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  1. 3 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

    Nora runs Nightwave.

    How does this justify her being immersion-breaking, poorly-written, irrelevant to both story or setting, annoyingly screeching character?

    4 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

    Nobody checks the flashing news items but some other, also in-game, warning will get people's attention?


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  2. How about you make an actual IN-GAME warning that Nightwave is about to end? A letter (like that "Oh no tenno, help us with Ghouls!" spam), a timer in the Nightwave menu itself.

    And no, "News" panel in Orbiter doesn't count because nobody checks this log of Twitch stream announcements hidden in the same corner as conclave.

    Also I hope next season will some better, relevant character (Darvo? Someone from Fortuna?) as its host, Nora gross and annoying.

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  3. This is complete BS. My friend can't access his account for almost a week already because DE just locks (bans until 2035) inactive accounts without a warning or any means to manually restore it.

    At least have some properly functioning support if that's how you gonna handle account "protection".

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  4. Autoswitch to melee instead of quick melee is absolute trash. See:

    Quick melee was essential element of combat allowing to quickly deal with small annoyances without pressing a dedicated "equip this thing" button before performing every action.

    At least add "use quick melee button to equip melee" checkbox to options.

  5. This is the most disgusting case of FOMO I've ever seen in Warframe. I was too late to NIghtwave (thanks to burnout from Profit Taker grind, toroids grind, not getting my toroids because of elevator bug, support telling me that I'm not getting anything for my wasted time and, on top of all of that, miserable performance in Fartuna that made me uninstall Warframe until I buy a new PC) so my progress will stop right before first actually worthy reward. I really hope next series at least won't have Nora in it. 👎

  6. This is not «new parkour», this is «no more parkour». Removing stamina is the only good idea here.

    Killing parkour was very insulting action towards best part of Warframe's community: players who played Warframe aesthetically, guys who were turning autistic farm into the art of elegant speedrunning. But now we are all limited to the same low speed.

    Warframe is slow and boring now, RIP, uninstall. I regret about my money wasted on this game so much. It's even worse than preorder of Alien Colonial Marines.

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  7. As soon as coptering and sliding will be removed or nerfed, this game will just die.Warframe is Sonic with guns, it's game about speed and freedom of movement. I'm not going to play it without these features. Moreover, I also think that coptering must be buffed for some melee weapons, because their slowness and uselessness for acceleration make them useless. But I think that sprint really must be buffed.

    BTW, I think that slowpokes-whiners are cancer killing Warframe's community.

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