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  1. My game just crashed in Plague Star when Stage 2 finished, unfortunately I don't have a WAR number because I had to force Warframe to shut down and the crash reporter did not launch. I didn't crashed before, hopefully it's not because of this hotfix :-/.
  2. It's not really that bad. You need a good team that knows what they are doing, my runs are average 8 mins (best time 7:52) and to think that you get 1 forma in 8 mins isn't bad at all.
  3. This whole rank looks not deserved and for some reason, I would welcome much more MR31 than number 1 again, feels like being MR1 again. And ye, the icon itself looks like you are some bronze rookie.
  4. I agree that the Granum void part should be removed, the way Kuva liches are handled is much better. The whole process is simply annoying and very time-consuming, over and over again. And you do all that, just to find out, that the candidate has the same weapon... This is a horrible grind, and it seems (for me), that some weapons got higher chance to spawn, like I've been getting the Flux Rifle, Envoy or Diplos too much often.
  5. :DDDDDDDDDDDD "I used the stones, to destroy the stones" reversed Warframe version.
  6. So this new mini-quest is only all about k-drives, huh?
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