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  1. Oh. A bit disappointed it's conclave....when Archeing still needs so much more love... In a ratio-wise way, conclave has had tonnes more attention that A-wing since bother their introductions.

    Anyway, questions!

    1:Ak prime pistols?

    2: Nexus app? How's it going? :)

    3: Relays. How are the new statues going for them?

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  2. Nerfing Hydroidbecause of one Node??? 


    He is a oen trick pony, and you made his SINGLE trick weaker. WHILE not changing any of his other abilities to make him a more viable frame. And i'm assumimg Tentacle Swarm still spawns in stupid locations where they whip around uselessly. Un-believable. Instead of making that one Uranus node more in live with other nodes, Hydroid has gone back down...


    And Mags nerf? She's back to being just a one trick pony against the Corpus.


    I wishatleast change Greedy Pull to something like

    1: Greedy Pull has a % chance of pulling in Synd pickups, at a reduced range compared to other item pull range.


    2: Greedy Pull pulls in Lvl 1 Synd medallions (There are 3 levels of Medallions), in a reduced range compared to other item pull range.

    Sigh The 2 msot underused frames got a nerf today, while gaining NOTHING in return.

  3. Any news on Dual Prime Pistols?

    Will shot gun pistols/hand cannons be buffed with the upcoming shotgun buff?

    Statues in Relays being that planets unlockableFrame? Shrino had a good run, but Ember statue! I remember you guys had a plan for this?

    News on Orokin Derelict??? That place hasn't been touched upon in AGES.

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  4. Oh god, you are thinking to add more corrupted mods? Most if not all of them breaks the game to such a point that we have Greedy mag's and Miasma Saryns, and Javelin excals.

    Hopefully we will see more weapon ones, or hek, Sentinal/Kubrow ones?! C'mon DE, think of the possibilities!

  5. Any news on Relays?

    I remember a few Streams back you guys mentioned clan spaces, and each Shrino being replaced with that planets frame?

    Any news on Relays?

    I remember a few Streams back you guys mentioned clan spaces, and each Shrino being replaced with that planets frame?

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  6. IGN: oceano4


    2: I've been in my current clan for almost a year now, and it's just become too inactive for me. Even with 885 members currently I found myself the only one donating (Millions of credits and thousands of Oxium, I ended up being the only reason we got our dojo teleporters) to the dojo. I've heard many good things about Cephalon Shy and how sociable it is.I would love to make more friends on Warframe that I could help along the way and participate in more Raids! :)


    3: I have been playing Warframe for almost a year now (About 1 or 2 weeks away at this moment) and I've made my way to Mastery Rank 17. I enjoy helping people, in and out of video games. Currently I am most popular with my friends for helping them farm for rare resources with my Pilfering Hydroid. It's win win for all of us, XP, resources, and the great feeling of helping other players. :D
    Because of this I'm very active player, and most people find me in alliance chat getting to know others, seeing if I can help them with anything.

    IRL I've just turned 20, have my own laptop, which I paid for with hard earned money from the retail job I've been in for just over 1 and a half years. Even their my collogues look forward to when I start shifts because of my eagerness to help others and serve customers with my best possible service (That's what I've been told by them at least, I hope I don't sound bigheaded ._.).

    And lastly because I feel like I've dragged this on too much by accident, I enjoy fast paced games and strategy games, but when I find something I see myself wanting to actually be good at, I find myself playing hours and hours at a time, looking up at all the best tips online, the best equipment to use and the most efficient strategies in reaching our goals. 

    Apologies for any spelling errors, hurt my finger during a delivery at work on my last shift. :D

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