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  1. Will we get the score of this operation as a profile stat?Would be nice ❤️ 🙂
  2. Clan name : Quasars Storm Clan tier : Storm Clan platform : PC Clan role : Decorator Ladies and gentlemen , please enjoy the ride... Main hall (spawn room) : Dueling rooms (contains ways into dueling rooms,that's why) Treasury Ice World Frozen Peak Nightfall tree Void Portal Gaming Center Storm Hangar All Year Christmas room Atlas A Lone Outpost Qlub Golden Gazebo Pipe Station Your Sanity Ancient Plaza ( This one has disabled shadows [Character Shadows in settings] due to problems with shadows and the lighting) Other (non-specific , hallways)
  3. Yeeeeeey finally fixes here ! Thank you ! :) - Yet still I think that the animal footsteps should be more visible, even make my eyes burn,but I can barely see them on some textures and it's really easy to lost the way ... Make them more colorful and glowy, I am probably not the only one who would appreciate that I believe.
  4. /// INCOMING TRANSMISSION /// Thanks ! 🙂 Let's All Lift Together soon . /// END TRANSMISSION ///
  5. Thank you ! :) AI changes are always welcome,it was really annoying when enemies every wave got stuck at their spawn points (in Arbitrations ,most of the time the drones were stuck). Also, Fixed script error resulting in black icons to appear in place of HUD buffs when the Adaptation Mod is equipped. R.I.P the resistance to empty blackness ! 😄
  6. Quasars Storm presents: Our dojo contest video Clan name: Quasars Storm Tier: Storm Platform: PC My clan role: Decorator Room not seen in the video: Big thanks to everyone who made this possible !
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