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  1. Similar to scanner charges, which can be bought for relatively cheap, this gear item effectively opens a "Friends Only" or "Invite Only" mission up to anyone who selects the new "SOS" node on a planet or other destination. This is meant for new Tenno or those with low MR to be able to enter a mission they have trouble with and call for the help of someone wanting to play on that destination. Instead of going into the Recruiting chat channel, which can be turned off in the options menu and is also mostly used to LFG of farming groups, now players would be able to draw attention to their plig
  2. Wait, wasn't this thread locked??? Furion's not dead yet?! Wonderful! I'm still one of the idiots holding out hope he makes it in one day!
  3. Still having issues with Necramech abilities using a gamepad. Example: Using Voidrig's 2 (hit RB), the ability will activate and only remain active as long as I do not use the D-pad to switch to another ability. The instant I hit right or left on the D-pad to change to a different ability to cast, I lose all shielding provided by the 2. The same happens with Guard Mode, the 4th ability. Therefore, all Voidrig abilities are mutually exclusive while on a gamepad. Even the Grave Mines, the 3, will stop firing early if the ability is activated and then the D-pad is used to select another ability.
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