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  1. I have been leading an expedition to the void, to find the almighty orokin table ! (Actually took me a while to get it, lol) This. It's been in the game for decades, but it has never been added as a dojo orokin decoration, I know you can create a table from almost anything, just need to be creative, but why not add this one, when it is already in the game. Thank you.
  2. Would be intresting, maybe it's already planned for the future. Right now, I believe Warframe would go BOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
  3. @krazoxYou've tested it? I mean, it would make sense that the spot got nerfed completely to hell , but in this care, why the spot wasn't removed completely? Now when it's useless.
  4. The spot is still there, it's just a bit edited.
  5. TennoGen ! Very nice,thank you. Just some reminders: - Still looking for some in-game lighting changes (autoexposure) . - Host migrations were happening more than usual, especially in longer runs, already reported in PC Bugs MM. - Tusk heavy gunner having too much damage. - Helminth flowers growing inside the infested walls. - Having Necramechs in normal missions (very needed). - Selfdamage knockdown on AMPs is one of the worst thing in this game that was implemented, get rid off it, being locked in that animation almost after every shot is horrible.
  6. Never in any games before booster or premium services were paused when we are offline, easily because it would shrunk their sales, so it's better to just let them run nonstop, and the customer will buy a new one when it runs out. That would be nice for us players, but a terrible business decision for DE.
  7. I knew someone will mention why I don't just buy 2x7-day booster, the thing is, longer booster also means a plat discount ( even if it means saving 10 or 20 plat).
  8. Hey, so , why don't we have 14 (15) day boosters ? It's not a big deal, but 7-day booster feels too short, on the other hand, 30-day booster feels way too long, some people (me included) won't last farming something more than two weeks (if you run it daily, you'll get bored at some point). So my suggestion is to add a middle option duration for boosters, it doesn't have any cons and some people would be happy, simple.
  9. Welcome to lighting series, part 3 (by FrutyX) Bruh, is someone pointing an reflector on him ?
  10. Hello, for the last week, I've been running a lot of Steel Path survival, usually 2-3h long, and with every single day, it's getting worse and worse. Almost every run, someone gets disconnected, host migration is almost guaranteed, I'm not sure if there is a problem with the Steel Path that the p2p connection will start to bug out, but this isn't funny anymore. There are multiple types of runs: - Sometimes only one player gets disconnected, so we finish the run without him. - Sometimes 1 player gets disconnected, several minutes later, another player gets disconnected,
  11. You guys... need to relax. Lock this thread already.
  12. Yes ! I've been doing long survivals recently, and it's almost impossible to get a squad when at least one person won't disconnect (host migration), sometimes it's even me, yesterday I got it twice in a row , yet my internet was stable and the host was OK too, I was even able to see their chat while I was getting host migration. This does not seems to be caused by the players, but by the game, I do hope this will be fixed soon, it's very annoying.
  13. The answer is actually pretty simple... who is actually playing Gorgon? Okay you and? Other five people? The weapon itself is just bad, and there many other weapons that are much better to use, Gorgon isn't popular, so it's not much played thus it doesn't have skins.
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