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  1. This is the purpose of multiple load out slots and build slots. As nice as it would be this will never happen.
  2. I'd like to say that the Tenet Melee weapon grind is ridiculous. Railjack missions take awhile and Holokeys only have a 37% drop rate and you only get 6 if you go to the Veil. Then you add the fact for those of us that would like to max our melee's at 60% then you're talking hundreds of Holokeys needed unless you're patient and wait for a high % to show up after a rotation. Also the Kuva Lich weapon pool has become way to diverse for RNG. I grinded larvlings for 2hrs and still didn't get the weapon I was looking for. You have 17 weapons in one pool thats not good. Compared to only 8 in the Sisters pool which is fine. As for the companion suggestion I'm pretty sure its something people have been asking for for YEARS.....make there abilities innate just like Warframe abilities. You took away Warframes needing mods for there abilities years ago so please do the same for pets/companions.
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