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  1. You have a good point but I don't think this is asking for anything unreasonable. In my mind there's no good answer inconveniencing players by having to spam 1 minute crafts. At least with crafts of 12+ hours it can be enough time to cross over into the next day if daily player count is really whats keep DE from giving us this. There's a LOT you can do in 12 hours. There's plenty time there to spend on the game actually playing and enjoying yourself after you set a new gun to craft. This is the complete opposite for these 1 minute crafts. As it stands right now either you login
  2. Obviously certain things would be exempt. Weapons and warframes aren't resources neither do resources have any sort of slot limitation on them.
  3. Yeah, I get it. But honestly that just seems like such a lame way to go about things. Like a bandaid fix to give the illusion that the game is doing amazingly well because people login everyday just to claim and set a new craft. And then there's the people like me who want to get things done but get blockaded and just annoyed at these functions. Perhaps instead we should ask for auto claim for crafts less than an hour.
  4. That's fine for crafts that take an hour+ but these open world things take a minute each. Ingame or the app it makes no difference in this case.
  5. I think it's downright ridiculous how we don't have such a basic functionality. And even moreso that its been asked for for so long now. I've just had to spend the past 10 minutes babysitting my damn foundry spamming 1 minute crafts because Vallis/Cetus materials are a convoluted mess. Sure, 10 minutes doesn't sound like very long but think about what it is that I'm doing. Sure, I didn't have to, but I wanted to participate in the nightwave mission. I wanted to craft operator cosmetics from Little Duck. I wanted to craft hildryn. I wanted to enjoy the game and get shin
  6. Sounds good. An increase in the number of resources they give out would be quite welcome too, I think. I mean uhh I want my 300 polymer bundles every 8 hours auto collected damn it!
  7. I remember this issue starting about 4 years ago when DE gave everything aimbot on accident. At this point it's '''''''''''''working as intended'''''''''''''''
  8. It's random. The activation chance for the buff itself is random (28% every 27 seconds according to the wiki).
  9. This sounds like a great idea. +1 I really think CE and Thunderbolt's stats were swapped. Of course that's impossible since they were released years apart but a 30% on a class of weapons with naturally low RoF doesn't fit when CE exists. You guys get the point.
  10. I'd absolutely love new SMG weapons.
  11. For best results, don't forget Thief's Wit/Loot Detector along with a weapon with a large AoE radius such as the Ignis and Telos Boltace. Ignis and Telos Boltace are quite simply the best can openers in existence though I'd say the TBoltace are much better at clearing entire rooms of containers because the wave goes in all directions compared to the Ignis firing in only one. You'll need Primed Reach for sure if you want the TBoltace to be better than the Ignis though.
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