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  1. Wen selecting a Tennogen skin in the Arsenal that you don't own, only the helmet changes. Some frames with "dangly-bits" dangly-bits seem to double up, on the default or currently equipped skin, the other the skin being previewed. Very noticeable with Hydroid about the dangly-bits.
  2. This... does put a damper on things... it would still be cool.
  3. This would just be a cool addition to having the suit. Added dialog from Helminth about the Void Demon being enveloped by Infested Flesh or some such would be even cooler!
  4. So I was thinking about this the other day. Currently there are a few Augment Mods out there that are less Combat based such as Greedy Pull, and Ore Gaze. While I don't play enough Atlas to have any great ideas for a new Petrify Augment, I do have one for Pull. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Centric Displacement - Cast while Targeting a Unit Affected by Magnetize to forcibly Pull all nearby units and Shards within 2 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 m (radius around the existing field) to it's center. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's a short, sweet, and simple Augment that works off of Magnetize's existing mechanics, adds an additional layer of Synergy, and gives Mag players a greater amount of Crowd Control for some of those less then co-operative enemies that manage to maneuver around, or through, our Magnetize bubbles. Any feedback, and Ideas about other more Combat focused Augments, are welcome. (was told moving this here might be a good idea.)
  5. Now that Particle's have been updated for quite some time, can Mirage go back to "firing on all 4 cylinders" with particle based weaponry? While the damage may be the same, the area of effect for particle weapons is half that of hit-scan weapons. A good example is the Supra vs the Gorgon. The Supra deals more damage, but has less of a chance at hitting targets. The opposite is true for the Gorgon, with it dealing less damage, but it has a greater chance at hitting targets. All simply due to only 2 clones firing particle based weaponry, which was only changed because, at the time, large amount of particles were causing problems for many players.
  6. Zephyr is far from the worst warframe, she just needs some minor tweaks. Minor tweaks. Tailwind/Divebomb just needs some adjusting to when Tailwind becomes Divebomb. Right now it's in the 80-90 degree range, and it should be something closer to 45-55 degrees where Divebomb activates. Airburst, for what it is and does, and it's synergies, is fine. Turbulence is broken. You can achieve near invulnerability with 2 mods, that don't pull from the rest of her build at all. Tornado, now that is takes on elemental status in a better fashion, and is maneuverable on command, Isn't even that bad. With more and more open spaces on the rise, Zephyr is in a much better spot then she ever was, and while, like nearly ever warframe, she can be outclassed by focused frames, she still shines more then: Inaros. You literally can't build him to be great at all 4 abilities, just mediocre at them, unless you sacrifice 2 of them to make the other 2 great. Because a Standard universal build would be: Vitality, (Primed) Flow, (Primed) Continuity, Stretch, Intensify, Streamline, and Rage, with Physique or Rejuvenation as the Aura, and obviously Coaction Drift. So, you now have a standard build, except, even with that, his 1 is just Pocket Sand to set up Covert Lethality combos. He's healing the entire time btw. His 2 is okay here, but why bother? The minion is bad. 15 seconds? Enough for the AI to look at something, shoot it once, and die. Plus, you only get the minion if the unit dies during the devour, which means you're just sitting there, staring at your screen, while Inaros scoops bloody sand into his mouth, until it dies, for a bad pay off. And i get the argument for "its a total unit lock down ability". Its a bad "total unit lock down ability". The health re-gen is good, but why bother when you can just use 1 and Covert Lethality your way to full health for half the cost. His 3 is bad. Bad range, bad energy economy, bad movement speed reduction that only perpetuates the previous bad things about it, and finally, bad synergy. It synergies with his 2. The ability that cost, at base, 50 energy, to effect 1 unit, that if it's still being effected, might be turned into a bad clone, for 15 seconds, if his 3 manages to kill it, which it probably would, if you could get in range, but it's still only synergistic with the one unit, unless you dumped energy into hitting multiple units, which means you can only sustain your 3 for- oh it's over. Never mind. At least you got those min- nope, gone too. It's bad. And finally his 4, probably his only good ability, and i'm not talking about the armor increase. The ability that everyone only uses half of what it does, only because they forget it exists or don't care that it does, even though the other half of his 4 is pretty good, because it sacrifices 25% of the EHP you just built up. Why? It's not needed. Inaros doesn't need more health re-gen or more local CC. He doesn't need a 5th ability that sacrifices his EHP, when that's all anyone cares about. In fact, this extra ability, would be the perfect replacement of his 3. Just remove the "converts 25% of scarab armor", and done! You dont even have to touch anything value wise. Casting cost? The same. Ability strength/effectiveness? The same. Seriously, this way his 4 is actually used, and not just used immediately the missions starts for the EHP, and then forgotten about till it needs another recharge. Oh... His passive is good too... So he has 2 good abilities. His 4, and his passive. In this build, a fairly standard build that attempts to touch on all the things he needs, his only good abilities are 1, and 4, but you'll still only use half of his 4. 2 and 3 are bad. So unless you build for his 2 (why. Just "why.") Or his 3 (I can see why.) By sacrificing other parts of the build, you're really only hurting him more. Inaros is just a bad frame... And i mean that in a way that says "let's get him a rework, because every frame deserves to be great at what they do. Not great at everything, but at least what they do. All Inaros does, is not die."
  7. I'm gonna copy paste this from another thread, into every thread about this issue to help those like me, who found the could no longer play the game, here is how you rebind melee channel: I Actually figured it out. All you have to do is put Archwing Move Up, or Down, On the key binding you want Melee Channel to be located at, for me it was Right Bumper. Then you rebind Archwing Move Up, or Down, to where Melee channel is Currently bound, by default Right Stick Press. This will move Archwing Move Up, or Down, to Right Stick Press, or where ever Melee Channel is bound, and the game will automatically move Melee Channel to where Archwing Move Up, or Down, was initially bound too.
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