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  1. Ok have to wait a little longer. Thanks for the update.
  2. JCBeastie

    Stasis Field and Tractor Beam bug.

    Not sure if it's an issue with Lambeo or all MOAs but Stasis Field never activates when equipped alongside Tractor Beam. I thought that they were good combo for the Vallis until I tried it, no bubble ever. Take Tractor Beam off, it works! Tractor Beam functions normally, just no Stasis Field. Anyone noticed anything similar?
  3. JCBeastie

    Where is the vacuum apocalypse?

    If you have a an ability that you can only cast at your max energy you've got problems. Either way you could mod for more capacity, or efficiency. You can't do anything about wasting an orb because Vacuum doesn't care.
  4. JCBeastie

    Where is the vacuum apocalypse?

    I never really understood why anybody wouldn't want Vacuum; but AGGP described his issue recently, which was that it causes you to waste Energy Orbs. Only one energy off your cap? Vacuum waste a whole orb. Now that isn't technically an issue with Vacuum, and an easy change would be to make orbs only consumable for the entire amount. Which if you think about it doesn't really hurt anything, if you're next to death you'll need a whole health orb, if you're low on energy you've got room for a whole orb.
  5. JCBeastie

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    Does it effect Corrosive status?
  6. JCBeastie

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    I'm always at work when Devstream is on, can you put my name in a hat for plat (oh that rhymed) please? 😉
  7. JCBeastie

    Another wave of nerfs to k-drives?

    I came to say all of this. 😐 I hope this wasn't intentional, if it was then sod using the bloody thing any more. Archwing everywhere!
  8. I was thinking the other day about Corpus in universe are up to some really advanced stuff: Remember how the Sentients subverted Orokin tech and they had to go medieval? So far the Corpus have used Tenno tech (Zanuka), Infested biology (Good old Alad) and now Sentient (Battacor etc). I think they're going to take over.
  9. JCBeastie

    Best sentinel/moa weapon?

    Prisma Burst Laser is pretty decent since it has an excellent status chance, only problem is the accuracy on the damn thing.
  10. JCBeastie

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    K-Drive reactors and jets still not sitting at the end of the board when in the world as they do in previews.
  11. Thank you for Dark theme; could do with a darker background IMO but that's just nitpicking. 😛
  12. JCBeastie

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I just don't understand who these changes are for? There seems to be this vocal minority of people whining about the stuff locked behind this time-gate. So what? There's plenty of people who have earned the rewards already, it's not like any of them are necessary either. They're bonuses. It never kept me awake at night that I didn't have the Sigma and Octantis. I just played the game, ground my stuff, earned my mastery and got a prize once in a while. Why change the system? Log in rewards benefit the people who have logged in the most, it's implicit! I do not see the issue here. All I can see is people getting angry they can't get a shiny thing, these are the only items in game you can't drop plat on. Everything else in this game you work for, you grind it, you craft it, you wait. Is the issue that the time-scale is too long? If that's the case just squash the milestones down, give everybody the rewards retroactively (i.e. if you've played 1000 days you earn earn everything up to that milestone) and move on. Don't even get me started on a choice of Prime Mods, none of the older players got to choose, that doesn't seem right.
  13. JCBeastie

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0

    Seriously though what the hell does that Rahn Prism description even mean??
  14. JCBeastie

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Was away when the update dropped but now I'm back and I'm eager to play the next cinematic quest! One small thing though, reading the patch notes I notice that Valkyrs Talons aren't customisable? I was looking forward to using a different energy colour for her claws. Any chance you could offer that to us?
  15. I like the look of this; recently pulled my Saryn out of her mason jar to try out in Onslaught. Never really was a fan of her previous rework, felt like you had to use every button to make anything happen. This seems like the play style will be more natural/strategic.