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  1. --Q--FrutyX

    Hind Wraith / Prime

    Hind ? C'mon,there are much better weapons...Did you tried Tiberon prime?
  2. --Q--FrutyX

    Can we rename Survival into Suffocation

    Oh,you never been in a survival longer than 2 hours Am I right? Because you can try alone to fight enemes level 300+ and then,you can call it survival. Suffocation sounds more precise,but also well...kinda bad , survival is survival and sounds still much better.
  3. --Q--FrutyX

    Inaros or Excalibur

    -> Excalibur
  4. --Q--FrutyX

    Warframe Support ?

    They do,but they are very often overwhelmed,it can take more than 2 weeks,you just gotta be patient,nothing else to do.
  5. --Q--FrutyX

    Warframe as a new player

    @Fugana You can't just go and switch game engines,that's not how it works...
  6. --Q--FrutyX

    Do all three Moas/K-Drives give mastery?

    Each MOA model gives MR XP (yes,they are three) ,same with K-driver,each K-drive board gives MR XP (they are three as well) .
  7. --Q--FrutyX

    Octavia mandachord suggestion

    Yeah and meanwhile you dance,you'll get killed.
  8. Red Alert : There is an spider invasion in Fortuna again . So ye,hello - so after I've returned with my squad from Vallis,one spider managed to get back with us. He was attacking me the whole time and my kavat managed to damage him (lol) . I think only screenshots can say the most ,so here we go : ,-)
  9. Hello, so it seems that after Hotfix 24.1.5 , the dojo Christmas trees got a glitched texture,they are black instead of green. No matter what room or position I use,they are just completely black. Thanks :)
  10. --Q--FrutyX

    Orbiter decorations - more capacity?

    Capacity limit not for each room,but for the entire ship - that's smart,big thumbs up !
  11. --Q--FrutyX

    Orbiter decorations - more capacity?

    Hello, this problem has been hauting for some time already,but honestly,I would like to share it to DE,I am not sure about a solution at the moment,but I will explain. So I am an lover of decorations ,not only for the orbiter,but also for dojo,but this thread is about orbiter decorations. With every bigger update, we are getting more and more orbiter decorations,some of them are accessible via market and some of them you can literally farm (Fortuna stuff etc.) and if someone like me keeps collecting them (not spamming them,but at least one of every) then you soon start to have a problem - the problem is the orbiter capacity,I've been collecting all decorations since DE added the first decoration ever and it looks that I've already reached the limit for them,it's kinda annoying because I do like a well decorated orbiter and with each new decoration I have already problem because I don't have space to put it somewhere. Now the orbiter limit - I can fully understand that it must have an limit otherwise too much decorations will create performance problems or even crashes and that's excatly why I am not sure about any solution,I believe it can take more decorations or some little optimizations are possible to get more stuff into our orbiters - but in the end,I am not DE nor a programmer to keep saying anything about performance. Another thing to mention - some decorations are honestly in my opinion too much capacity heavy,I really can't say if it's because performance again,but decorations like articulas are kinda overkill when it comes to capacity cost. There are many decorations in game already and there will be many in future updates - I personally love decorations ,but the limit won't let us to create something more creative and big. One things I have to mention - I am personally NOT using the Helminth room ,simply because without nidus there is no access (I've already did an separate thread for it aswell) and for someone who barely uses Nidus - it's like the room doesn't exist. It's feedback,not complaining,because with all honesty I have a lot of decorations and many displays/glyphs around my orbiter but that's exactly what I've said - well decorated orbiter,even with details. Thank you for understanding.
  12. --Q--FrutyX

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Yes ! Win7 fans will persist ! 😄
  13. --Q--FrutyX

    What is a Fridger??

    Could be an orbiter decoration,or maybe even collectible,hard to say,there is no official info.
  14. --Q--FrutyX

    Dojo decorations - proper water

    Just like all other decorations,I can only imagine somehting like a flat texture of water as a square,size doesn't matter since you can resize decorations.
  15. Hello there, this is a suggestion,but also a request and I hope so much we'll get it one day :) So,as an dojo decorator I've started to look at things differently,at the maps from DE differently,everywhere I look I see decorations putted together and I also see so many of them that I would like and love to see in dojo,unfortunately there are so many objects that would be so epic to have in our dojo's. It could be a whole list,but there is one most important thing ,that would completely change dojo's - water ,i am not sure if it would cause any huge performance problems,but water, a simple square of water would be perfect. I know we have waterfalls,but these are just waterfalls and it's absolutely terrible to work with them,of course you can make wonders even with them,but why making it much harder than it actually could be. Need example?This simple picture is a lake in Fortuna,that's a square of water I am talking about here : Thank you for any consideration :-)