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  1. The problem with that though is that the murmur levels may be too difficult for her at this stage. I suppose she could get carried, but idk how fun that’d be for them.
  2. Yeah, as stated; I don’t like how the system is currently implemented either. Not saying “it’s your fault” to scold you/your wife, but to sadly (and reluctantly) inform that’s currently how the system works. 😕 That being said, as others pointed out; She should be alright so long as she doesn’t continually engage with the lich and cause it to spread to other planets. For now, she just gotta ignore it.
  3. From my experience it has a chance to take a credit reward from index. Mine currently occupies the index and I was still able to comfortably do one round and leave with little issue. Besides that, what the lich takes, you’ll get back once you defeat/convert the lich. While I still don’t like the lich system and think it doesn’t explain well enough to new players what liches are, it still was your wife’s fault for triggering it, sadly.
  4. I know certain twitch prime stuff doesn’t give an announcement/letter once you get it. Double check your inventory to make sure it’s not already there. If your Warframe account is properly linked to your twitch, and your items are still not showing, contact support with a ticket regarding the issue.
  5. Sadly, there’s nothing we (the players) can do to help your predicament. If they’re truly missing, contact support with a ticket explaining the issue.
  6. Can attest to that as I’m nearing over 80+ items just sitting there ready to be claimed. :x
  7. They actually never released the 3rd orb mother fight. If you want to catch up on the things you did miss, I’d advise watching some content creators videos. Channels I could recommend are people like TacticalPotato and mcgamercz for more quicker rundowns on these new things. (They tell you a lot of the important stuff without much fluff). Just search for their channel name on YouTube. Main things you probably missed after you left; - Jupiter rework + new boss - kuva lich system - Empyrean/Railjack
  8. I'm an idiot. I meant the Twin Krohkur's Dx
  9. I know the dual kronen were very good. Pretty sure they still are. High slash crit hitting machines, but are a little slow.
  10. I often see tenno asking for price checks in the trading tab. Is that still allowed there?
  11. I mean, it never hurts to ask. While I don’t see DE making it fully non rng, I definitely would like a similar proposition to the one you suggested. Atm; There’s way too many rng elements to roll the type of riven you want. Still waiting for my -zoom with good roll riven for my vectis.
  12. I’m not aware of any sword skin that can be used for dual swords as well, though I don’t discredit that there may be one. (I know some single gun skins work for dual variants.) Your best bet would be to just check the available skins in your arsenal for the single/dual swords and see for yourself, as you can preview all the available skins.
  13. Creeper; Instead of jumping right into the prime varients, perhaps try out the regular ones. The normal nikana is only MR 4 and you can upgrade that to the Dragon Nikana (MR 8). I feel that’s the biggest issue with a lot of new players; They try to jump right away into the prime variants instead of going for the (usually) more accessible non-prime varients.
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