let us revive sentinels and let us equip pack leader and the link mods on them too. Mods like Primed Regen and Reawaken should give you instant revives on top of being able to revive them after that.
  4. These are just some ideas to help speed up modding weapons and frames and just make things easier. Most of the time I find it tedious trying to look for or type in the names of the same mods every time I get a new weapon or frame. 1. Favourite mods Allow us to favourite the mods we use the most and filter for only those mods. 90% of the time we use the same mods anyway, so let us see only those mods. 2. Hide duplicates The majority of the time I don't need to see the 100+ serrations that I have and it just clutters the modding screen. Let us have an option to hide duplicates where it will only show the highest ranked of each mod. 3. Build templates This would be more useful on weapons than frames but it would be so much more convenient to have a saved mod config, that you use all the time, be instantly applied with one button. 4. Sort by usage Not sure if this is possible to do (maybe this information isn't tracked) but another option is to be able to sort mods by how much you use them. Making it easier to find what you always use. 5. Sort by rarity Not sure why we can't do this in the upgrade screen. Doing this would show Primed/Umbra, rare, uncommon and common mods in order. Maybe it wouldn't be that useful but it couldn't hurt. 6. Ability to know what build I'm using and switch between them without clicking upgrade Say for example I equip nova. Do I have a slow build or a fast build? There's no way to check outside of the upgrade screen. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has gone into a mission with the wrong build. I propose something like this: You equip the frame and instantly can see the build you have equipped and can instantly change it by clicking on the other letters. I don't think most of these changes would take much work to implement and would make modding so much quicker.
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