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  1. Hey guys, as the title says. Thrown melee weapons now don't get stealth damage multipliers. Also glaives can not be detonated mid-air using navigator. Killing blow is neither changing the heavy attack damage for glaives in the UI or in real situations. All three things have been tested with Glaive Prime, Xoris, Pathocyst in Simulacrum and Steel Path missions. Please fix them soon 💋
  2. Seconded. Now it feels really clunky. On a different note, the update broke stealth damage multipliers for thrown melee and Ivaras navigator can not detonate thrown melee weapons with the same alt-fire key. Please fix that!
  3. Greetings bug fix team, the Glaive Prime and Xoris both ricochet of enemies when used with the navigator. I am using piercing navigator and the listed punch through should be well enough to pass enemies without getting reflected into a different direction. Also the hitbox of the Xoris seems to be calculated wrong, when interacting with world objects. It gets reflected of objects, that are easily 7 to 8 meters away. Both effects make it nearly impossible to use the navigator ability in any useful manner. Please fix thix! Cheers Dilbahadur
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