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  1. UnknownBlademaster

    Devstream 44 Overview

    No more Lobster Tail Trinity ;_;
  2. UnknownBlademaster

    Network Connectivity Psa + Chat Psa

    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is being insane, but DE isn't insane - U14 was so far the biggest and best one to be released, but even words can't describe the fact that so many players came back to try U14 out that even made the servers completely unstable - it's not DE's fault, we, Tenno did this. P.S. Please DE crew go get some sleep, dead people are not very good for fixing bugs or streaming. Or living at all. We didn't sleep because we were enjoying the Hype Train, but you guys were working your heads off.
  3. UnknownBlademaster

    Update 14 Features Primer

    Prologue skipping? NOT AFTER WAITING FOR IT FOR 10 @(*()$ HOURS . Whatever it does to my account, I'm taking it.
  4. UnknownBlademaster

    Update 14! (Wee Hours Of Morning) (Pc)!

    Come join everybody at Tenno Eximus (Warframe radio on Teamspeak) IP is Hype train+good music+minigames+giveaways=AWESOME WAIT FOR THE U14