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  1. Gameplay, progression and customization changes seem pretty good overall. I'm concerned about missions though. Mixing different parts of the game (on-foot, railjack, archwing, mechs) is great and that's what everyone was requesting for a long time, but if transition between "modes" is poorly structured it might make it more of an annoyance rather than improvement. What I mean is jumping back and forth between objectives and your ship becomes quite tedious in current Railjack. Sentient anomaly on the other hand feels good: finish the space fight part, safely park your ship, deal with senti
  2. "Five different bounties" weeklies are incredibly tedious. Still waiting for "hide crafted" checkbox in cred store.
  3. Dunno about cross-console but PC-console crossplay will never happen because it'll require simultaneous updates. PC will always get major updates first to test them for bugs. Especially after 2077 oppsie when Sony and Microsoft made it clear that buggy unfinished mess isn't welcome on their platforms. Also DE are probably pretty paranoid about how it might affect plat economy.
  4. 6DOF - cool, immersive and fun. Although it was making minimap in Archwing missions nearly useless. But it's mostly irrelevant in Railjack. "Flat" space with clear up and down - fine, I can appreciate some arcadeyness and simplicity. Fake 6DOF with constant forced autocorrection - incredibly annoying, confusing and frustrating.
  5. Great points, agreed with all. Nothing wrong with being able to skip ship combat and do everything with Archwing because a.) having options for different playstyles is good and b.) DE said that they were going to remove regular Archwing missions and Railjack will become primary Archwing content anyway.
  6. Kefirno

    Some feedback

    Resources Railjack's resource pool is incredibly bloated. It's like 3 starchart planets worth of different resources shoved into one game mode. Even if next update does not introduce any new ones (I hope!) they still need to be better distributed across planets and mission types to make it possible to focus on farming a particular one. Then there's dirac. Eventually you'll get tons of it with nowhere to spend. It's supposed to be space endo, but there's way more mods than avionics to invest into, higher tier mods need more endo to level up and even if you're completely maxed, you can
  7. Or you can look at it this way: it's been eight years and DE still can't make P2P function properly.
  8. Nora opacity slider in addition to Nora volume slider and "hide crafted" checkbox in cred offerings store, hopefully.
  9. Vehicles and operators need companions to work with them. Maybe not follow but at least apply all the passive bonuses and utility from mods. Even if operators/vehicles get built-in vacuum/radar or special mods, companion mods' bonuses should add up (like aimal instinct stacks with warframe radar mods). All mechanics must be consistent.
  10. Warframe's censorship and moderation are excessive and nonsensical. Why don't DE employees send themselves on unpaid vacations every time they curse or make jokes on devstreams?
  11. There are still bugs. Balance is still all over the place. Enemies oneshotting non-tanky frames while Railjack is completely unkillable. UI is still clunky, both in mission and config menu. Avionics icons are especially bad. Idiotic wreckage capacity makes no sense. Resource economy is still broken with any duplicate drops having zero value because of how abundant Dirac is. Plus resource bloat that needs to be trimmed. Weapons balance is still bad. We went from everything except Cryophon being trash to everything except Carcinnox being trash. Special "space" damage trypes should not exist. The
  12. Had some stuttering too (game was freezing for a short moment every 5 or so seconds). Everything was fine again when I disabled Optimized Flip-Model.
  13. Pretty bad. As I said countless times before, necramech's movement is too janky and sluggish. Not in a cool stompy robot way, in "your shoelaces tied together" kind of way. The only way to move necramech smoothly is to chain animations to skip recovery (slide-jump-hover-slam-slide) which requires lots of space so it isn't really feasible in most tiles. It isn't even feasible on Deimos. Necramechs' controls are only tolerable in Plains and Valis. Remove those goddamn recovery animations already. You can't even operator your way out of them. I had difficulty avoiding them. And I have dif
  14. Why would you just assume that servers aren't feasible for DE with current monetization model? Also, allowing community to partially take care of servers is common practice, look at Killing Floor for example. Like trading is already handled by community, lol. And let me remind you that p2p model (at least in Warframe's case) also comes at a price of releasing utterly broken major updates and then spending a couple months fixing them because 70% of bugs are netcode-related. Broken door before Exploiter Orb fight is still a thing and raids had to be killed because DE just couldn't handle ma
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