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  1. I'm open to seeing where these changes ultimately lead. (hopefully for the best >,<)
  2. Was going for a more older sci-fi horror aspect. Enjoy! Made up a lil bit of backstory on the plot/meaning & symbolism with it all, but won't fill my post with text unless wanted. Full version: Also here's a more "cleaner" textless version: And here's some sorta screens to show a step-by-step process: (warning mass images under spoiler) Thanks again for the event. Was fun to brush up on my photoshopping abilities. 🙂
  3. Ah, my apologies. Missed that while reading it. And who knows, here's to hoping 🙂
  4. There'll most likely not be channeling peculiar, due to the fact channeling (and melee in general) will be getting a large rework in the future.
  5. After Plains of Eidolon was released, I went from a prim/proper operator, with no blemishes, to a more battle-hardened Eidolon hunter. (with a lil bit of crazed look in her eyes)
  6. I'd agree with you if the only counter argument is people not wanting their immersion to be broken, but I think with a good handful of these tenno making this request, has more to do with their optimization/graphics issue. While we don't know how intensive the peculiar mods will be, it's still something to consider for all the tenno who have potatoes, toasters, or <inserttermhere>.
  7. But rivens are a common reward drop. :0 (taken from the wiki) ---------- I feel a joke flew over my head.
  8. I'm reading that a lot of people seem concerned over the fact that having these mods will hinder their drop tables, but if I recall, doesn't these mods only plan to drop from the new gamemodes reward tables? If so, I don't see it as too big of an issue, as (while it may not be something everyone wants), you don't have to go worrying about farming for (say relics) on another planet, and having to worry about encountering these mods. If these Peculiar mods are as hard to get as DE made them out to be, then I don't see it really as too big of an issue in this regard. (I think of the rarer mods/drops in Cetus)
  9. I like the aspect of Peculiar mods, as it harbors me back to those fun lil "cheat" modes you can enable in older games like Perfect Dark or Time Splitters. (big heads, paintball mode, etc.) While I haven't read all the comments, some people have shared some interesting ideas/opinions. You make an interesting point. The unique weapons in borderlands had odd/silly mechanics, but were still weapons that did damage/had the potential to be good. Just a thought: When you mentioned this, I immediately thought of; "What if you could get blueprints for current existing weapons in this new gamemode, but these weapons have interesting lil mechanics (like that flower effect)." While this can have problems in-&-of itself, it'd be more akin (I believe) to the point you made. I understand/support having the ability for other players to turn off/disable the peculiar mods feature(s). That being said; I suppose that's the nice thing about Warframe. It allows different tenno (from different walks of life & personal tastes) to choose how they wish to play/look. I see the option of flexibility as a good thing, as (I personally) enjoy to see what different tenno from the community come up with. So long as it's not hurting/hindering other tenno, then I see no issue with it. If that's true, it'd harbor more back to what Synpai (and a handful of others) are concerned about. This concept would definitely be interesting (especially if they were added to useful, but less popular mods) to encourage players to switch up their builds a lil.
  10. Glad to see these changes. Will definitely have to go back and revisit these weapons!
  11. May life take you where your dreams lay. Take care, mynki~
  12. Just gonna leave this here as a lil bump ; )
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