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  1. I'm an idiot. I meant the Twin Krohkur's Dx
  2. I know the dual kronen were very good. Pretty sure they still are. High slash crit hitting machines, but are a little slow.
  3. That’s your issue. Cure for burnout? Just take a break. If you still want to play WF, then spice it up a bit. Try out different builds, try other things in game. Doesn’t gotta be productive, so long as you’re having fun. I sometimes just visit my friends dojo’s and goof off, or I’ll spend hours just listening to music and decorating my own dojo.
  4. I can definitely see where you're coming from, and interesting points overall to ponder. While I don't doubt that some people who have applied for the GotL program have done so more more selfish reasons (like gaining the title/exclusivity of the items), I've known the program to be fairly steadfast when rooting out tho who are simply in it for such things. I also encourage and implore anyone that see's any Guide abusing their rights, to screenshot, report, and forward such things to support. As Guides, our ways of identification (sigil,armor, etc) are purely used to help identify us. Any Gui
  5. As stated in my previous post; I've always been one to help someone. So regardless of what happens to the program, I would still be helping people. Guide or not. While the program definitely needs to be improved upon, I still believe that it serves a good function (as explained in my main post). Moreover, there's aspects of unity that we can accomplish that would be significantly harder to achieve if anyone were simply on their own. Ultimately, removing the program I would see as a great loss to both the community and the game. If I may counter your point with the opposing question
  6. Before I share my end, I wish to clarify that I (like Bengosha) am a Guide of the Lotus. I don't think I personally could word/express my thoughts any better than he has already, but I'll try my best to share my own personal insight, and to help answer questions/clear up any confusions. As Ben has mentioned; Our major issue I find for the GotL program is visibility. It's a constant thing brought up with us Guides, and it's been an issue even before I joined. A lot of tenno may not know it, but there is usually a good handful of active Senior/Junior Guides just in the region chat, helpi
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