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  1. Why would anyone want bosses to have any replayability in a game where bossfights are awful?
  2. Yes, all of the rewards require playing obviously, but I mostly can do it at a pace that suits me. Marathon it over a weekend - done, that's how I do events usually. 12 hours non stop or in a span of two weeks - player decides. Nightwave on the other hand forces a certain pace on the player. You have to log in regularly for something that is also time limited. I hate this Fortnite Battle Pass style artificial method of players' retention exclusively through FOMO. Time Gating + Deadline together is pretty disgusting combo if you ask me. Warframe isn't the only game that suffers from implementing this fad, but it's the first time I see it having gameplay-related rewards. I understand that Umbra Forma is coming back eventually, and it's probably going to be in Season 2 meaning I have to constantly check the game for new season to be able to begin grinding soon enough (although I have to admit that increased rewards from weekly challenges help a bit). Warframe is a grindy game with constant content droughts, it must be ok for people to take long breaks and catch up with most of what you've missed through farm and trading. Speaking about trading, most of gameplay-related have been tradable so far. I can even buy the Primed Chamber (theoretically) now even though it never came back. This is what mitigates the timed exclusivity of event rewards. If you couldn't get them when they were available you can still farm plat from other sources and buy them. And yeah, before anyone mentions Plague Star, I think it sucks too with its untradable Zaw parts and wonky inconsistent schedule.
  3. Stop bringing up this stupid "it was implemented poorly initially so uhhh I guess being garbage is the whole point of this thing and DE should never fix it" argument. Being one umbra forma behind the power creep just because you don't play the game 24/7 and because you took a break when the game was at its lowest point is a bs, there's no excuse for that. It doesn't even matter how well you performed during the "event" itself, you could only get everything if you started early enough. You couldn't skip trash rewards, you couldn't farm standing (fugitives were virtually useless for that) when the series was ongoing, there was an empty time frame of content drought after NW finished and now we get the useless intermission. There were a lot of opportunities to let players catch up but DE decided that FOMO is cool and hip.
  4. The same way DE changes established lore and I kill bosses multiple times. So I guess Warframe supports time travel after all.
  5. Well, I'm afraid that Nightwave has to go then. But I have nothing against, let's say, Clemwave.
  6. I'm kinda glad that you have reduced the FOMO factor by offering rewards I'm not interested in but how about letting me to finish previous Nightwave season, huh? Also, why is Nora still here?
  7. Autoswitch to melee instead of quick melee is absolute trash. See: Quick melee was essential element of combat allowing to quickly deal with small annoyances without pressing a dedicated "equip this thing" button before performing every action. At least add "use quick melee button to equip melee" checkbox to options.
  8. Never because I swap weapon or go to extraction after wasting 3 revives. Before Cautious Shot it seems like DE doesn't care of fundamentally misunderstands something but at least now there's hope. Also, guys, those walls of quotes are pretty cringe tbqh.
  9. Fix self-damage and add mod that instantly kills you from getting caught in your own explosion. Problem solved, everyone can enjoy the game.
  10. Some devs just don't play their own game. With Warframe's damage scaling even "-90% self damage" mod makes you oneshot yourself with any viable gun (while also wasting mod slot making it less viable). It's embarrassing how Warframe is the only shooter where explosive weapons are absolute miserable trash. Tonkor was FUN, it should go back to what it was before. I loved it not for damage numbers but for how I could have a pocket trampoline with it. For the rest of explosive guns.. Hey, DE, let me do your job for you: a. Fixed flat self-damage number. b. % of current health. c. No damage but blast proc or stagger. d. No instant damage but heat proc. Here you go. Four different ways to make players more aware of consequences of shooting someone a rocket in the face at point blanks range (which isn't really that wrong tbqh) while keeping guns somewhat viable and adding more variety with different drawbacks.
  11. This is the most disgusting case of FOMO I've ever seen in Warframe. I was too late to NIghtwave (thanks to burnout from Profit Taker grind, toroids grind, not getting my toroids because of elevator bug, support telling me that I'm not getting anything for my wasted time and, on top of all of that, miserable performance in Fartuna that made me uninstall Warframe until I buy a new PC) so my progress will stop right before first actually worthy reward. I really hope next series at least won't have Nora in it. 👎
  12. Nora's worse than Ordis and more immersion breaking than inbred emo kids. "...with friends or clanmates" missions are stupid. Introducing new time-limited rewards right after forcing players to take a long break after Profit Taker fiasco is a dirty move. Removal of alerts is good. They were pointless clutter. Removal of Vauban alerts is bad because now you can't play as a party of three Vaubans entirely covering a fourth pub that farms Vauban in electic balls. Fugitives don't give enough standing for their meh spawn rate. Invading "bosses" are only good when you encounter them for the first time. Adding another one doesn't contribute anything to the game. The way story of "Wolf of Saturn 6" is told outside of missions is good, way better than quests. Quests are clunky and story with ingame cutscenes doesn't fit in Warframe's gameplay loop at all. Nora is crappy narrator tho. Not being forced into one particular repetitive mission and its C rotation to get new stuff is good.
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