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  1. A wolf change, hopefully he actually spawns for me.
  2. Buffs/Adjustments/wording: 1. Aberrations buffing power strength on warframes that almost never get the full benefit from 300% bonus power strength.. ie. Loki, 4th only applies damage to infested. 2. Wording of Finisher and Finishing damage, and how they interact with the game. ie. ash can proc trickery arcane.. ONLY if it out right kills the target and the bleed doesn't finish them. we also know his ult is a two part damage based ult so it aligns up properly on why it should proc. So why does Finishing touch not properly apply to first instance of damage? I feel like the mod and others like it should be reworded or reworked/fixed for clarity.
  3. All auras stack, so it should work the same, don't forget about coaction drift powering up auras. That should also increase the negative power strength, going off how it behaves normally.
  4. Wow, this mod are amazing. I love the dodge, reinforces the whole dodge to live mindset. Can't wait till this update drops!
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