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  1. So, I think it's to no surprise to no one, that the community (and most likely its creator SilverBones too) is severely disappointed in how DE have treated the player created weapon that was hyped by many.




    And a Syndicate mod that increased damage on (the painfully slow) charge attacks like DE mentioned few Devstreams back, is no good reason to use it, when the Ack and Brun outclasses it in every way possible. 

    Look, I even whipped something up in Paint in 10 minute just to drive the point home.


    So, the Ack and Brunt compared to the Silva and Aegis

    • Is objectively better, 
    1. >Higher damage.
    2. >Crit Viable.
    3. >Lower speed and status is offset by the fact it can use Berserker.
    • Has 5 skins (Default, and 4 more in game, one seasonal). 
    • A weapons exclusive mod, offering another playstyle with it. 

    And the Silva and Aegis has over the Ack and Brunt

    • 12 hour build time vs 24.
    • A skin that was on one platform, and isn't available anymore. 


    DE, I implore you, for the love of Lotus, 

    PLEASE have a second look at the Silva and Aegis, it is a fancy Skana with a big crafting cost, and an underwhelming Syndicate mod isn't going to change anything. 

  2. Everybody is talking how Second Dream will introduce new cinematic quest and archer frame (not confirmed) but I'm actually interested what game tweaks will be made. Like better graphics, new audio or new animation (you know like in GTA 5 when camera shakes when you run). Tho I'm pretty sure devs would announce it if they would work on such things

    Plz no camera shake. Atla's Landslide is bad enough as it is. D:

  3. You're welcome... Seriously though... All this crying about prime access is ridiculous. It's been going on two full days now.

    From people who feel they have been cheated from digital content in a free to play (core) game... It's pretty sad.

    If it wasn't for platinum and prime access packs, how would DE be able to provide anywhere near the amount of support they have given this game?

    Well, compare it to the last PA's, it's incredibly unfair.


    It had a bad start with a misleading image and Q&A.


    Cosmetics content in the main PAA and NOT in the PAA.


    It could be easily fixed if they would just let us get the Gene Masking Kit in game. I know I;d be happy! Hell, I;d even buy the PA if they did that!

  4. I just think gene masking kit should come when you got collar ... making gene kit dropable in game or purchase through market will be the solution for all this war that DE's started against community 

    ^ This.


    It;s such a simple fix, but I'm scared at this point that De won't do anything...



    be it that the Gene Masking Kit is farmable, a bp, a Plat bought item, I would be happy that I would be able to buy it, and the PAA, without having to buy £99 pack!


    I would even consider buying the PAA then if they did that! :)

  5. I understand not being able to adjust the packs once they have been released and appreciate you guys listening to our feedback, but it does not resolve the issue the skin being only available through the Prime Access. Please consider making it unlockable through the game once the collar is farmed. This would make it a lot more comparable to Carrier or Wyrm Prime who did not have their base appearance locked behind a large paywall

    This is a great idea!


    It will give players more reason to farm for that Collar (Friendly reminder all the parts are in >T4<) other than the measly stat boosts!


    Let it be plat, or bp, or another farm, if I could jsut get it ingame somewhere, I would be happy, and buy the PAA! :)

  6. OKAY. So. I've decided to be an optimist for once, about this subject. Who else is excited about how absolutely ****ing fantastic they are going to have to make the next prime access in order to make up for this trainwreck?

    At this point, I don't think I will even buy that, no matter how good they make their armour look.



  7. i think players forget that this is a buisness and if DE does not make money - there won't be a warframe game to play ! stop *@##$in and support the game.

    Well look whats happened.


    You have players saying they're going to ask for refunds now.


    Players like me not buying PAA now (And I've bought EVERY single one sicne Nyx Prime, the month I started playing).

  8. I wouldn't use it either, but it's the sheer fact that they essentially said "screw you, we're doing what we want" when questioned about them adding a cosmetic to the content pack. It may be a hideous kubrow skin now, but what if the new Saryn skin is part of the content pack of her Prime Access? This type of behavior is them getting their foot in the door to do something like that in the future.

    I would give you an upvote, but I've reached my limit of upvotes today..


    PA should be content only.


    PAA should be cosmetics only. 

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