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  1. Hello,

    I've been noticing a huge performance decrease that came with one of the last updates or hotfixes (could be the RJ update, but can't confirm it), and the thing is, I didn't touched my settings, and yet, the game is getting only worse.

    I used to play on a mix of medium-high settings with "almost" stable 60fps, but it felt smooth, now, my fps are usually dropping to 28 (on a small map like Hydron, as an example), while 50 is max and 30-40 is average, but they are not only low fps, the game feels.... heavy, not smooth, not exactly lagging, but it does not feel right.

    I believe Warframe is here to blame, because I don't see any problem in my computer, my components aren't even close to get to 100% (cores each reached 60% max in HWMonitor) usage and they are not hot, barely warm. I am not running any background apps except Chrome and Steam (yes and Avast), I have everything up-to-date and pretty much cleaned, the game was verified&optimized in the launcher, running on DX11 (tried DX12, terrible lag).

    Operating System: Windows 10 64bit v1909
    Power supply: Seasonic GM-650W
    Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor(8 CPUs), ~3.3GHz (3.6Ghz - 4.2GHz auto-OC)
    Memory: 16384MB RAM (Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 4x4 GB)
    Graphic Card: ASUS Dual Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 (drivers ver. 21.3.2, but I was using like 21.1.X before and nothing changed)
    Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 + 1680 x 1050 (60Hz both)
    Storage units:

    Samsung SSD 860 EVO (with OS)
    WDC WD10 EZEX-00BN5A0 (with Warframe, defragged)

    Of course, not the best "gaming machine", but should be pretty much enough for Warframe, right? 3 days ago, I've finished AC Valhalla on stable 60fps with high settings, no problems, so...

    My graphical settings:










    I wasn't playing much, but what happened to Warframe? The performance wasn't always perfect, but this is horrible, there is no opmimization and playing is not very enjoyable :(...

  2. I have been leading an expedition to the void, to find the almighty orokin table ! (Actually took me a while to get it, lol)




    It's been in the game for decades, but it has never been added as a dojo orokin decoration, I know you can create a table from almost anything, just need to be creative, but why not add this one, when it is already in the game.

    Thank you.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Nasair said:

    It was a great spot but DE doesn't like that kind of game play. They'll increase the drop rate or make a better way to get it but it won't be for a long time.

    The spot is still there, it's just a bit edited.

  4. Never in any games before booster or premium services were paused when we are offline, easily because it would shrunk their sales, so it's better to just let them run nonstop, and the customer will buy a new one when it runs out. That would be nice for us players, but a terrible business decision for DE.

  5. Hey,

    so , why don't we have 14 (15) day boosters ? It's not a big deal, but 7-day booster feels too short, on the other hand, 30-day booster feels way too long, some people (me included) won't last farming something more than two weeks (if you run it daily, you'll get bored at some point).

    So my suggestion is to add a middle option duration for boosters, it doesn't have any cons and some people would be happy, simple.

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  6. Hello,

    for the last week, I've been running a lot of Steel Path survival, usually 2-3h long, and with every single day, it's getting worse and worse.

    Almost every run, someone gets disconnected, host migration is almost guaranteed, I'm not sure if there is a problem with the Steel Path that the p2p connection will start to bug out, but this isn't funny anymore.

    There are multiple types of runs:

    - Sometimes only one player gets disconnected, so we finish the run without him.

    - Sometimes 1 player gets disconnected, several minutes later, another player gets disconnected, in the end it's just me and the host, or I get disconnected too.

    - Sometimes someone gets disconnected and the next "chosen" guy is me.

    - Sometimes the game will decide to throw me out first.

    - Sometimes what did happend to me is, that I get host migration twice in a row (like in two runs in a row).


    One would say that it's because hosts poor connection, I am getting this almost every single run, even when my ping is around 40 max with the host, and it's working great, until one moment when the session starts to bug out or I just don't know. My internet is stable and working good, I can even see, while I am getting host migration, how they type in the chat, then what's the problem ? For me, "all systems are nominal" , everytime when I get a host migration, I go and to check my net, completely nothing is wrong with it, it's stable.


    Usually I'll get migrated and I just save my progress (loot) , so at least I will not lose my loot, this time, when hotfix 29.2.0 dropped, it kicked one guy, and few mins later even me, but thanks to the hotifx, I lost all loot and instead of a new session, I got kicked out to my orbiter as "mission failed" , almost two hours of progress (loot) completely lost.


