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  1. i captured a medjay and pharaoh predasite and they dont appear in revivification. i captured a panzer vulpaphyla and that one appeared in revivification.
  2. I can imagine squad members in hard mode fissures leaving the squad when they die and squad members not reviving each other to avoid risking themselves... (not gonna revive someone in an ospreys or napalms aoe) And your suggestions just make hard mode a hassle to play and limit the warframe options... (an entire squad of wukongs inaros' rhinos or any kind of tanky frame)
  3. Nope I wanna buy some weapons and that is the only thing i spend plat on (also cosmetics) i dont have the patience to farm for a new weapon Also i dont buy platinum i just trade with people and this is the only way i support DE is by buying stuff from their market Fewer enemies is a no from me I want more things to shoot at in a third person shooting game If i wanted few enemies i would play something else
  4. Can we please remove them now? I don't mind if they break and I don't mind if I have to pay 10p just to remove it. I actually sold some primed and non primed weapons just to get them out of my sight. I don't want to delete some prime warframes just to get rid of those lenses.
  5. content creators don't really make me want to play the game i could care less even if they all left i would just unsub anyways and find someone else more reliable they aren't really that special in anyway
  6. KenthNisshoku

    Door bug

    will not open no matter what and im the one hosting... happened to me on several sessions before would be nice if all doors were destructible
  7. unplayable without the wiki? oh please i didnt even know this game had a wiki when i first started playing this game XD
  8. to me it is rewarding because I can get Sentirium easily without relying on RNG mining
  9. and also the kubrow can be an undying bullet sponge
  10. my sentinel died less than 5 mins in a lvl 50-60 bounty with primed regen... my kubrow never died or even get downed in a bounty not even once
  11. I'm not even gonna bother arguing with you anymore Why don't you just leave us alone the people who want to buy it and you ignore it if they sell it on the market for your so called devaluing non sense
  12. which is on the market where you can buy it with plat
  13. I want to use my void dash as another way to travel but the game resets my positions even when I'm not outside the map or fall in a pit
  14. can you add these to the market?
  15. I was hoping for a RANGED infested kubrow companion abilities would be like... Infest = Fires darts to a single target that infests an enemy unit. If the enemy is killed 3 maggots will spawn from it. Maggots deal 1000 impact armor ignore damage on detonation (5m range & 10sec maggot duration). Tendril = Holds down a target with tentacles while applying viral proc to it. Drag = Latches tentacles on 3 targets dragging them towards the companion's owner. Acid = When an enemy is killed by the companion it leaves a puddle of corrosive substance on the ground dealing dam
  16. it just bothers me that it's short of like 3% (forgot the exact number) status to make it 100%
  17. can we make this weapon reach 100% status? like buff the status a bit to reach 100%
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