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  1. Stinging Thorn Balla dagger. Its quick melee was damn near perfect. The rest of the combos are slow and long and unwieldy and I hate it. however, I can now do this with redeemer so you win some you lose some I guess
  2. That's something people have been complaining about for literal years now (solo spawn counts in general). Don't hold your breath, is my advice.
  3. Yes. Look no further than our friendly neighbourhood sapient flashlight.
  4. You have a good point but I don't think this is asking for anything unreasonable. In my mind there's no good answer inconveniencing players by having to spam 1 minute crafts. At least with crafts of 12+ hours it can be enough time to cross over into the next day if daily player count is really whats keep DE from giving us this. There's a LOT you can do in 12 hours. There's plenty time there to spend on the game actually playing and enjoying yourself after you set a new gun to craft. This is the complete opposite for these 1 minute crafts. As it stands right now either you login to play or you login to spam crafts and by the time you're finished you might not even want to play anymore.
  5. Obviously certain things would be exempt. Weapons and warframes aren't resources neither do resources have any sort of slot limitation on them.
  6. Yeah, I get it. But honestly that just seems like such a lame way to go about things. Like a bandaid fix to give the illusion that the game is doing amazingly well because people login everyday just to claim and set a new craft. And then there's the people like me who want to get things done but get blockaded and just annoyed at these functions. Perhaps instead we should ask for auto claim for crafts less than an hour.
  7. That's fine for crafts that take an hour+ but these open world things take a minute each. Ingame or the app it makes no difference in this case.
  8. I think it's downright ridiculous how we don't have such a basic functionality. And even moreso that its been asked for for so long now. I've just had to spend the past 10 minutes babysitting my damn foundry spamming 1 minute crafts because Vallis/Cetus materials are a convoluted mess. Sure, 10 minutes doesn't sound like very long but think about what it is that I'm doing. Sure, I didn't have to, but I wanted to participate in the nightwave mission. I wanted to craft operator cosmetics from Little Duck. I wanted to craft hildryn. I wanted to enjoy the game and get shinies and weapons and cosmetics but its such a boring drag. edit: changed title a bit after reading replies in the thread What I would like to see is an auto claim and build queue for resources that are less than an hour long.
  9. This is exactly why I go out of my way to open containers in OV and why I get disappointed to see that crate icon on my minimap is actually just a thermal sludge container. Containers in OV are great. 😤
  10. Most likely talking about OV spy section. iirc one of the Orb Heist missions has a spy section in it.
  11. What exactly is your point in all this? I genuinely don't understand what you're trying to get at here. Is something in my first post here false? what does this have to do with it are you nitpicking because I said details where you said stuff? Why are you talking to me about trivial anything when not once did I talk about anything explicitly trivial? Trivial would be something like corpus crates appearing in grineer asteroid base tileset. ???
  12. "Largely unrewarding" "no surprise I'm not playing this game as often as I used to" Meanwhile I don't see anyone trying to disprove what I've said. Have you considered that maybe it's these 'trivial' things that are what's killing most of my enjoyment for the game? Orb hunts could be great fun but archgun deployer cooldown and the awful 5 second long animation in which I can't do anything makes me absolutely despise them. Excavation could be great fun while also being very rewarding if the game didn't purposefully stop power cell carriers from spawning if you're going 'too fast' which literally stops you from progressing and getting loot. Stealth. Stealth. my god. The hivemind AI and enemies being able to see you and become alerted (from aware state) from literally over 50m away. Just urgh. Either arcanes should affect peacemakers or they shouldn't. Why did DE feel the need to add this convoluted extra step? The simulacrum spawn limit bug made no sense to fix. If anything it should have become the standard. What happens in the simulacrum stays there. Players that 'abuse' the bug gain no upperhand over those that don't. It's the perfect example of a fun factor in the game that DE killed and for why? but sure tell me more about how i love to complain about trivial details. zing you really got me dude nice one.
  13. -Solo spawn numbers in endless missions are still annoyingly low. Survival and excavation is most noticeable. -Power cell carriers in excavation straight up don't even spawn if the game is going 'too fast'. Again, even worse for solo play. -Stealth is still just awful. -Peacemaker can benefit from velocity but it can't trigger it anymore. Unnecessarily adding extra steps just to convolute the whole ordeal -Archgun deployer cooldown when you still have plenty ammo left is just so dumb I can't even describe it. Once again seems like an attempt to artificially prolong orb heists if no terra mankers don't spawn (which ive seen enough times in my solos). -Archgun deployer animation locking you in place so you can die -Simulacrum spawn bug fixed there's a lot more but these are the most prevalent on my mind right now and I'm not about to write a goddamn essay. in any case I think you're right, OP. And because of all this and more it's no surprise that I'm not playing this game as often as I used to.
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