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  1. 2 Really easy ones here.

    1: Will Chroma EVER get a 4th config slot to colour, so far his 4 elemental passives is SEVERELY hampered by the 3 configs on him. 

    2: Will we ever see Prime dual pistols, like Akvasto Prime? I don;t think there have been any prime weapons released outside of a Prime Access since I started way back in U13.11?


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  2. Sabotage needs a rework! Grineer galleon and asteroid targets are WAY to easy to destory. Maybe bosot their health and have security team for them.


    And deception is very capture like. Needs its own spin.


    Also, AkVasto Prime, will we ever see anymore prime gear outside of Prime Access? Perhaps change Akbronco Prime link into simple "prime link" 

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  3. I can't wait for Ivara, looks REALLY fun and skilful to play. can't wait to use tricks to stealth myself and team-mates. 


    Ann the new relay looks amazing. Here's hoping all relays will look different one day. :D


    And thanks again Reb and the Dev team for the kind words and using my account to test sorties! <3 

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  4. With the upcoming Sniper Rework, can we PLEASE have a tiny bit of innate punch though?


    From the questionnaire thread a few days ago, everyone seemed to agree that damage isn't so much of a problem with Snipers, but the lack of "killing quick enough" ability. 


    Punchtrough that is just enough to atleast go through one enemy and hit another, would bolster Snipers and give them A LOT more usabilty, so Snipers can keep up wit hthe rest of the Squad and still do their part.




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