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  1. The thing is though that I don't think corrupted files would cause those algorithms to act up repeatedly. At least not without part of the games flags being triggered off at some point. There's also just the odds that OP & OP's wife really was just that unfortunate to roll the same rewards, at the same time, over multiple relics. If this really is still happening to OP, I'd love to see some screengrabs. Would be interesting to document and observe this phenomenon.
  2. It’s usually just rng. Though if I may inquire; How long has this going on for? Is it still happening? Bear in mind rewards in relics have common, uncommon, and rare rewards. You and your wife could just be having unfortunate rng and be getting the same common drop(s). Relic rng doesn’t factor in maps/mission types like a seed or anything. (at least, not that we’re aware of)
  3. Sounds good. Another thing you could try is verifying the games cache. Do this via the launcher settings (not steams if you’re using that). If for w/e reason it’s being caused by some files, it should catch it.
  4. Have the same mouse. Think DE are fine with that, so long as it doesn’t cause an exploit. Bear in mind DE are the same devs who saw players taking an unintended melee mechanic (called ‘coptering’) and accepted it into their game. Think using the free moving scrolling wheel to shoot would be fine. You’d still have to pause to reload, and keeping the scroll wheel moving would be a surefire way to run out of ammo fast.
  5. This actually brings up a good point. There should be a guild search function. That clan name doesn’t sound familiar to me, but if you haven’t done so, try doing a forum search of the clan name under the recruitment forum topic to see if you get any leads. There also may be a chat command to search up specifically the guild by name, but I am unsure on this (currently cannot check, but if you type /help in the in-game chat, it’ll pull up a list of commands)
  6. Literally Riven Market is the name that lists people selling rivens. Technically there’s two “riven.market” and “rivenmarket”
  7. You’re correct. Kingpin system turned into the kuva litch thing.
  8. Another vote for imperator vandal here too. Covers anything I need/use it for. Gives me the satisfaction of essentially using a minigun to mow down hallways of enemies. Then again; I don’t actively go out of my way to get archguns, so my experience is limited.
  9. I’m a graphic designer by trade, but I mean; Is this the right place to be posting this? O.o
  10. @Riddhiman Hey fellow tenno, have you tried this? I know it’s helped a lot of tenno:
  11. Just to see if it’s a resolution issue; Try running WF in full screen and on your monitors native resolution.
  12. To try and pinpoint the problem; How long has this been going on for? Was the game working before without issue? Do your pc specs meet the requirements that have been recommended for WF? Your ingame resolution match your pc’s monitor res?
  13. Yeah, your best bet may be to just join someone going through the final stretch of the quest with the urn equipped in you gear tab. Don’t think re-buying the quest bp will allow you to replay.
  14. Account suspension can be a timed suspension, but we can only speculate as it depends on severity. Only support can answer why you were suspended and for how long. Just be sure not to spam support with tickets, as this may result in wait times taking longer or (worse case) get you blocked from support due to said spam. Just gotta be patient.
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