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  1. Spy underwater has sometimes the worst extraction tile ever. Before I got there, I was getting mislead by the indicator, showing me that I have to get out of the water and as I got out, it showed me to go back in. Confusing as heck and wasting unnecessary time. Please fix that, it's been like that since there's these submersible missions!
  2. Yep, also whos idea was it to "reduce" it and why.
  3. Exactly that! How can you guys lie to us and say that you "reduced" it when in fact you removed it completely!? This is the exact reason why a lot of us players feel punked/screwed over. Just like @Zahnny said above, a switch would be a win win for all of us, or at least make a sparkling ephemera, call it space dust and everyone will lose their minds! It's not that hard, is it?
  4. Some people even paid with real money!
  5. There is a filter, look at this: The parts in the yellow circles are primed, you can see them having a golden shade. The parts in the blue circles are normal items, blue shaded. And the red circle is where you can find primed items only. Also I didn't mark another one on top, but the last icon (miscellaneous) shows you only normal parts.
  6. Whatever... what counts is that you got your money back. Another lesson that I learned the last couple days: When a new skin comes out, don't buy it immediately. It really sucks to change a skin, helmet, or anything else after it comes out without a good reason. Oh, some people didn't like the sparkles? Well don't buy it then. We were the ones that got screwed over, really. We wanted the sparkles and bought it, now they're gone and they call a refund a "courtesy". If I buy something from a store, where the salesman still has the ability to change it after my purchase and changes it to a point where I'm not satisfied or happy with that product, I'll get a refund without it getting called a "courtesy", it's called "right to return unsatisfactory products"
  7. Same here. Without the sparkling effect it looks just plain, nothing "deluxe" about it. With it tho, it reminded me more of lava instead of a crystalline look IMO. After all the traditional history of Sun Wukong is that he survived 49 days of the samadhi fire in Laozi's furnace which gained him the ability to recognize evil, so why make such a badass look so plain? Make him sparkle bright again just like the sparks of the fire 🔥
  8. I wasn't writing anything rude or demanding anything, just wrote like "Upvote this post to sign this petition", added a couple of people's posts to my post and suddenly it's gone. I write another one, saying that I won't give up nor let my voice go under. Gone again. I wrote a last one, stating how I feel about that, if you're lucky/quick you can still find it. It shouldn't be posted on that thread? But it was regarding Wukongs changes, the ones that came with the same Hotfix and I'm not allowed to post in the same thread and say my g*****n opinion?!
  9. Thank you for creating this. I can't even believe that players wanted that to happen, after all the negative feedback I've read and heard so far. They're all disappointed and mad that it's gone now. That's also exactly what we're on about; buying something for them only to change it afterwards or remove something on it. I read that a lot of people only bought it because it was sparkling, me including. Some even bought it with their real money and not from plat which they got from trading prime parts which they don't need. In my opinion, it's more than unfair to change it. Please tell me how that went, I want a refund as well and curious if that's even possible.
  10. Nooooo, my sparkly Wukong First you F with the loadout screen and now you ruin Wukong for me?! It's only boring rocks now, not deluxe at all! Give me my plat back or make him sparkly again! Worst. Day. In WF. Ever.
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