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  1. hey, if you like fighting games, why not ask for someone to play frame fighter with you? oh right... because it's bloody awful, a complete waste of resources and all but forgotten already. oops.
  2. Yeah you read that right: Making actual use of all the progress this game revolves around for 99% is actually OPTIONAL. Just like playing the game to begin with is merely OPTIONAL. No reason to ever complain about anything whatsoever.
  3. This. Just reintroduce the damage cap on discharge (and fix the calculation) and he'll be back to being recognized (and scoffed at by philistines) as such. 🙂 Also his one is one of the best in the game (while not being broken like spores).
  4. Well, at least we still got the beautiful art design. (Don't care alot about lore personally)
  5. Not that it'd make much of a difference to your point, just a little nitpick: In order to half the number of neccessary runs (50%) they'd actually have to to double the average pearl yield, meaning an increase of 100%. (While the 50% you mentioned (+-25 pearls) sounds plausible from my experience) I agree with lots of OPS sentiments, as far as the event at hand is concerned tho: I couldn't care less really. Is there anything more vain and superfluous in this game than "floofs" and Captura? I think not. Also DE said the event would return, so really no need to cramp that (admittedly rather ridiculous considering its monotonous nature) grind time into these 10 days.
  6. No they won't. They'll drop her like a hot potato and move to the next best META frame.
  7. Already boring myself with my usual mantra but yeah here it goes: Essentially i'm d'accord with the simian. Enemy scaling, hit scan weapons (on both sides), OP abilities (including perma-invincibility of operators), weapons and mods and most of all a completely broken energy economy: All basic concepts so fundamentally broken by powercreep and / or half-baked initial design that there's no way of shaping an engaging (end-)game around it (anymore). What makes an action game skill based (in execution terms)? The ability to decide your fate by reaction time, aiming skills and meter management (among other things). Add team coordination in a true COOP game (which Warframe is not). The game would need: - More telegraphed projectile based types of attack that can actively be avoided by reaction time and staying mobile. - Crit working on critical areas instead of a basic stat, making aim more rewarding. (Damage 3.0 long overdue anyway to make for more variety in weapon builds) - Most importantly an energy system that's making us use it mindfully and strategically instead of making it possible to hammer out room clearing nukes 24/7: - So much more in terms of balancing rly... Not that i have high hopes for anything like that to ever going to happen. Why change a (financial) winning concept while risking to alienate large portions of your playerbase. They'd probably even have to *gasp* ... start playtesting themselves. 😧
  8. Rework the whole energy system. Make regen global, influenced by mods instead of efficiency. Make skill costs more flexible while you're at it.
  9. Exactly. He'd just be another combination of digits popping up at the horizon melting from spores like all the rest.
  10. Well, FOMO and sunk cost fallacy say hello. I know you're perfectly right but multiple design aspects of the game actively try to prevent ppl from stopping or even just taking a break. It's professionally geared towards making you feel invested to a point that makes it hard to just leave. Again: I know it's my problem first and foremost and i'm not pointing fingers but that's just how it is.
  11. Good response, kudos. The thing is: FTP games tend to be pretty much catered for ppl prone to compulsive behaviour and completionist addiction... like myself. I don't want to blame DE, i'm a grown-up and responsible for myself... but the fact remains: When i look at my 4k+ hours in steam i feel more ashamed than anything, as that time could have been spent so much more productive or even just playing other games which are actual fun to me and not just a kind of habit. I know that around 3/4 of those hours i didn't play Warframe, it played me. And that's not the best of feelings tbqh. I used to spend thousands of hours in SFIV and eventually was quite a legit tournament player (if only locally for what its worth)... But if nothing else at least one thing i could take from that time spent: I was good at that game and i enjoyed the heck out of it. Now playing Warframe ironically you don't even get better in Warframe, as your loadout pretty much plays the game for you from a certain point. Due to its trivial nature gameplay gets lamer and more mindless as you go along, all progress is ultimately for naught as it doesn't even get tested in an appropriate way. It's really nothing more than a massive, meaningless time sink. Sometimes i wonder if DE staff have kids and if they'd be worried if they noticed those would spend such ridiculous amounts of their lifetime in a videogame (well, apart from the fact that WF is not for kids oc).
  12. I for one would appreciate and certainly engage in an official "random loadout" challenge of some kind. I also feel that the concept ties in quite neatly with the other 99,999999% of the game, which basically consists of farming and optimizing gear just for the heck of it. This would give the farm actual meaning, as it would heighten the chances of getting something worthile, while also promoting trying and fleshing out non-meta gear. I salute the OPs effort to think of ideas how to make the game more challenging within its current confines (despite the fact (as he probably knows) i'd much rather see game balance fixed universally at the core... but yeah, that's most probably out of the question anyway).
  13. According to DE' own statistics the overall fail rate for missions is around 2% (and i'm willing to bet those include aborted ones). Make of that what you will...
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