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  1. It'd be an option much like Destroy or convert. It's only available on the first stage of interaction when they are downed. As in, you lock yourself to that path in that specific mission, adding more risk to your choices. If you decide to do the other choice after that, it'd have to be in a different mission.
  2. - Fluttershy93 Can we drop this whole "I play how I want" attitude? I get it. You want to play how you like. But this is a multiplayer game. You're playing with other people. There's certain things to do when playing with others in a public game, such as: -Not being cancerous -Not making the run more annoying than it needs to be, we want to get out of there just as much as you do, just because YOU don't find it annoying doesn't mean everyone else is fine with it. -This is an online game. "I play how I want" goes against that. Work as a TEAM. If you want to play how you want, play how you want in a single player game, quit just telling others to do it solo just because YOU want to be a jerk. Whenever I go in a mission I'm constantly thinking about what I can do to make the run faster and better for everyone. I go nova to defenses to make it faster/easier, Limbo to mobile defense, Gara/equinox(duality) to index, etc. If I want to level my guns I at least bring one max gun so im not being useless, yet I always see people bringing in like underleveled EVERYTHING at like rank 10 mastery, so it's not modded either. runs take forever. This is okay to you? Yea, some of you will be pissed at what I said, don't care. I want this current system to improve so everyone wants to do it. sure, my idea to quickly fix it for now was bad, but it at least clears the dang lich off the map so we can continue to play normally.
  3. That's something I'd like to see in game but I doubt they'd add teabagging officially.
  4. currently the higher rank your lich is the more planets he owns (I think) so you have more choices in missions I guess.
  5. Due to suggestions for me to put in ideas to either make a captain put their target in bleedout or to just make the captain leave the mission if left alone for too long, I have put together a few ideas to encourage players to either kill or despawn their current Lich. ★Lich defense, interception, survival, excavation are now endless and give a relic for every ten waves. -after the normal cap for the max thralls for endless missions have been met, they will continue to spawn, but at a slower rate. ★The lich will place a Rally banner after thirty seconds of activity that will do the following: -It will make the surrounding enemies within 50m do 50% more damage and increase their level by ten for every 90 seconds the Lich is out. Banner can not be removed unless the lich is removed. -This is to make the run either more challenging for people who want higher level content since the rate of level growth is accelerated, and the endless missions will scale faster as a result ★You can put the Lich in its normal downed state, at which time you can: -Choose to attempt a kill, which will either have the normal results already in-game, you get two murmers for the attempt. You no longer die, but you will Bleedout. -Humiliate the lich, such as, shoot at its feet to make it dance to avoid getting shot (funny to see), or pistol whip it, or, if you have no guns for some reason, just smack it on the ass with your current melee. which will rank it down and cause it to flee the mission. You get no murmers from this action. ★Multiple Lich can spawn at the same time and will perform coordinated attacks to take members down. -Additional thralls will spawn, but at their current rate, meaning, you can have a max of five up from each Lich, to a total of ten. -They'll perform combined attacks to take you down, meaning, if, say, a lich knows volt's lightning ability, he can cast it on the other lich to add a lightning elemental buff to their normal attacks. If the lich being cast on has something like toxin already, it'll become corrosive damage, etc. -The new lich can not place a banner if one is already out. ★The chances of a second Lich popping in a defense type mission will decrease. -This prevents the Target from being killed by constant radiation procs.
  6. Not sure how else I am going to reveal what words work on the captains.
  7. I guess you didn't read the title or my first post. Or anything I said. You just want to be mad. Okay, that's fair.
  8. I want people who play correctly. and sounds like you don't even do that either, since you seem to excuse that type of behaviour.
  9. That's the mindset of these people. "YOU DON'T PAY MY SUB!!"
  10. or how about you stop picking the liches mission if you hate it so much?
  11. Nah I have been listening and I do agree with some points people make. I'm not gonna agree with, or listen to, people treating me like trash from their very first post, which is what's been happening.
  12. No, smart one, thats me telling him to cool down and not get angry with me. I don't care who stays or goes. Also looks like you can only encounter your lich and thralls if you pick their specific mission. So instead of trying to avoid your lich by just picking the regular mission, you're forcing your permanent lich upon other players instead, halting their progress, and occasionally failing their mission for them, by purposefully picking their mission. "we shouldn't be forced to die!" yet they bring their radiation infused lich into missions and watch as teammates kill each other. and I'm selfish. All right, that's some intense logic. Anyway I'm done with this thread, the public has just been as toxic as I assumed they would be, taking their frustration with DE out on other people who have also been suffering by the "content" and just want SOMETHING to be done. have a nice life.
  13. Don't lich only spawn if you pick THEIR mission, otherwise it's the normal map?
  14. Either that or dying doesn't matter in a five minute mission because A) you're not there to level up B) it's a five minute mission most of the time, or five waves, so if you run out of revives in that span you deserve it.
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