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  1. It's a feature on real knives, for cutting cords.
  2. I don't have much to say about Ember tbh, mostly Vauban but I do have an issue they both share. The new skills Orbital Strike and Inferno, mechanically fine, but diegetically I don't like that these powers come from the sky. What are we using materia now, casting spells? Warframe powers should originate from the Warframe; or do you expect us to believe Vauban takes an Ion Cannon every where he goes, or Ember can yank rocks from any nearby asteroid field? Warframe's style is slowly getting eroded and I don't like that. As for the rest of Vaubans rework, well I would have put money on the fact that Minelayer would get the chop, but no. Bastille and Vortex being combined is genius, I love that. Tesla as drones? Sure! But Minelayer... why is this still here. I want 4 abilities that work, but you're still presenting us with effectively 8 powers to choose from (Tesla, 4 Minelayer options, Orbital Strike, Bastille/Vortex). Are any of these Minelayer powers anything but filler? Like all these multiple selection skills you tend to pick one and stick to it because they are so cumbersome to use. Either chop it down to 2 or 3 genuinely useful powers or replace it with a single useful skill. Mini Ripline, why? Mini Radial Javelin? What is this offering me? Boost pads? If I'm racing maybe. Damage Amp? Seriously? Passive, boring, lazy and dangerously threatening to be the default choice. Do you even see how Vauban is looking like a poor version of Wisp? I'm sure you can make it work but I feel if you're taking the time to rework him, slow down and do it decently, work to a theme, streamline him. My biggest concern playing Vauban these days is just how fragile he is; why is a frame named for a famous castle builder not in any way defensive? Yes the CC is nice, but historically I've been shot to death by the enemies outside of Bastille pretty consistently. Why not an orb that vacuums projectiles in? Or a deployable barrier? Just please think of something with utility instead of ticking boxes, it's clear to me Minelayer does not need 4 options and you've struggled to come up with meaningful choices twice now. Rethink it please.
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