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  1. Actually there is only one thing I really want,and it's not a cheap one - domestik drone bundle,need some boys for some sucking here lmao 😄 Anyway,Happy Tennobaum everyone 🙂
  2. Hello there, so today,in a mobile defense mission with Thralls , we been as usually defending our terminal,but then,the terminal started to spin around on the same place,like 360°. Of course it was very funny,I've never seen such bug,it was probably caused by a Kuva Lich,which was very close to it,hard to say,but maybe it has something to do with his animations ? 😄 I don't have a vid,but I have three pics :
  3. Same,servers died when baro came 🙂
  4. Hello , so let's make this short as possible. I don't have any picture evidence, but also I think it's not really needed that much. So I was in a thrall mission and some Kuva Lich from another player spawned,we have sucessfully banished him and boom,another Kuva Lich spawned - but this time,it was mine. The problem is,that when he was talking to me,he was using the same animation (the dialogue one) as the Lich before,so he had the right name,but he was using the wrong animation and he looked like a Lich from another player,but he was mine,there was his name,but wrong animation from a different lich. And that's pretty much it,nothing serious,but still probably worth reporting 🙂
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