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  1. Yeah. I can get behind the exploration spirit, but if ppl don't care they just don't care. Just look at all the incentives for exploration that were added to the game in recent times: - Kuriae - Secret caches / containers - Ayatan statues - Cephalon fragments - Somachord tunes - Frame Fighter Data - Syndicate Medals ... Sure i'm forgetting stuff. Still rushing is the most popular option, because... well "been there, done that... alot". I remember back in the day when i started (2014) with Movement 1.0 i had a great time exploring every nook and cranny of every map, since that often took some kind of actual effort and the experience was still fresh (also at least in the Void there used to be containers that could drop mods which at the time were totally exclusive to them, like Guardian). But nowadays everything is just a bullet jump away anyway and with time there's just nothing left to explore rly.
  2. How is getting lucky an accomplishment tho... You can get an ephemera first try in theory, while said armor or the the final nightwave reward are undoubtly indicating dedication / persistence.
  3. These are good ideas. However i think if we just had to use abilities with at least some consideration and strategy in general and watch our energy meters from time to time the problem would be pretty much universally solved. Make every bastille count i say! This would also make "lesser" skills (like trip lasers) more relevant, given the situation. In this context DE should also reconsider the rigid skill cost system, costs and respective effectiveness relations are wayyyyy off in lots of cases (like the aforementioned one). Nowadays' energy ubiquity really makes one wonder what's the point of different skill costs anyway anymore...
  4. Just fix the energy economy and brain dead perma room clearing skills (like current spores / peacemaker / discharge / maim...) et voilà: CC viable in pretty much any game mode with crowds of enemies... which, like the names says, is usually the point of CC. OR: Let's reintroduce purely puzzle based missions like raids where enemies are merely a nuisance instead of an actual threat to overcome... (Edit: Might add considering infinite energy and thus ability spammability while Vaubs was considered mandatory in LOR his role was no less braindead than AOE spamming frames in ESO nowadays.) I'd prefer the former. (...pls bring back raids regardless tho :3)
  5. Sure, giving CC frames damage dealing abilities might make them more viable next to to powerhouses like Saryn / Mesa etc. But that also means taking away their identity, hurting overall gameplay variety and aknowledging as well as solidifying the fact that CC is basically dead in this game. (From my observations CC is not the only class suffering atm. The triviality of being able to res anyone, anytime by being invincible in operator mode is hurting "last man standing" frames like Loki as well, who used to be mandatory in any endurance run...) If we slippery slope further down the path of designing enemies around our capabilities one risk is losing any meaning of actually gearing up, which seems counter-productive in a progress based game like this. Power creep (or rather power roflstomp) has gone just too far in almost any department and we might well be beyond the point of no return (with big parts of the community regularly throwing tantrums over even the slightest nerf to anything).
  6. I'd agree in general, but by mitigating the game's core elements this boss fight turned out to be not much of a fight at all in my book. It's interesting once, then after figuring out what to do it becomes just going through motions with hardly any opposition / dynamics at all. Profit taker does a much better job at keeping you on your toes.
  7. To qualify as the best boss fight yet it'd have to be a fight first. Can't say i noticed any during my 3 runs. Got lucky and each part every time... Thank god, it had become tiresome already tbh. As a puzzle it did feel fresh... once. Then it was just the very same "run there", "do that" every time with little to stop you. Sorry, no cigar. At least in terms of presentation it's a winner. Cinematics are nice and the Orb's voice acting quite superb actually. ... Anyway, i guess that's that. Next.
  8. And the easier the game, the more boring it gets. An unfortunate situation for vets (with some eye-hand coordination at least). Please consider finally picking up that can. There's just no way to design any genuinely challenging content anymore facing the relentless power creep this game went through over the years, except by circumventing basic gameplay with puzzle like designs (which can be interesting for sure, but after you solved those a couple of times it turns to just going through motions) or by basically "turning us off" temporarily (invulnerabilty, nullifying), which lots of people seem to find chicanery. There are balance issues all over the place (to the point we are only discussing varying levels of OP-ness anymore), in relation to enemy opposition as well as in terms of extreme disparity in loudout choices: META and things are beyond trivial, don't and be prepared to be overwhelmed by enemy scaling / constantly getting randomly one-shot (ESO comes to mind). This has led to current endgame being an extremely binary experience and generally hurts variety (because lets face it: In general people will go the path of least resistance, it's just human nature, and we all know you do have the numbers proving it). Your analysis concerning Vaubs and CC in general is correct. Why even bother controlling crowds anymore when you can just melt them away in seconds... "Buff all the things" is a design philosophy dead end and exactly what led to this mess.
  9. got to the point when i was told to throw some canister at her but there was none to be seen. abort.
  10. because pressing x is such a thrill yo. ayatan stars are more than enough imho.
  11. You know what would have been a good incentive to make us use K-Drives? Make them fun and efficient in any context to the actual game. You know what's a bad incentive to make us use K-Drives? Force it down our throats by making them generate MR points, with the most efficient way of gaining those being grinding the same merry-go-round ad infinitum while being completely detached from progess of the main game and STILL earning jack per combo on top of a daily cap PLUS, to top the insanity off, making double affinity worthless. It's quite honestly absolutely atrocious. The only way to make the "grind" bearable is cranking up some music and going complete zombie mode. You just wanna get it over with, and it's a shame because mechanically they actually had lots of potential to make for a valuable gear addition as well as being exciting to use. Making races more worth it seems like a good idea to at least make for some variety, but c'mon, please make em visible on the map in the process, scanning the whole map in search of those (and every single time since locations change) isn't particularly exciting, either.
  12. Oh yes.... Her constant exuberant praising of every fart your frame releases is genuinely cringeworthy. Yeah, no, i don't need anyone telling me i'm the "once and future badass" for opening a bunch of caches, it's embarrassing at best.
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