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  1. On 6 July 2016 at 2:06 PM, (XB1)PolocoDK said:

    not true... you got her for longer XD

    You're missing the point.

    Players who have been playing for longer who may have Mag Prime and her gear already, are paying full price for a bundle that they already half own. All they want is the Prime armour (which is the main selling point and DE damn well knows that.


    The least DE can do is give blueprints instead of useless duplicates, they can be traded atleast.


    But DE hasn't acknowledged the feedback from players at all with this. Last comment was 8 months ago after Frost Prime, so I guess they just don't care about this player un-friendly bundle anymore.

    It's a shame, I have clan mates and friends in game that WOULD buy it, if they didn't have to waste money on worthless duplicates, but it's DE missing out on money.

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  2. Truth be told, DE's irl market needs looking into first.

    yes, this is another post about the dreaded Prime Vault, but when you have something that costs £40, but is one of the most player in-friendly things to buy for longer running, loyal Tenno, I can't help but feel strongly for this.

    i myself have everything in that pack (bar the avatars), but I'm talking on behalf of the many Tenno, some in my clan, some on my friend list, who have been waiting 2 years for the return of Targis Prime, but are being treated poorly by this pack, just a repeat of the Frost Prime fiasco.

    im not asking for a second pack, I know it's never going to happen, DE Rebecca said so herself on Twitter.

    But this pack, which I mentioned already is expensive (You can buy a game with he money spent on it, or due to Steam Sale, multiple games instead), and is player un-friendly.

    How is it? Well people who have Got Mag,  Boar or Dakra Prime, or all of them, get duplicates in their inventory.

    Yet nothing can be done with them. They are useless, worthless. The only thing I can see them being use for, is selling for a tiny amount of credits to get a weapon/single Frame slot.

    So essentially, any Tenno who aren't new players, have been waiting 2 whole years for this pack, are paying the same price as someone who would get entirely new things for themselves.

    DE, this silance to the backlash from the players is very telling, and my lord it's so frustrating, so many of us are angry, it feels greedy, like a cash grab, and I'm irritated for my best friend, who just wants to buy the armour, but doesn't want to waste their money on worthless duplicates.

    So long story short, DE, please just let us know /something/. You said 8 months ago you would try listening to the players after it was too late to change the Frost Unvaulting, but it doesn't feel like that at all.

    Please just give players who already own the Prime gear, blueprints instead. At least that way, they don't get worthless duplicates that can do nothing with. It would incentivise trading, and you would have more people willing to buy this pack.

    DE, *please* just talk to your community about this... 

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

    What happens if I buy the pack already owning Mag Prime? Will I get a additional copy of Mag Prime or will it be discounted to compensate for "the lost value"?

    I'm only really looking for Targis Armor since it was only available for a limited time, which I did not play at.

    Guess what?

    You get...

    a useless duplicate!

    A personal middle finger from DE to you! :D 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, HalliF4x said:

    I feel pretty bad about dropping 60 € for just the plat and targis i cant even donate the gear to my friends :-/

    Exactly! De doesn't even listen to it;s playerbase when it comes to packages they have to sell. Remember how hard we had to fight for the Trinity Prime Access? 

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  5. 11 hours ago, ZennedasDiamond said:

    Its Prime Vault, Not Prime Access so, they doesnñ not care about selling prime accesories without wf, so.... stop complaining about that.


    It's called constructive criticism.

    And until DE treats older players netter, we will never stop "complaining". 

    The main attraction of this pack is Targis Prime and EVERYONE knows this, especially DE. Why would they have jumped MULTIPLE Prime Accessorises that came out before Nyx Primes?

    A secondary pack, cheaper or not, would be the best option.

    Or giving people who already own the Frame / Weapons blueprints, so we don't waste our money on useless duplicates. 

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  6. So, I think it's to no surprise to no one, that the community (and most likely its creator SilverBones too) is severely disappointed in how DE have treated the player created weapon that was hyped by many.




    And a Syndicate mod that increased damage on (the painfully slow) charge attacks like DE mentioned few Devstreams back, is no good reason to use it, when the Ack and Brun outclasses it in every way possible. 

    Look, I even whipped something up in Paint in 10 minute just to drive the point home.


    So, the Ack and Brunt compared to the Silva and Aegis

    • Is objectively better, 
    1. >Higher damage.
    2. >Crit Viable.
    3. >Lower speed and status is offset by the fact it can use Berserker.
    • Has 5 skins (Default, and 4 more in game, one seasonal). 
    • A weapons exclusive mod, offering another playstyle with it. 

    And the Silva and Aegis has over the Ack and Brunt

    • 12 hour build time vs 24.
    • A skin that was on one platform, and isn't available anymore. 


    DE, I implore you, for the love of Lotus, 

    PLEASE have a second look at the Silva and Aegis, it is a fancy Skana with a big crafting cost, and an underwhelming Syndicate mod isn't going to change anything. 

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  7. 5 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Subject to change for sure, Hotfix isn't out yet so we may make it non-opt-outable after all, or change how.

    Hey Rebecca, the kind people over at r/Warframe had an idea.


    How about, a backwards roll / backflip?

    That way, there is an easy way to opt out, and can't be accidentally done very easily! 

    ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

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  8. 7 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

    Something that both you and the guy in the video are both missing is that shields aren't objectively worse than health on sentinels. In fact, they might be far better on sentinels.

    Quick question, what's the number one hazard to a sentinel's well-being? The answer is explosions. Enemies don't shoot at sentinels as long as the Tenno is still alive, but explosions hit the both of you. This means while a Tenno has to take cover to see its shields regen, a sentinel can regen its shields whenever the heck it wants. As long as it has enough shields to tank one grenade or two bombard rockets, it will never see damage to health, only a little bit of easily-regenerated shield damage

    Should the Wrym P still have 200 health? Yes. But it's not "the weakest sentinel"

    It is, in terms on EHP (effective health.

    Also, shields don't block damage once they break, the damage just carries over, and doesn;t even take into account armour either, so if a rocket breaks its shields, it's more or less dead.


    That, and status goes straight through shields. 

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  9. PLEASE fix Wyrm Prime before he's Vaulted!

    Wyrm Prime is statistically the weakest sentinel, being beaten by its' very base counterpart. 

    While we're talking about Primes, some of the old ones need a touch-up. Wyrm Prime has a weaker stat than his base, the same with Fang Prime.


    PLEASE fellow Tenno, keep this topic on Wyrm alive.

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