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  1. not yet. they would say something on twitter if it didnt come out now. wait till 20 minutes in. then the show is over.
  2. I slept after hearing that it wouldnt be wednesday. Hoping that they mean it with thursday
  3. She did. Pulse check. And it wont be coming on the weekends or a friday. Only tommorow will work which it wont.
  4. Dude. Look at DE. It doesnt take days to fix bugs.
  5. Not what i meant. I already know the update is going to be gamebreaking. Like onslaught. Which is why wednesday would have been perfect. Friday is when we would get to play the update. Saturday and sunday would basically be bug fixing. Because you and i both know they arent done with the quest and are just trying to make up excuses.
  6. I wont be counting saturday or sunday as this week. Which it wont even come out in.
  7. Im about to explode. So much teasing for a delay to next week. OUR AIM IS STILL THIS WEEK. Its not coming out this week thats the problem.
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