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  1. Syndicate rewards are STILL bugged!

    Hotfix 13 has come and gone, a new batch of syndicate missions were issued a few hours ago...and nothing has changed!

    Hotfix 13  said this bug was fixed.

    This is a lie. C'mon DE!

    Im at max rank with 4 syndicates, including steel meridian. This is what steel meridian alerts look like right now:

    Ker level 20-25. Rescue (defender). Reward 3570

    Valefor level 25-30. Sabotage (valiant) Reward 3700

    Thon level 30-35. Sabotage (brave) Reward 3650

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  2. Did some testing on Ember and Hydroid.


    Ember WoF still has a fixed duration after which it expires...and u cant recast until duration is finished.


    This PSA changes nothing about WoF, except possibly the energy drain, which was perfectly manageable with a max efficiency build anyway. 


    Is this a bug? Or is this working as intended? What is the meaning of "maximum duration" in this PSA? WTF de.



    Hydroid Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm still have a fixed duration...and u cant recast until duration is finished. No change. Sigh.


    Is this a bug? What does the PSA mean by "cooldown"? Who cares about a 1.5(?) second cooldown when u need to wait out a 20 sec duration anyway. WTF de. 



    This PSA is sooo disappointing. Thanks for raising my hopes DE and then crushing them! 


    I haven't tested Chaos yet but im sure its just a another mouthful of suck. 

  3. The World on Fire "buff" is horribly broken.....because energy balls are now consumed during its duration but fail to give energy!



    The energy consumption has been effectively doubled or tripled because of all the energy ball loot that has now been eliminated because of "pickup to no effect" during WoF duration.


    Its huuuugely irritating to to kill a wave of infested, look around for energy balls to get some energy back and then realize....you ate them all to no effect.


    Please let this be a bug.


    The old WoF was better than this....damage was the same and energy consumption over time was drastically better if you consider energy ball loot lost.

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