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  1. I wasn’t to sure. But did they really say kuva grattler? I don’t care for others. I need a grattler for my nechramech. And I need a good one. So kuva grattler go!
  2. I know right? What would have been freaking awesome would be his actual head being the head of your frame. Like being chased by a monsterized version of yourself. That way people would have a reason to try different frames to create cooler looking pets with more badass heads.
  3. It is so hard to answer to this stuff because your posts are really hard to follow. In one post, you say casuals are hijacking and your are feeling betrayed by DE. Then in another post, you say you are in if DE intended to do RJ from the start. You say you spent thousands on Rivens to sit in a RJ doing nothing. THOUSANDS. Your enthusiasm is great but you should take a step back and reflect on what you are talking about in regards of constructive criticism. if you put thousands of dollars into the game, you should ask yourself if it’s the right thing to do to get some higher
  4. 4K.... 🤣 holy S#&$. 2014? Damn. One of the OG crew. founder from 2013 reporting in here. 🙏🏻 nice to have the old crew here as well.
  5. But that is YOU deciding for yourself. If you decide to spent money on something that changes over a certain period of time it’s your own fault. It’s like blaming a stock market for your portfolio to go down after you invested. Nobody made you do anything. You decided for yourself to spent on a game that is by definition a game as a service. And RJ didn’t just pop up yesterday. What happens here is that you blame DE for moving into a direction YOU do not approve of. You feel lied to... That is such a one dimensional point of view on a multi layered topic that it almost hurts me. I get where yo
  6. Bro.... calling others casuals that hijack the game? Are you sure you want to take that route in this matter. Doesn’t make you look credible.....
  7. Since the content is different and people still like the different playstyle, why deem it ”dead content“? The problem you people have is that the rewards aren’t provided as fast as in normal relics. Wtf? If your looking for efficiency, don’t play the game at all. Get in bed at 7pm so you wake up earlier to get stuff done. Efficiency is useful in real life. But holy moly, the moment efficiency becomes the thing that decides what’s good or bad content, people should reconsider playing at all....
  8. Hello fellow Tenno, for the past few months i worked on a concept and design for a warframe that is based on thin cutting threads. His name is Razek. In this thread i provide artwork, concept and the story of him. And his signature weapons. If people are interested, i might add an alt helmet and a better syandana. I would love your feedback and your ideas on how to make him somewhat balanced and cool to play. Thank you all for reading and enjoy. PS: Since english isnt my everyday language, certain grammar mistakes may occur. I would also appreciate some correction if the l
  9. What you say! I love the basic warframe gameplay but the way these two parts play out just suit it very well. Love it.
  10. Thank you very much. I give you a message when I’m putting it on the fan concepts. I’d be happy to get your feedback.
  11. It’s a warframe that utilizes strings and slash procs. lore is already complete. signature weapons are complete. design is also done. skills are done aswell. the current work around would be stats and the mechanics.
  12. Oh Boy im All in. I‘m just in the process of making a warframe of my own so I would love to participate!
  13. Those that push the nerfs.... wow. Seems like a really sad way of thinking. in the end everyone, like you said, should have the ability to play the way they want. And if the way you want to play, locks you away from content, because it’s simply not doable from a status point, not everyone can play as they want. You talk about people not “wanting“ to use certain things in game while defending your personal playstyle and calling out others to even the odds for a majority of weapons so more people can have the same feeling you already have for playing with their desired weapons. You de
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