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  1. Just so you know what balances that out is the fact that if you max the companion then provide it to him you get 15 tokens back. That is if you don't want to keep it. I first thought that then realized you could make a profit out of it
  2. Serigrass shards are way too expensive. They are 20 grandmother tokens each. There are 3 weapons that require them: sepulcrum, trumna and quassus I've been trying to get a shard for about 4 days, getting father and otak tokens constantly and have 9 grandmother tokens. It's especially annoying given how randomized it is and how you have to wait for offers to reset. I'd say the quassus is the one of the most annoying weapons in the game to get. The bp is easy to get but then it required 5 scintillant and a serigrass shard. At this rate maybe in about a month I'll have those 3
  3. This is not just a solo issue, it just happened to me in a team. Isolation vaults are very buggy. I also just had all the symbols be the same and we had to guess: A few days ago I had it where the vault door didn't open at all and the bounty completed before putting the code in.
  4. Cliffs of Dover: It's almost impossible to make this song perfect
  5. Cowboys from hell: Raining blood (not perfect but hey): Wasted years: Enter sandman: Electric eye:
  6. There definitely needs to be a command to get yourself unstuck. The only way to get yourself unstuck now is to either die and waist one of your revives or quit and rejoin.
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