    Feel free to check the logs (if you have any) by my account , I am doing almost only Ophelia SP Survival.

    PC , Europe region .

    Note : I have saved my EE.log, if there is someone from the staff willing to take a look , I can create a support ticket, tell me what you want from me to make it identifiable.

    Note 2: I've decided to send my EE.log anyway as a ticket.

  7. Yes !

    I've been doing long survivals recently, and it's almost impossible to get a squad when at least one person won't disconnect (host migration), sometimes it's even me, yesterday I got it twice in a row , yet my internet was stable and the host was OK too, I was even able to see their chat while I was getting host migration.

    This does not seems to be caused by the players, but by the game, I do hope this will be fixed soon, it's very annoying.

  8. 34 minutes ago, Luciole77 said:

    Same here...now they want to remove formas from plague star and force us to buy another computer in 2021 with directx and bla bla...DE only worrie about cosmetic things...content? totally forgot...

    What the ? So DirectX 10 removal is forcing us to buy a new PC ? You even serious ? Literally who is playing games with DirectX 10, you can't even expect to play with that most modern 3D games.

    Anyways, the game is currently a huge mess, it feels like DE is trying to create new trends with new content, meanwhile the old content gets forgotten, and that's an error that is ruining the game, too much stuff to handle, no wonder DE can't keep up.

    And when it comes to platinum, yes, I noticed they are trying to make more plat than before, but I also must say, that the in-game economy offers a way how to earn the in-game premium currency without spending any penny, most games do not have such opportunity and you can buy the premium currency only with real money.

    I know people, usually old veterans, that doesn't have platinum in thousands, but in hundreds of thousands plat, so no wonder DE are increasing the costs of new things, it's still not that insane as their plat wallets. Don't be lazy to make plat.

    Never force yourself to play something, that's a mistake many people are doing, just don't. Find something else, that is going to fulfill you ( a new game I guess) , and just take a break from Warframe.

    That's what I do, you cannot play the same game forever, so you just take a break, I personally usually spend 2-3 months doing something else (last time it was when Scarlet Spear was out) , and then, when I see Warframe again, I get back to it, with much bigger taste than before.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, (PS4)Cool_TRG said:

    but the point is he shouldn't be either a tank or a farmer, he's a summoner so he should have abilities that cater towards his original use which is as a summoner, DE isnt going to get us good summoners if we keep accepting nekros as he is we need nekros to be an actual summoner.

    That's what you want him to be, he originally never was an summoner (yes,his ult are shadows,but that does not make him a summoner only), but a looter/farmer, even his shadows augment was added later. And most importantly, I don't see a reason, why he shouldn't be good for multipurpose. 

    Some Warframes aren't played because of their ult abilities, but for their non-ult abilities because they are much better than the actual ults.

    Yes, his first two abilities are very meh, but I can still get him to tank anything (90% damage reduction from his augment,90% resistance for any damage type from Adaptation + some armor) and he is very good, you can still even desecrate with it. Then again, he can still be a farmer only with some big range.

    One Warframe, two purposes , what else does he need? You want him to become god? To make a huge army and spam resources? Remember that Warframe has it's limits, and you cannot have that huge army, and shadows cannot oneshot enemies, because that would be too OP and would be immediately nerfed anyway.

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  10. 42 minutes ago, gogita said:

    seems like you don't play warframe cause it runs horrible so many game bug issues

    You are talking about a completely different thing, I meant future optimizations when it comes to performance, not game bugs (gameplay related), what does game bugs have to do with the DX changes anyway? Exactly nothing.

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  11. Yea, I mean .... nobody can expect to play "modern" games with only DX10, so I don't think that's a big deal.

    I am very excited when devs say "Optimizations", there are many devs that completely don't care about optimizations in their games, all they care about are skins, batlepass stuff and any other ways how to make money, meanwhile their games are running terribly, yet they still make money, sad.

    Optimizations always first !


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  12. Welcome to lighting series, part 2 (by FrutyX)

    I have two screenshots lying here for a while (I was lazy to upload them) , these are from ESO maps ,yet again, we can see how the lighting in this game is "well-balanced" ...


    Insanely dark shadows and lighting overall






    That's a lot of lighting right there (it may look like OK on a screenshot, but trust me, it was hella bright for my eyes), absolutely the opposite of the screenshot above





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