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  1. I remember. But stamina, in ~2014, was not only on melee and at that time the warframe was quite different, the damage received was higher and the damage inflicted was lower. Today, the gameplay has become more thoughtless and players need to wean from the habit of killing a dozen mobs with a couple of button presses.
  2. I very long want, that would AoE component warframe was weakened, and periodically write subject in this direction. A couple I am very sad that the majority of the weapons are just garbage, though it has a lot of interesting guns. The new mode is cool, but I want to and the main game was beautiful and interesting.
  3. On fact, on my senses, melee gives more protection than, for example, SomePrime (with that thanks to Sonar enough several hits for killings ~100 lvl)
  4. Melee, after processing, turned out to be too powerful. That's cool! But often devalues other types of weapons. And Some combinations of certain Stances Mods are much stronger and more effective than others. It turns out that it is much easier and faster to kill 15-30 grineer Heavy Blade for a couple of clicks than to shoot each of the machine gun or rifle.(actually, this applies to any AoE-unbalanced weapons, but it's not about that now) And I believe that stamina will different a means for balance, if correctly distribute its expense for every strike and fulfill consumption stamina for every Moba, which received damage from melee IMPORTANT! When stamina depletion melee should not be blocked, only included penalties for damage and attack speed.
  5. Damn infuriating to switch the type of buff! (second ability.) Why not make the activation of all possible buffs at a time? Grendel-bug! Sometimes I can't jump in and disable "PULVERIZE" while using PULVERIZE.
  6. Grendel needs a little upgrade!!!!! The first ability is VERY necessary INVULNERABILITY during the animation of absorption!!! I get killed a lot because of it((((( The second ability restores too little health Passive ability to-50 armour a bit small. Maybe 75? Or Supplement this ability, the restoration of health when an enemy dies in your stomach? P.S. Why is there a third ability?
  7. Мне Валькой преще за ними охотиться, на в тором месте Вуконг, а дальше Титания
  8. I believe that the new Ember is too powerful! This is Sarina 2.0, with cheaper power. (imho)
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