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  1. Railjack resource and equipment management is classic DE: bloating every new systems with trillions of new resources to make sure that at least one of them would be scarce enough to encourage grind is more important that establishing simple and satisfying progression. Then players accumulate too much of the rest of resources and DE introduce a trillion more new ones.

    Dirac should be universal RJ upgrade currency. We moved away from fusing mods with duplicates long ago in favor of simple and straightforward Endo but DE never learns.

    At least half of uncommon/rare resources should just be ditched. 16 different resources dropping from just one mission type is too much even by DE standards.

  2. Can we get rid of this please? Remember when Warframe was a coop game? Now whenever my friends return to the game I have to wait a couple hours until they catch up with quests so we can play new content properly. And then we only have time to do a sortie or just move to other game because last 3 hours of Warframe weren't very fun.

    I can understand something like Second Dream requiring you to play solo, there are massive cutscenes and quests are written in a way that makes other players out of place, but those quests are rare. There's no reason for Vox Solaris or Deadlock Protocol to be solo-only for example.

    Also, as a side note, relays and open world hubs, where solo mode is needed so much, are public-only.

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  3. Just now, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    Ah yes, because moderators hand out the automated bans. Clearly. Uh huh. That's clearly how that works.

    Automated moderation is still moderation, big brain.

    1 minute ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    Your favourite YouTubers need you to go back to validating everything they say. 


  4. Lich creation system is stupid. New players are more likely to just stab the larvling to see what happens than to go to wiki and see if they are supposed to do this or not. Lich creation should've been moved to its own node in Kuva Fortress. Maybe even locked behind MR-gated quest.

  5. Having reloading in the first place was a mistake. It only belongs in realistic games. Horrible reload times is one of the reasons half of guns in the game are nearly unusable. I can accept it when it gives a weapon its own "rhytm" (like Spinfusor vs Twinfusor in Tribes: Ascend), for a few guns in Warframe this is the case, but most of the times it's just a reminder that nukeframes and melee are the only DE Approved Intended® ways to play.

    Gears of War reload minigame is trash because it's only there to distract you from the fact that you're sitting behind a cover doing nothing. If reload is so long that can shove a whole minigame into it then it shouldn't be that long in the first place.

  6. DE should take a lesson from Doom Eternal's resource management. Engaging and consistent.

    Wonky energy/ammo/health management is one of Warframe's biggest issues, it's always all or nothing.

    Pizzas or EV Trinity trivialize energy completely, orbs are super inconsistent, Zenurik has reasonable energy refill rate but refreshing it is a braindead chore, rage allows you to permanently stay at full energy on tankframes as long as there are enemies around but squishes don't survive refilling energy even for one cast, energy siphon is a joke.

    At this point energy feels like a pure atavism that was added to the game just because that's how things are usually done, not because it serves any purpose. "Well, we have spells therefore we should also have mana". It's not even a gameplay mechanic really, just another variable to reduce in your gear check equation. DE themselves lowkey acknowledge this by giving Ember or Gauss their own resource to manage.

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  7. "Friendship" doors are pure cancer. Looking for medallions or caches in group with friend? Oops, too much teamwork, time for a door punishment! Apologists often claim that it's supposed to protect new players from evil speedrunners stealing all the fun, but 1.) I've never seen new players complaining about that (99% of feedback from new players I see here is usually about how atrocious RNG and grind are) 2.) While poor little MR1 excalibur was walking to the waypoint, MR29 Saryn already obliterated everything five rooms ahead with map-wide flatulence and queued up inputs to void dash straight to extraction microsecond after the door is opened.

    5 hours ago, KochDerFrettchen said:

    If you dislike friendship doors, enable solo matchmaking, then only one person is required to open them. 🙂

    Please go ahead and explain how you're going to pull off a solo radshare.

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  8. I suggest to just disable mods that go over capacity instead of blocking them from being put in/ejecting them after resetting level with forma.

    Juggling mods, auras, polarities and capacity when trying to figure out proper build and formas required for it is often quite a hassle.

    Shoving all mods in and then just proceeding to forma the frame/weapon until everything works would make playing around with builds so much less cumbersome.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    I'm going to recycle an old idea I've been trotting around. Buff Aura Mod effectiveness drastically, but restrict how it stacks. Increase Energy Siphon to 1 or 2 energy/s, then increase that by 0.5 for every additional player on the team with Energy Siphon. This gives you 2 e/s solo, 3.5 e/s on a full squad. That's as opposed to the current version which goes from 0.6 solo to 2.4 on a team.

    Agreed, I think all auras should work like that (when applicable).

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  10. Rescue is such a silly and pointless mission. It should just be replaced with another flavor or sabotage. Same idea (get in, finish objective, get out) but without wacky behavior of the hostage. What really hurts is that level designers waste their time making a tile specifically for that starchart padding mission.

    I mean, it's not as bad as Defection (which shouldn't have been made in the first place, escort missions have been garbage since the beginning of time in every single game), and it's fairly fast so it's not the worst roll in Sortie/Fissure rotation, but it feels like playing some scrapped prototype of a mission.

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  11. Aborted first attempt because it was taking too long, then cheesed him with shattering impact sarpa in a couple minutes.

    Sponge Path perfectly highlights all the core issues of warframe: broken inconsistent scaling, binary "all or nothing" balance of everything from CC and damage to health/ammo/energy management, frames' kits being reduced to to "what part of the game it can trivialize" checklist. And of course crappy bossfights that should've been reworked 5 years ago.

  12. As events and quests have piled up, story became kind of a mess.
    When I first saw Teshin in Kuva Fortress quest I had no idea who the hell this is. Was there some event officially introducing him or it's expected that players visit him in s relay first?
    Players' first introduction to Alad is supposed to be LONG before he got into "partnership" with the sentient, but there are amalgams all over reworked Gas City.
    Then Alad becomes infested and... Suddenly he's uninfested because we were farming a cure for him in event, so quest storyline suddenly skips to cured Alad and his business with Edgy Lotus.
    Frohd Bek is another example. I missed all events where he was featured so I saw him in Archwing quest for the first time and thuoght "oh, new Corpus character, cool". And then a couple years later I just nuke his ship with hacked Ambulas.
    Oh, and Nightwave. Imagine being a new player who starts playing on Season 5 (assuming next intermission isn't going to last until heat death of the universe), opening Nightwave tab for the first time and being greeted by a whole 2 hours long anthology of lore dumps (mostly irrelevant to main story). WHOA. Who the hell thought that putting so much story into a TIME-LIMITED BATTLE PASS is a good idea?

    The "real-time" story development was fine back in the days when story was mostly unfolding during events and most of characters were assassination bosses and were featured regularly in the game. I think DE should chill out with moving story forward with new updates for a while and focus on filling the holes left by past events. Like corpus ships rework was a good opportunity but no, let's introduce another new character to never mention again (I'm still mad about wasting Grineer Queens) and have even more Nef Anyo.

    Also, speaking about events, why are they barely a thing anymore? Events were pretty good at maintaining characters' presence in the story even if they don't move the main plot forward.

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